How Much Does Dynamat Weigh

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how much does dynamat weigh
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Dynamat weighs 15 lb which is equivalent to 6.80389 kg and has a thickness of approximately 1.22 mm (44 mils). 

This idiosyncratic combination of thickness and weight makes Dynamat a preferred choice to combat echoes, reverbs, and vibrations.

  • As a soundproof consultant, it is my responsibility to help my clients with a solution to their queries. 
  • Especially the newbies have lots of doubts when it comes to the use of Dynamat.
  • To help my readers, I’ve jotted down all the questions asked related to Dynamat.
  • Today, I’ll try to the best of my capabilities to clear the doubts of my readers.
  • So, without any further ado, let’s begin…
  • Like most of you, I enjoy listening to dance beats while driving to my office or anywhere else.
  • Unfortunately, the music will not touch your soul, if you’ve not found a way to deal with the interference of external noises such as tire hum, traffic noise, engine vibrations, etc.
  • Almost every car is made of metals, and therefore, they don’t come with sophisticated acoustical properties.
  • Needless to say, there are numerous ways to deal with car-related noise.
  • However, we’ll be concentrating more on the customization solution to deal with the unwanted noise.
  • Furthermore, installing sound dampeners such as Dynamat is definitely one of the best ways to sound deaden a car.

What Is Dynamat?

  • Well, it goes with saying, that Dynamat is one of the most sought products available on the market, and definitely, it’s for a reason.
  • Dynamat is in great demand among vehicle owners and soundproof enthusiasts.
  • This material is great for keeping unwanted noise out of the vehicle and also for cutting down on any kind of vibration.
  • These deadening mats are literally multi-functional. 
  • You can also use it in your home to dampen unwanted noise.
  • Dynamat is also very popular because of its product range.
  • The product range gives you good flexibility when it comes to the selection of products, and also allows you to budget better and reduce waste.
  • Furthermore, the material can stretch and adjust without a tear or wear.
  •   You can use it at numerous locations in your car such as behind the door panels, below the carpets, and above the headliner. 
  • By just having a look at their website, you’ll get a rough idea of their offerings.
    • Dynamat Xtreme, Dynamat Dynapad, Dynamat Dynaliner, and Dynamat Hoodliner are some of the extremely effective as well as popular offerings by the company.

How Much Does Dynamat Weigh?

I’ve been working as a Soundproof Consultant for quite a few years now but the irony is that still, I’m not able to find out the reason behind people’s curiosity related to Dynamat weight.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.

Dynamat weighs 15lb which is equivalent to 6.80389 kg. The thickness of the Dynamat is approximately 1.22mm (44mils).

This deadly combo of thickness and weight makes Dynamat a first choice for isolating the cabin from external noise.

They are definitely popular among soundproof enthusiasts, but it doesn’t mean from anywhere that they are less costly.

In fact, they are on a higher end as compared to most of the sound-deadening materials available on the market.

Definitely, it creates an acoustic-friendly environment for your vehicle as well.

Trust me, once I installed Dynamat in my car, I felt like I was driving a luxurious and expensive car.

The good thing was, that I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get this feeling:)

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What Is Dynamat Used For?

  • One of the reasons for its popularity is its multi-functional uses.
  • It can be used for soundproofing your car, sound-dampening household appliances, and whatnot.
  • Because of its sound-deadening nature, it soaks any external noise entering its vicinity. 
  • As a result, you’ll find a tangible difference once you’ve installed Dynamat in your car or your home.
  • Before we discuss some of the popular types of Dynamat, allow me to throw some light on how this dampener works.
  • It works on the principle of mass and density.
  • In simple language, Dynamat adds mass and density to the existing object to enhance its capability to combat noise, vibration, and echo.
  • It also deadens any sort of squeaks.
  • Neither the material drips nor does it smell foul.
    • Bonus Tip: At times, a combination of products performs better than an individual one.
  • Moving further, I’ll walk you through different types of Dynamat, and also, the places where you can use them.

Dynamat Xtreme

  • A unique blend of butyl rubber and thin aluminum skin gives birth to one of the most beautiful products in the history of soundproofing- Dynamat Xtreme.
  • Dynamat Xtreme is easily stretchable.
  • You don’t need to do any preparation at all.
  • In fact, it will stick to the surface and will stay firmly in place.
  • Since it is applied to sheet metals, you can easily apply it to the door, trunk, roof, and even floor.

