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best blanket for soundproofing
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Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of soundproof blankets so that you can make an informed decision.

The story starts a few years back when a client approached me to help her noise-proof audio recording studio. 

It sounded to me like an easy project, but it wasn’t easy at all when I started digging deep into the project.

  Remember, If the foundation isn’t built correctly then the entire project will go into vain. 
Before I move to the in-depth discussion of best soundproof blankets, allow me to showcase how the strategy and process go hand in hand to achieve optimum output.

I’m taking soundproofing an audio recording studio as an example.

So, the prerequisite of this project was to figure out the soundproofing materials that I would be using along with the category of noise that I’ll be targetting (airborne noise, external noise).

Best Soundproof Blankets Review

In the case of my client, I had to put special efforts to block the external noise because the neighbors were a bit louder and the home was in the vicinity of an airport.

I used quite a few soundproofing materials.

Needless to say, soundproof blankets and curtains played a crucial role in achieving the result.

I’ll not go in-depth about how I constructed a noise-free audio recording studio rather I would discuss the portions of the projects where I applied the soundproof blankets.

 Are you aware of the fact that acoustical blankets are more than enough to soundproof a room? 

If not, then check out my article on how to soundproof a room using moving blankets?

Coming back to the topic, I used acoustical blankets on the walls, doors, and windows to dampen the echoes, reverbs, and vibrations. 

The project was very successful both in terms of monetary benefits and clients references.

The main problem with the newbies is that they end up selecting the wrong soundproof blankets. 

In fact, a lot of newbies have approached me saying that they want my recommendation on the best soundproof blankets because they are confused with a large number of product variants, and also by the claims made by the manufacturers.

I also faced a similar issue when I just foray into the soundproofing world.

 By the end of this post, you’ll be able to figure out the best blankets available on the market, and what it takes to make a smart calculative decision. 

WAIT…I’ll also explain, why you need a noise-proof blanket?

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

What Are Soundproof Blankets Used For?

  • Well, the minuscule answer is “anything and everything”.
  • A soundproof blanket can cater to your needs in many ways.
  • It can be as simple as blocking the outside noise to soundproofing a studio for recording.
  • The effectiveness and the final outcome depend to a large extent on the materials used in the blanket. 
  • Again, the success also depends on the kind of noise you’re targeting.
  • If you’re using the blankets against the frequencies, then the probability of success will be very thin. 
  • On the contrary, these blankets perform extremely well against high-frequencies.
  • So, a basic knowledge of soundproofing can help you in selecting the correct product.
  • The cheap and thick moving blankets will help you to get rid of higher decibel noise.
  • To combat the low frequencies, you need to use quilted, acoustic blankets.
  • Do you know, that most of the soundproofing blankets are either made of fiberglass or polyester materials?
  • The fabrics help blankets to absorb as well as bounce back the unwanted noise. 

Soundproof Blanket Uses Examples

After a decade of experience in the soundproofing domain, I can say that for certain things the soundproof blankets really perform extraordinarily.

Moving further, I’ll throw some light on each of these projects so that you’ll get a clear idea of where you should use it and where you should NOT.

  • Home Studio: You can easily prepare a home studio with the help of acoustic blankets.
    • All you need to do is to place acoustic blankets around the walls of your room.
    • Once you’re done with the process, you’ll find a tangible difference in the ambiance because of the sudden reduction in the noise level.
    • Furthermore, the room will be perfect for audio as well as video recording. 
  • Study Space: Already I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog about using soundproof blankets for my child’s study room.
    • The process is quite simple.
    • You just need to install the noise-proof blankets on the windows and doors.
    • In case, the walls of the study room are thin or made of plywood, then I would recommend you install acoustic blankets on the walls as well.
  • Making a Hoom Quieter: You can make your home a quiet place to live if you can use the blankets along with other soundproofing materials in a specific manner.
    • First and foremost, you need to figure out the locations in your home that are more prone to unwanted noise, and then act accordingly.
    • For example, you can use weatherstrips, green glue, etc. along with sound barrier blankets to make your home a bit quieter.

Insulating Appliances: Almost all household appliances produce noise.

Being a mother of two, I can easily correlate with it. 

At times, these noises can be quite annoying.

