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In this post, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step methods of soundproofing a window from traffic noise.

Moreover, all the methods that we’ll discuss in this post are highly effective and budget-friendly.

So, even though you’re on a shoestring budget, you can afford to try some or all of these methods.

For the optimum result, I would suggest you shouldn’t skip any step.

Lastly, I’ll be answering quite a few questions related to how to soundproof a window from traffic noise on a budget.

Does it sound good?

Even before we start, let me tell you, all the methods that we’re gonna discuss are suitable for traffic noise and similar frequencies only.

What I mean is, that if you’re living in the vicinity of an airport or a railway station, then you might need to be more aggressive while applying soundproofing solutions.

So, what is traffic or road noise, and how it can impact our health adversely?

Well, it is really important for you to understand the long-term impact of continuous exposure to road noise to find an effective solution to your traffic noise problem.

We can define road noise as the sound frequency that falls under the range of 700 Hz and 1300 Hz.

On average, we can consider the frequency of road noise to be 1,000 Hz.

The main sources of traffic noise are the vehicle horns, the sound of tires contacting the road, and the vehicle engine ticking.

We can’t deny the fact that all of us contribute to the traffic noise.

I’ve seen lots of my friends ignoring the engine noise which may be caused by the noisy lifters, and can be easily fixed using oil additives.

But, most of us, prefer to ignore such noises until they become a headache for us, right?

However, if you’re struggling to quiet the noisy lifters, then check out our latest post on oil additives.

So, as an informed and qualified citizen of your country if you want to contribute to the environment, then the best thing that you can do is sound deaden your car.

Some of the popular posts on this blog that can help you to quiet your car are as follows:

In short, we’ve all the essential ingredients with us to NOT only help you, achieve the epitome of silence, but also, contribute to the environment by taking a small yet effective initiative.

Is Traffic Noise Really Dangerous?

You can’t deny the fact that most of us are exposed to traffic noise on a day-to-day basis.

Especially if your house is in the vicinity of a high-traffic zone, then things could turn out to be an infection if you’re NOT taking proper precautionary measures.

Most of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that traffic noise can lead to even death in extreme cases.

Allow me to throw some light on the ill effects of road noise.

It goes without saying that exposure to loud noise can bring discomfort and prevent us from getting sound sleep.

By the way, if you’re struggling to get a sound sleep due to the unwanted noise whatever the source may be, you can try a sound masking machine or soundproof earmuffs whichever suits you.

Continuous exposure to road noise can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression in the worst scenario.

Moreover, traffic noise is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease in the country like Denmark and leads to around 300 heart-related problems every year.

As per the research, there is a correlation between exposure to traffic noise and waistline, so you can infer that traffic can be a potential cause of diabetes.

And, the worst part is, getting exposed to very high pitch noise can lead to cancer.

At the same time, be very careful if you’ve kids.

Traffic noise can impact them adversely more than it can do to adults.

Since the kids are in a phase of development and growth phase cycle, they fall under “high-risk” when it comes to traffic noise.

Continuous exposure can impact adversely a child’s mental development and can lead to poor memory function.

On top of it, noise can also affect children’s blood pressure.

To cut a long story short, let’s get back to the topic, how to soundproof a window from traffic noise?

Well, you may argue that why we need to soundproof the ONLY window and NOT the entire room to get rid of traffic noise.

Definitely, if you can soundproof your entire apartment if you don’t have a budget constraint.

However, if you don’t have any idea how much it will cost you to soundproof your apartment, then you can check a very popular article on this blog titled, “How much does it cost to soundproof a room”.

Well, if you’re on a shoestring budget and still want to get rid of the traffic noise, then I would suggest, first and foremost, you should soundproof your windows,

Windows are the passage to the external noise, and similar to the doors, they allow outside noise to enter your house.

To be honest, the soundproof window isn’t a complete solution in itself.

