Noico Sound Deadener Review

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Noico sound deadener review
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In this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of Noico Sound Deadener to help you make an informed buying decision.

I’ve been working as a soundproof consultant for over a decade now.

Moreover, I’ve seen the industry grow from the nascent stage to a full-fledged market.

There was a time when only professionals and HNI people could afford this luxury.

But, now things have changed drastically. 

In the last couple of years, people have realized the importance of a quiet environment.

More and more people are making a foray into this domain.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that soundproofing has got its share of importance and visibility now.

Whether it’s corporates or individuals, everyone wants their share of peace and silence.

Since today we’re gonna discuss the NOICO sound deadener, let’s concentrate more on the sound deadening car.

There was a time when only a few players were in the market, but now the scenario has entirely changed.

The market is flooded with car sound-deadening products, and buying a “value for money” product isn’t as easy as it used to be.

However, I’ve jotted down my decade of experience in the form of a gigantic post.

It talks about anything & everything related to automotive sound deadeners.

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you would be well aware that I always vouch for the Dynamat.

Without any doubt, I can firmly say that the Dynamat brand is incomparable when it comes to sound deadening your car.

Even Dynamat has launched different product variants in the market, and each one has its own customer base.

 The problem with the newbies is that they end up buying the wrong products because of the lack of information in the soundproofing domain, and the latter starts blaming the brand. 

Before I walk you through the various aspects of NOICO, allow me to test your knowledge about sound deadener by asking a simple question.

However, today I’m in no mood to discuss more about the Dynamat.

NOICO, the closest competitor of Dynamat is gonna rule today.

Let’s see how well NOICO stands against Dynamat.

Initially, I wasn’t interested in any sound deadener other than Dynamat.

Nonetheless, my clients used to talk positively about NOICO, and this forced me to dive deep into the product and do some quality research about it as well.

You can call it reverse engineering.

 First, I got extremely superlative positive feedback on NOICO from my clientele, and then I post-mortem the brand NOICO to find out the reason for its durability, popularity, and increasing market share. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the topic.

NOICO Sound Deadener Review

  • First, we’ll have a look at all the characteristics that a good sound deadener must possess.
    • Design & Coloring
    • Ease of installation
    • Price
    • And, of course, quality

Features of Noico

Let’s start with the Brand “NOICO” itself.

You’ll be delighted to know that NOICO is the only high-quality brand that is perceived to be cost-effective.

I’m not telling you to believe my words rather check out the users’ review on Amazon, and you know what, all of them agrees that the price is more than generous, for such a superlative automotive sound deadener.

In simple terms, let’s dig a bit and see what are the strengths and why are people going crazy.

The thing that grabs my eyeballs is the amazing overall rating for noise reduction.

I can assure you that you can expect a minimum of 70 percent reduction in the noise. 

 I recommended NOICO for some of the sound-deadening projects like soundproofing vans & large cars, and I was literally bowled over by the mindboggling results. 

Trust me, I couldn’t have achieved that result with other Dynamat alternatives.

Using the Dynamat product line wasn’t a feasible option because it could have skyrocketed the cost of the project.

NOICO is one of the best Dynamat alternatives when it comes to using sound deadener for larger surfaces.

You may be wondering why I didn’t talk about the upper limit. right?

To be honest, I forget:)

The upper limit of noise reduction was close to achieving the epitome of silence.

If things are done in the RIGHT way you can achieve the epitome of silence.

Trust me, the price at which the NOICO is available, believe me, no other product can offer such a mind-boggling quality.

If you’re thinking that NOICO is only known as a noise reduction deadener, then you’ve to work on your basics:)

It is highly capable of noise absorption. 

Actually, what does it mean?

In simple terms, once installed, NOICO will enhance the acoustic properties of your car, so you’ll find a tangible improvement in the audio quality of your car’s stereo.

Isn’t it an amazing boon?

I hope you’ll be aware of the fact that acoustic properties are in itself an entirely different category and you need to invest a good sum of money to keep things rolling.

Don’t forget that NOICO is giving it for free.

Managing acoustical equipment is a bit tricky and at times, you may need professional help. 

So, NOICO makes a big claim over its counterparts when it comes to the best Dynamat alternatives category.

  Are you interested in knowing more about NOICO’s heat & moisture resistance offering? 

Well, let’s narrow down the discussion and see how this brand performs on these parameters.

  • Capable of handling hot & humid weather conditions
  • Good product lifespan
  • Static quality

Heat and moisture in the air can drastically ruin your car’s soundproofing. 

There are many automotive sound deadeners that start melting when the temperature rises to a certain level.

So, if you’re a resident of hot & humid climates, then you need to consider the aforementioned parameters genuinely.

It may not be possible for me to list all the problems that may arise due to high temperatures.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to throw light on a few of them.

  • If you’re using an automotive sound deadener that can get impacted with high temperature, then the probability is very high that your car can get permanently stuck with the smell of something burning which is definitely unpleasant and may spoil your mood for a long drive.
  • The worst part is you may end up with compromised structural integrity. At worst, you may have to face some system failures due to enough seepage.
  • A humid climate may worsen the situation. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with ruined, soggy sound deadener. The things can become quite messy and you may find it difficult to clean the things properly.
The good news is that all the aforementioned problems don’t happen with NOICO.

There isn’t even a one percent chance that you’ll face the aforementioned problem with NOICO.

The credit goes to their amazing workmanship and materials.

To know the extent of climate change endurance NOICO possesses, you can go ahead and try this deadener in the deserts or even in cold places like Antarctica.

I hope you got the answer.