Some of the household appliances that are known for creating irritating noise are washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.

The best way to dampen these airborne noises is to place insulation around the appliances.

 I highly recommend placing extra insulation around the air conditioner because it will help you maintain the temperature inside your room and also, reduce the energy cost. 

Warehouses: Personally, I feel the warehouse is one of the best places where you can effectively use sound barrier blankets.

If you had ever been to a warehouse, then you would have definitely noticed the level of noise.
Isn’t it so high that it makes communication REALLY difficult?

I was a part of a project where I had to reduce the noise level to the extent that the coworkers could communicate well among themselves without screaming.

Can you guess what I did?

I placed the sound-absorbing sheets across the perimeters of the warehouse. The good thing was that it worked both ways. It not only absorbed the noise but also blocked it from going outside the warehouse boundary. As a result, I was able to prevent the restless situation that people residing in the vicinity of the warehouse have to face. So, what are you waiting for?

Do Soundproof Blankets Block Sound?

The obvious answer is “YES”, but I’m sure you’re not here to accept this answer. 

You must be inquisitive about knowing to what extent can it block the sound, right?

Of course, not 100 percent.

It totally depends on a project-to-project basis.

Using the sound barrier blankets along with other soundproof materials can do wonders, and you can expect a reduction of about 80 percent in the noise.

A certain amount of sound waves will be absorbed by the sound barrier blankets and the remaining will bounce back.

However, the intensity of the sound waves that will bounce back will be quite low.

Soundproof Blankets: What Are the Things That You Should Look For?

In the next section, I will discuss the various parameters that one should consider for buying a soundproof blanket. Especially the newbies should keep a quick note of it. I can assure you that the piece of information that I’m gonna share with you now will definitely help you to make an informed decision.


The sound-dampening blanket comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Each type has its own sound-deadening capabilities.

You should select the one depending on your requirements, and also on the location where you want to install it.


Well, allow me to explain it with an example. 

Scenario-Based Explanation

Scenario 1: You’re looking for a soundproofing material that can dampen the external noise in such a way that the productivity of employees could be increased.

So, in the aforementioned case, you need to buy acoustic blankets and NOT cheap moving blankets.

Moreover, the soundproof blankets with acoustical capabilities can negate even the lowest of the tones.

Scenario 2: Sound dampening the study room

On the contrary, if you’re looking for something that can improve the quietness in your child’s room or your bedroom, then moving blankets can be of great help.

In fact, there can be numerous situations, and I’ve tried to the best of my capabilities to explain both scenarios with an example.

What is the difference between quilted and non-quilted designs?
The quilted design is the one that has the capability to absorb both noise and temperature.

Other than dampening noise, it also helps in maintaining the temperature of the room.

On the other hand, the non-quilted design can help you with noise cancelation at a lower price.


  • It is a thumb rule, the thicker the blanket the better it will combat noise.
  • A thicker blanket comprises multiple layers.
  • When sound waves try to pass the thick blankets, it has to penetrate multiple layers of blankets. 
  • In the process of doing so, at each layer, a certain portion of sound waves move to the next layer, and the rest bounces back.
  • As a result, only a few percent of sound waves are able to reach the destination (room).
  • I hope I’ve made my point.
  • In case, you still have doubts, feel free to ask your query in the comment section.


Grommets or eyelets are used to hang acoustical blankets on walls and rods.

They are circular in shape, and blankets that have embedded grommets are easy to install on walls and also, easy to move on the rod.

I would recommend you buy a soundproof blanket that comes with embedded grommets.

It may cost you a few more bucks, but it’s worth investing.

Remember, all the soundproof blankets don’t come with installed grommets.

Buying grommets separately and then embedding them into a soundproof blanket can be a tedious and time-consuming process with no extra benefit.

Nevertheless, if you still want to buy soundproof blankets and grommets separately, then buy the grommets that are strong enough to support the weight of the blankets, and also allow blankets to easily hang and move freely on the rod.


Finally, I’m gonna discuss the parameter (price) that you’re eagerly waiting for.

Trust me, the cheapest is not the best when it comes to acoustical blankets.

In layman’s terms, the cheaper the soundproof blanket the less the noise-deadening capability.

However, there are a few cheaper blankets on the market that perform fairly well against the noise.