The product is well known for getting rid of engine rumble, speaker rattle, road noise, and buzzing vehicle parts.

In short, it’s a one-stop solution to most of your car-related noises.

Most of you will not be aware of the fact that this sound deadener is not only lighter than the original Dynamat but also, four times more effective.

For the optimum result, I would recommend you install it on vehicle tops, sides, and contoured areas.

Does this product sound interesting to you?

Dynamat SuperLite

Dynamat SuperLite is almost similar to Dynamat Xtreme when it comes to chemical composition.

However, the rubber in SuperLite is bonded with gleaming blue.

The gleaming blue helps to keep the overall weight of the car down.

In case, your priority is to use a sound dampener that doesn’t add much weight to your car, then nothing like Dynamat SuperLite.

Nevertheless, to help you make an informed decision, I would be comparing Dynamat Xtreme and Dynamat SuperLite in terms of their ability to dampen noise.


Well, Dynamat Xtreme definitely scores high when it comes to noise dampening.

I always advise my clients to use Dynamat SuperLite for the full coverage of the vehicle rather than just the problem area.

However, this is not the thumb rule in any way, it totally depends on what you think best caters to your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?


The chemical composition of Dynaliner is different from the aforementioned products.

It is made of a closed-cell rubber with cells packed compactly.

As a result, the density of Dynaliner is very high leading to resistance to oil and water, and also, heat.

Mostly my clients complain that a lot of noise is coming from the roof of their car.

In fact, it is a very common problem with most of the cars. 

For the best result, all you need to do is to apply, Dynamat Xtreme over the roof, and then, apply Dynaliner on the roof of the car (above Dynamat Xtreme layer).

Trust me, it will help you to achieve the best listening experience in your car.


DynaDeck is a thermoacoustic foam carpet.

Moreover, it is water and oil-resistant as well. 

It comes with a layer of adhesive that can help you, simply remove the top layer and install it.

Since it comes in different shapes and sizes, it can easily sync with the interiors of your car.

It goes without saying that DynaDeck is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Again, I would recommend you to use it over Dynamat Xtreme for the optimum result.

However, as a point of caution, I would NOT recommend you to use it alone rather use it in a combination of Dynamat Xtreme.

DynaDeck is waterproof and the USP of this product is, that it constitutes the high thermal insulation capability of Dynaliner as well as the low-frequency exhaust noise rejection of DynaPad feature.


Before I start a discussion on DynaPad, allow me to give you a brief overview of low-frequency as well as high-frequency sound waves.

Best Product to Combat Low-Frequencies
High-frequency sound waves are ones that can be combated easily with the help of sound-dampening materials.

On the other hand, low-frequency sound waves need extra effort to get neutralized.

Unfortunately, low-frequency waves have the capability to travel through solid materials.

For example, BASS comes under the low-frequency waves category.

Because of this reason, you can hear BASS from a far distance.

Coming back to DynaPad, you can use it to combat low-frequency noise and block heat.

Apply DynaPad under the carpet to block unwanted noise.

Use it over Dynamat Xtreme for the optimum result.

On average, you’ll need four pieces to cover the entire floor.

The DynaPad is a square-foot floor mat, made of two layers of acoustic sound soaker foam.


Are you having trouble with the engine noise?

Well, I’ll walk you through the steps that can help you to combat the engine noise instantly.

Best Sound Deadener For Engine Noise
The Hoodliner is used to eliminate any noise that your car’s engine might be making.

It is a unique blend of acoustic sound soaker foam and aluminum skin.

The acoustic foam converts the sound waves into heat energy.

To combat the engine noise effectively, you need to place it on the automotive hood and engine compartments for sure.

Nevertheless, you can also place it on other places that need heat-resistive acoustical foam.

It also has open and closed cells that dissipate sound waves.


Till now, I have been talking about the products that you need to use along with Dynamat Xtreme for optimum results. 

But, the product that I’m gonna talk about now doesn’t need the help of Dynamat Xtreme for the optimum result.

Are you looking for a substitute for Dynamat Xtreme?

Well, You can use Dynaplate as a substitute for Dynamat Xtreme.

Dynamat Xtreme Substitute
The sound-dampening capability of both products is comparable.

Dynaplate is a thin, light, and self-adhesive aluminum sheet.

It can be easily installed and can combat noise effectively.

Two prominent places where Dynaplate is used are the roof and floor.