However, it will help you to achieve a quiet ambiance to some extent by dampening the majority of traffic noise.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits of soundproofing your windows.

Soundproof Window Benefits

What’s the use of your hard-earned money if you’re NOT healthy enough to enjoy your life with that money?

A soundproof window has lots of direct as well as indirect benefits attached to it.

Knowing in detail about these benefits will definitely help you to make an informed decision.

I can assure you that if you’re having any element of doubt related to whether to soundproof your window or NOT, then scrolling down will definitely help you.

Protection Against the Specks of Dirt

Using the correct technique and product can help you to provide an additional layer of protection against the dirt.

It’s common sense that soundproofing a window will filter out most of the specks of dirt.

However, ignoring the same can give birth to endless problems such as allergies, breathing problems, accumulation of dust on household appliances and furniture, etc. especially if your apartment is on the roadside.

It goes without saying that the accumulation of dirt can be a point of concern for your growing kids as well.

As a conscious parent, asthma is the last thing that you would want your kid to suffer from, right?

If you don’t know how dust can lead to allergy and asthma, then read this article published by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

In short, a soundproof window can help you save effort and time that otherwise you might be using in cleaning your room.

Enhance your productivity and concentration

If you work from a home office as I do, then soundproofing the doors and windows of your home office is the first thing that I would recommend being a soundproof consultant.

When we’re working from our home office, we need to negate the airborne noises as well as external noises to reduce distractions and enhance our productivity.

Listening to vehicle horns, loudspeakers, and other elements of distraction while you’re working will not take you anywhere.

So, make sure you’ve created a silent zone where you can sit and work without losing your concentration.

On the flip side, traffic noise can make you feel irritated and lose your calmness which is NOT at all good for your business.

Adds to Your Mental as well as Physical Well Being

Needless to say, cutting on a regular dose of noise pollution in the form of road noise, traffic noise, etc. can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety.

It has been scientifically proven that lack of sound sleep can lead to unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression.

So, a soundproof window can help you to stay mentally sound.

Similarly, a soundproof window can help you to stay physically fit by preventing diseases that are caused due to dirt and dust.

Moreover, soundproofing windows can prevent UV rays from entering your room which is considered to be the main reason behind skin cancer.

You may be wondering how soundproofing windows can prevent skin cancer, right?

Most of the high-quality soundproof curtains are known to block UV rays, and since they are used in soundproofing windows, so you can expect your room to be free from UV rays.

Increases the demand for your home

With the growing awareness, more and more people are taking an interest in soundproofing their apartments.

In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in the demand for the soundproof apartment.

Whether you’re planning to rent your apartment or sell it in the future, soundproofing will definitely add more value to it.

Especially if your apartment is in the vicinity of a busy street, an airport, or a railway station, soundproofing it can fetch you a good chunk of money.

Trust me, it is easy to sell a soundproof home as compared to a normal one.

To conclude, you can consider soundproofing your apartment as a future investment which is bound to give you a good return and the risk factor is almost negligible.

Soundproofing Windows Methods

So, your wait is over.

Finally, we’ve reached a point where we need to discuss the various methods that we can use to soundproof our windows against traffic noise.

The good thing about most of these soundproofing methods is that you can try them even though you’re on a shoestring budget.

So, no need to worry at all if you’ve got a budget constraint.

As a soundproof consultant, I’ve experimented with a wide variety of methods.

Some methods gave me mind-boggling results while others left me shocked.

Needless to say, experience plays a crucial role when it comes to successfully handling a soundproofing project.

Block Window Completely

This is one of the easiest methods to soundproof a window, but it comes with certain limitations.

Blocking a window completely is perhaps the easiest thing that you can do when it comes to soundproofing a window, but at the same time, it will prevent the sunlight and fresh air from entering your room.

On top of it, you’ll always need to use bulbs for the light which I personally feel is NOT a good idea because it will skyrocket your electricity bill.

However, you can use this method if you don’t have any problem with the darkroom.