Another important parameter that I wanna discuss is the odor.

The sound deadeners that can tolerate high temperatures will emit a foul odor.

The good news is that NOICO is completely odorless.

This sound deadener is highly durable and has a long-lasting lifespan.

In short, no other sound deadener has such an amazing offering at an affordable price.

It would like to end this festival of praising by highlighting the most influential parameter; yes, you guessed it RIGHT.

If I had to ask you the one reason why Noico works so well & is universally praised, then what would it be?

Well, for me, it’s nothing else but THICKNESS.

Most of the high-quality sound deadener offers a thickness of 60 mils or so.

Even Dynamat is just 67 mils thick.

[Must Read] Noico 80 Mil Vs. Dynamat 67 Mil

So, you are getting a product that is almost 20 percent thicker than its high-performing competitors.

So, what more do you expect?

In the next section, we’ll concentrate our discussion on the value that Noico imparts to its consumers.

NOICO Value Proposition

Do I need to repeat that Noico is a “value for money” offering?

Nevertheless, I’ll try to explain why this is so.

  • Per square foot, the price is extremely low
  • Availability of product is quite high
  • A single pack will serve the purpose

The company comes with 36 square feet of packages that are sufficient to cover a mid-sized car.

The price of the Noico product line varies between $1.5 to $2.5 per square foot which is almost half of the Dynamat.

You may be astonished to know that the cost per square foot of the Dynamat product line varies between $5 to $10.

So, considering the space of the whole car, you’ll end up paying at least twice as much as you would be paying for Noico.

I can simply share the data, it’s you who had to take a final call.

 Availability also plays a crucial role when it comes to the popularity of a particular brand, right? 

There are brands in the automotive sound deadener domain that create an artificial shortage to give a boost to their brand name.

The same doesn’t hold true with Noico.

The brand Noico is known for providing uninterrupted supply.

Noico User-Friendly Implementation Process

You may blame me for always finding a reason to praise Noico.

Even though I keep aside all the benefits that Noico has to offer, the ease of installation that it offers will definitely grab your attention.

As we all know, Dynamat isn’t an easygoing sound deadener when it comes to the installation process.

So, by leaps and bounds, Noico dominates Dynamat in the installation category.

You’ll find your job much easier because Noico comes with a self-adhesive application that will save lots of your time.

The peel is so easy to remove that you can perform the entire installation process on your own.

Though you’ll not need professional help still I would recommend you to have the manual handy.

The entire installation can be completed in a couple of minutes if done in the right way.

At the same time, you can’t question the versatility and flexibility.

You can apply it to different areas without much effort.

It can be bent to accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, you can apply it to a lot many places to achieve silence as a grave.

Trust me, apply the deadener in the places that I’m gonna mention now, and you’ll definitely achieve the deafening silence.

  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle door
  • Car surface
  • Hood Liner
  • Headliner

To be honest, that’s just icing on the cake at this pot.

The long list of application areas makes it highly customizable.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can target the areas that create the maximum problem for you.

The Color and Design

  • Unfortunately, I can’t praise Noico in this category. 
  • To be honest, the color and design of Noico don’t suit my taste.
  • However, it doesn’t mean in any way that it will not suit your taste as well.
  • Black and silver are the two predominant colors on offer, so it becomes a bit difficult to match with the background if these colors don’t sync well with the background colors.
  • Though the diamond shape design stands out from the rest I’ll admit that the design & color doesn’t sound enticing to me.
    • In case, you also fall into my category, then you can go through some mind-boggling comparisons between various sound deadeners.
      • Dynamat vs Hushmat
      • Noico 80 Mil vs Dynamat 67 Mil
      • Dynamat vs Fatmat
  • In case, you’re new to the soundproofing world, then I would request you to go through a detailed article that I’ve written on the best soundproofing materials to help newbies like you make an informed buying decision.


Being in the soundproof domain for over a decade now, I have made a long list of questions that are asked by my clients on a frequent basis.

I’ll try to answer the queries to the best of my capabilities to help my readers make a decision without much confusion.

What is the best sound-deadening material for the cars?

The short and simple answer could be, it DEPENDS. However, my favorite three are as follows:

  • Dynamat
  • Noico
  • Fatmat

What is a sound deadener?

To understand sound deadener, first & foremost, you need to have a clear idea about the sound deadening processes.

So, what is sound deadening?

Sound deadening is a process in which interiors of the cars & other vehicles are prepared to combat the rattles of loose parts, vibrations of the engine, and external noise such as road noises.

And, the materials used in the sound-deadening process are called sound deadeners.

Will undercoating reduce road noise

  • Definitely, undercoating reduces the road noise.
  • However, spraying the rubberized undercoating on your car should be done in a suitable way to get the maximum out of it.
  • At the same time, the selection of undercoating spray also plays a crucial role in reducing road noise.

Wrapping Up the Noico Sound Deadener Review

  • Well, I hope you would have definitely enjoyed reading a comprehensive review of one of the best sound deadeners available on the market.
  • Noico is not only a close competitor of Dynamat, but it also performs better on certain parameters as compared to Dynamat.
  • For example, Noico is much thicker than Dynamat, and its installation is way easier than the latter.
  • So, if you’re on a shoestring budget and you’re looking for a “value for money” product, then I’ve nothing to offer you better than NOICO.
  • Are you planning to give NOICO a try?
  • Well, if you’re using any other sound deadener, and feel that it is worth the money spent, then let us know about it in the comment section.
  • Last but not least, share this piece of information with the ones looking for it.
  • After all, sharing is caring.