The manufacturer of Dynaplate claims to reduce vibration better than any other product on the market.

It can be used for both covering the panels as well as hard places.

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll get the most bass possible without modifying the appearance of your vehicle’s interior.

Most of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that Dynaplate was specifically engineered for the SPL rules and power classes of DB Drag racing.

Is It Difficult To Install Dynamat?

Well, I’ll not go by the opinion that the installation process is difficult.

However, it can trouble you, in case you’re NOT paying attention to each step or you’re skipping a few of them.

Even though you’re a newbie, you don’t need to get worried, I’ll walk you through the necessary and must-follow steps.

Step 1: Remove all the panels, seating, flooring, carpeting, and the headliner.

Step 2: Clean the dusty surfaces for better adhesion. (Escaping this step may directly affect the efficiency)

Step 3: Cut the Dynamat as per the required shape and size.

Step 4: Peel the Dynamat, and then place it at the required location.

Step 5: Stick and press it into the location properly.

Step 6: I highly recommend using application rollers (Check the Current Price On Amazon) for pushing and pressing the Dynamat at the correct (People often escape this step and end up in trouble)

How Much Dynamat Do I Need?

Again, a frequently asked question.

My short and precise answer would be DEPENDS. 

It goes without saying that the amount of Dynamat that you require is directly proportional to the perfection that you’re looking for.

If you’ve got a good budget, then use Dynamat for a full cabin.

On the other hand, if you’re on a shoestring budget, then consider Dynamat for the doors as well as the areas in the vicinity of the speakers.

Most of my clients ask for the best package for a full cabin, and I would recommend the Xtreme Mega Bulk Pack.  

This pack has the capability to cover 72 square feet and can cover more than enough space for your car.

In case you are new to soundproofing, then let me tell you, Dynamat has different kits with pre-cut sheets for doors, the trunk, the floor, the hood, and the headliner.

Is It Worth To Invest In Dynamat?

  • Do I really need to answer this question?
  • Anyway, I’ll walk you through the Pros and Cons of using Dynamat.
  • Needless to say, Dynamat needs time, money, and effort.
  • I suggest you should do some homework before investing your hard-earned money.
  • However, I’ve done all the hard work for you, and I’ll walk you through the PROS and CONS of using Dynamat. I hope this helps.


  • Eco-friendly:
  • No chemical fumes Both oil and water-resistant
  • You can get a good result even by applying it to selected areas
  • Variety of product variants to choose from
  • A multi-functional and a multi-purpose product


  • Costly
  • Some Dynamat variants can add lots of weight to your car
  • In some cases, it may not match your expectations, if you haven’t covered the entire cabin

I hope going through the Pros and Cons will help you to make an informed decision.

Even though it is one of the costliest products available on the market in its category still it is a top choice among soundproof enthusiasts.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, then I would recommend you apply it in the troubled areas such as in the vicinity of the speakers and the doors.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a decent budget, then no need to worry, simply stay with us, I’ll walk you through some of the budget-friendly alternatives of the Dynamat in the next section.

At the same time, if you don’t have any problem with the budget, then you can consider purchasing a different variant of Dynamat, as they will give you the BEST result when used in combination.

I’ve found that using Dynamat Xtreme in combination with other product variants can give you a great result.

Using more than one product variant helps you to add more layers and colors.

Some of the instant benefits that you can expect after installing Dynamat are the reduction in the vibration, deadening of background noises, distortions, and rattles.

Furthermore, the overall driving experience will improve.

Moreover, you’ll feel the same stereo system doing magic for you.

All said and done, let’s discuss the last category of this article.

This is for those who don’t have a budget to buy Dynamat.

Stay Tuned…Let the MAGIC happen…

Dynamat Alternatives

Though I’m gonna discuss the alternatives of Dynamat, none of these alternatives are close to Dynamat.

The only thing that can refrain you from buying Dynamat is the PRICE.


  • HushMat is the closest competitor of Dynamat Xtreme.
  • The material is a little bit thin.
  • They are popular because of the customized solutions that they provide to car owners.
  • For example, they come with an option to order a custom kit for your car.
  • Moreover, you’ll be able to improve the speed of your car.
  • A great option for people on a shoestring budget.
  • No need to add multiple layers.