The good thing about this method is that even a newbie can easily expedite it without any professional help.

Needless to say, there are many ways to block a window.

However, we’ll discuss the method that has worked for me in the past and is still a good way to get rid of the traffic noise.

First and foremost, you need to get a high-quality foam insulation panel and cut it as per the dimensions of your window.

I would recommend cutting a slightly bigger piece as compared to your window.

Now, install it in such a way that your window is totally blocked.

After installing the foam panel check for the gaps, cracks, and holes in the vicinity of the window frame.

This is a very crucial step as even the smallest of the hole can cause you a lot of damage.

Use a marker to highlight gaps and cracks.

Now, use a soundproof sealant such as green glue to fill the gaps and cracks.

You can also use QuietRock or Weatherstripping tape for the same.

After closing the gaps, install a soundproof curtain or a moving blanket to provide an additional layer of protection against the traffic noise.

If you don’t have a budget constraint, then I would suggest using a fiberglass soundproof blanket in place of a moving blanket.

Once you’re done with the installation of the fiberglass blanket, you’re good to go.

Rearrange the Existing Furniture and Add New If Needed

Well, this is a free-of-cost method, and almost all my readers can try it.

If you’re facing problems such as echoes, reverbs, and vibrations in your room due to traffic noise, then you’ll benefit from this method.

All you need to do is place the furniture in such a way that it covers the window completely.

It is always advisable to leave some space between the window and the furniture.

The space between the two acts as a sound-dampening zone, and will deaden the traffic noise entering from your window.

What else, you can do is fill the empty space in your room with bookshelves and furniture.

Modern furniture consists of foams which definitely help in dampening external noise as well as airborne noise.

On the other hand, if you’re using a wooden bookshelf, then make sure that the wood is of high quality and high density.

A bookshelf made of plywood isn’t gonna serve your purpose.

In short, be very particular and careful in the selection of the furniture.

Install Noise Canceling Curtains On Your Windows

I owe the success of most of my soundproofing projects to soundproof curtains.

I know you’re thinking what am I blabbering, right?

Trust me, soundproof drapes are one of the best soundproofing materials that I’ve come across.

The unique thing about the noise-canceling curtains is that they can act as both soundproofing as well as a sound-absorbing material.

It would be a blunder if I said to you that simply install noise-dampening curtains on your window and you’ll achieve the epitome of silence.

To be honest, it never works like that.

Soundproof curtains aren’t a complete solution in themselves.

It performs really well when used as an additional protection layer.

However, using a solely noise-canceling curtain will not disappoint you at all.

Definitely, you’ll experience a significant reduction in the noise level.

Nonetheless, if you’re living near an airport or in the vicinity of a busy street, then you’ll need to use soundproof curtains with other soundproof materials.

As a newbie or a first-time buyer, it is very important for you to understand that the fabrics, thickness, and length of the curtain play a significant role in determining its performance.

For example, the thicker and denser the curtain, the better it will combat traffic and other external noise.

Similarly, the longer the curtain is the better it will perform.

I always suggest to my clients to place the curtain as close as possible to the ceiling for optimum results.

A word of caution: Never buy a soundproof curtain that doesn’t have grommets installed.

Let’s face it, the market is flooded with different types of soundproof curtains, and selecting the product that suits your requirements as well as falls under your budget can be tricky at times.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, you can check this soundproof drape on Amazon that I recommend to my clientele or you can spend some time with the buying guide to understand the product in a better way.

Soundproof Window Inserts Can Make a Difference

If you’re like me and love to try something innovative as well as cost-effective, then definitely the DO-IT-YOURSELF project is the way to go.

As a soundproof consultant, I’ve had to deal with people of a different mindset, so I had to learn lots of new skill sets to handle my clients’ queries in an effective and convincing way.

So, if you’re new to the soundproofing domain, you may be wondering what is a window insert/window plug, right?

You can think of a window insert as a frame made of soundproofing materials such as sponge or foam and is meant to deal with space and gaps in the windows.