  • FatMat is very popular among people who are not in a position to spend money on Dynamat. 
  • It is very affordable, and most of the soundproof enthusiasts can easily afford it.
  • The only downside of this product is that it can’t bear the heat.
  • So, refrain yourself from using it, in case you’re living in a hot climate.
  • I can assure you that it will stick well.
  • Personally, I’ve used it twice, just to test its performance.
  • Unfortunately, both times, it started melting as the temperature started soaring.
  • You can definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for a temporary solution and not a permanent one.


  • There is a thumb rule in the soundproofing world.
  • The thicker the soundproofing material the better the noise-canceling capabilities.
  • The USP of Noico is its thickness.
  • It is much thicker as compared to Dynamat.
  • However, to achieve a similar result as Dynamat, you’ll need multiple layers of Noico (at least 2 layers).
  • I’ve not personally used this product.
    •   Nonetheless, some of my clients had a problem at a high temperature with this product.  
  • No marks for the guesswork.
  • Of course, it started melting.
  • Furthermore, I’ve done some research and found the product to be good.


  • The USP of GTMat is its multi-layer system.
  • It uses Butyl foam and aluminum foil in conjugation.
  • The good news is that this product doesn’t melt in the high temperature.
  • Don’t worry, it is affordable and effective.


  • Siless is not very popular among soundproof enthusiasts as well as newbies.
  • It is user-friendly, but it lacks layering, so I doubt that it will be able to combat noise.
  • You can give it a try if you’re not very particular about noise reduction.
  • However, I’ll not recommend you to use this product if you’re using a car that is quite old and produces very unusual noise.
  • They are made of butyl and foil mats.
  • Try it at your own risk 🙂


  • If you’re an experienced person in the soundproofing world, then you would have definitely heard about B-Quiet.
  • It’s a BIG name in the soundproofing industry.
  • Some of the products are really very effective. 
  • The product on which they bet very high is a deadener with butyl-based adhesive.
  • To enhance the sound-dampening capability, an aluminum layer is added.
  • You’ll find it really effective if you’ve got a vibration problem in your car.
  • It converts the vibration into thermal energy effectively.
  • The product is available in 1-foot wide rolls.
  • Though Dynamat has quite a few close competitors still I would say it rules the industry.
  • Competitors are trying to penetrate into the market and improve market share by using a low-cost penetration strategy.
  • The time will only depict the success of the competitor.
  • Let me ask you a hypothetical question.
    • If you’ve got a budget either you can buy a limited amount of Dynamat which will cover the area in the vicinity of the music system and door panel or you can buy a different sound dampening material which can cover your entire car, which option will you opt for?
  • Let me know in the comment section.
  • As a soundproof consultant, I got an opportunity to handle different projects with people of a different mindset.
  • In one such project, I analyzed that a gentleman ended up spending more money by selecting the alternative of Dynamat.
  • The reason was quite simple, he wasn’t getting the optimum result.
  • As a result, he had to add multiple layers of the product.
    •  In short, he ended up paying 39% more than he would have paid if he had opted for Dynamat. 
  • You can expect fumes and adhesive leakage from some of the alternatives of Dynamat when the temperature soars.

It’s A Wrap

  • It goes without saying that Dynamat is the most expensive product in its category. 
  • Needless to say, It is also the most recommended product by the experts.
  • Dynamat has a variety of products under its umbrella, and you can opt for the one that can cater to your needs.
  • I highly recommend Dynamat because it believes in innovation.
  • Products like Hoodliner are a great example, and you’ll not find such products anywhere else on the market.
  • Hoodliner is best known for deadening the engine sound as well as protecting it from fire.
  • As compared to the other cheap alternatives, Dynamat has the ability to withstand the temperatures without getting melted.
  • Over a decade into the soundproofing business, I can say that you need to cover at least 30 percent of your car with Dynamat to get a tangible output.
  • However, it will add to the cost.
  • See Dynamat as a long-term investment for your car.
  • It is oil and water-resistant so you can expect your car to be free from rust.
  • By no means, does it promote rust?
  • If you have a good budget, then go for covering the entire car.
  • Trust me, the dampening effect will be amazing.
  • Now, it’s your turn.
  • I’ve tried to the best of my capabilities to help you with the information that I’ve gathered over a period of time.
  • In case, I’ve missed some points please let me know in the comment section.
  • At the same time, do let me know about your preference: Dynamat vs. Alternatives.
  • If you’re using alternatives to Dynamat, I would be more than happy to know your feedback about the product.
  • Sharing is Caring.