The good thing about the window plugs or inserts is that you don’t need to always keep them plugged into your windows.

Installation of window inserts is quite easy. Even as a newbie, you can install it without any professional help.

All you need to do is plug in the window inserts to your windows and you’re done.

They act as a savior when it comes to dealing with traffic noise or noisy neighbors.

Let’s face it, the performance of window inserts to a large extent depends upon the quality of the acoustic foam that you’re gonna use.

I highly recommend 24 Pack Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges. (Check the Current Price On Amazon)

These acoustic panels are definitely high-quality and can also be used for recording studios, vocal booths, etc.

Let’s have a quick look at the step-by-step process of making window inserts.

  • First and foremost, select a high-quality soundproofing material for the project. Failing to do so can completely ruin your project.
  • Once you’re done with the selection, jot down the measurement of the window.
  • The next thing that you need to do is to cut a frame as per the measurement you’ve taken in the last step.
  • Now, cut the soundproof foam in such a way that it fits properly in the window frame. For optimum results, try to negate the gaps, cracks, and holes.
  • Furthermore, cut the acoustic as per the requirement and stick it to the mat. Green glue soundproofing insulation can give you a better result.
  • So, you’re done with the inserts, all you need to do is attach them to the DIY window insert exteriors.
  • Lastly, close the gaps and cracks using weatherstripping tape.

Install Window Soundproofing Film

As a newbie, you may be inquisitive, about whether the soundproofing film works or NOT.

I’ve helped quite a few individuals in their journey to achieve the epitome of silence by soundproofing their rooms and apartments.

Trust me, the two key components that helped to achieve success were soundproofing doors and soundproofing windows.

Coming back to the topic, soundproofing film is a great way to dampen external noise.

But, before I recommend an effective window film, allow me to explain why it works so well.

Even though you’ve tried all the aforementioned methods, chances are there that you may not achieve pin drop of silence.

And, the culprit is none other than the window glass pane.

These panes are very thin and don’t have the ability to combat noise.

To make them more effective against traffic noise, you need to add some mass and density.

All you need to do is to add window film on the glass pane.

These window films are designed in such a way that a layer of soundproofing material is sandwiched between two external layers.

So, how does the film work?

Once you’ve installed the film on the window, it will absorb the noise coming from outside.

As a result, you’ll find a tangible reduction in the noise entering through your window.

It isn’t a time-consuming process and also, adds to the privacy of your room or office.

I highly recommend this window film (Check the Current Price On Amazon) as it comes with the additional benefit of thermal insulation.

Moreover, it will cut your electricity bill by keeping the room cool in summer and vice-versa.

Try Soundproof Glass or Acrylic on Your Window

This is the last step that you need to apply ONLY IF you’re NOT satisfied with the aforementioned steps.

Definitely, this is one of the best and most effective ways to soundproof your window.

Unlike the previous one, the materials are attached to the window from the inside.

Only go for it if you’re interested in a DIY project.

You can even hire some professionals for this project to save on your time.

Take the dimensions of your window. Install a metal frame, and then fix the acoustic glass that you’ve bought for the project.

With the help of magnets, the glass is kept attached to the window.

An acoustic glass will add to the density and thickness of the glass pane.

As a result, the sound-dampening capability of the window will increase significantly.

It’s A Wrap

I hope you would’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece of information.

Moreover, I’ve been following these steps for quite a few time now and you’ll be astonished to know that the outcome was mind-boggling.

So, next time you’re planning to soundproof your windows from traffic noise, then definitely try these methods and thank me later.

It goes without saying that there are some expensive and highly effective methods such as using soundproof windows, panel barriers, thick material blinds, double or triple-pane windows, removal of the window, etc., but you don’t need them to combat traffic noise.

If you’re living in the vicinity of an airport or a railway engine, then definitely, you can opt for an expensive method such as triple-pane windows and so on.

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