I’ll discuss them in the product review section.

It’s always good to keep an eye on the latest product launches as they have good sound-absorbing capability and also come at a lower price(launch price).

The logic is quite simple.

The new products follow low-cost penetration techniques to gain market share, and you can exploit that opportunity for your own benefit.

  At least, I expect a share on social media for sharing this idiosyncratic secret:).  

Keep reading, I’m gonna share some more secrets that will work like anything for newbies.

Other Factors

  • I’m gonna talk about some small factors that may influence the purchasing decision, but not necessarily.
  • Cutting: This is one of the biggest mistakes that a NEWBIE does.
  • To fit the windows and doors, they cut the soundproof blankets, and as a result, damaged them.
  • These blankets are thick and cutting them accurately can be difficult.
  • There is a high probability of permanent damage.
  • So, what’s the solution?
  • Well, the solution is much easier than you think.
  • You simply need to take measurements of the space where you want to install the blanket. 
  • Once you’ve got the measurement, all you need to do is make a decision on the size you want.
    • Layering Blankets: If you’re on a shoestring budget, and can’t afford acoustical blankets, then I would recommend you try the “layering” tricks.
  • It works well, I’ve tried it on several occasions when my clients had a budget constraint.
  • The “layering concept” says that an effective increase in the number of layers can result in an effective dampening of sound.
  • For example, If you’re NOT getting optimum output from hanging a single blanket on the wall, then buy a couple more and layer them with the one that you’re hanging already.
  • Trust me, you would be surprised by the outcome.
  • So, it will be a win-win situation.
  • Without investing in the costly acoustic blankets, you’ll achieve the result.
  • Say thanks 🙂 to me, I helped you to save a few bucks.

Top-Rated Soundproof Blankets To Buy…

In this next section, I will be talking about the blankets that made the list of “best soundproof blankets”, and I’ll also highlight reasons why you should buy them.

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Deluxe Moving Blankets

I’m assuming that now, you’re well aware of the moving blankets.

The primary use of these blankets is to protect furniture and other household appliances during shifting from one place to another.

On the other hand, moving blankets became quite popular among the soundproofing community because of their low prices, and effective noise dampening capabilities.

These blankets are thick and multilayered, making them a favorite choice among soundproof enthusiasts who are on a shoestring budget.

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes is one such example.

Needless to say, these blankets are thick and heavy.

Furthermore, you can expect the weight of a blanket to be around 4 pounds. The hefty weight has its own PROS and CONS.

If I talk about the Pros, then the thickness prevents the sound waves from crossing the blanket easily and dampens a portion of it at each layer.

On the other hand, the weight (Cons) make them really difficult to hang on the walls, doors, windows, etc,

Moreover, you’ll need helping hands to move them from one place to another.

They don’t come with the embedded grommets which further alleviates the issue of hanging them on the wall.

 The fabric used in the Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes blanket is mainly polyester. 

The polyester compound is woven in such a way that the sound wave bounces back, and the effect can be further aggravated by layering the multiple blankets together.

Moreover, you can expect protection from external noise as well as enhancement in the acoustical effect.

Though the thickness and weight of these blankets may make you uncomfortable for some time still you’ll feel like using them because of the value they bring to the table.

If you’re a housewife or a working woman and are scared about cleaning the acoustic blankets, then let me tell you, the cleaning process for Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes is quite easy and you’ll not need a professional hand.

No need to do manual cleaning, you can clean these blankets in a washing machine.

The drab color and weak stitching make the blanket look a bit untidy even after cleaning, and I’m sure you’ll not like that.

The weak stitching can be an issue (durability) if you’re not handing the blanket with care.

You must pay special attention while installing these blankets on the wall.

Even when you’re taking these blankets out for cleaning, handle them smoothly.

Key Takeaways

Without any doubt, these moving blankets will serve your purpose of soundproofing your home office or home studio even though they aren’t purposely made for it.

On the downside, they lack the embedded grommets which makes them difficult to hang on the wall.

Moreover, you may also find some construction issues such as weak stitching.

But, at the same time, the pricing makes them a perfect choice for people who want to soundproof their home studio, home office, etc. on a shoestring budget.

All in all, a must-try moving blanket on a budget.

Bix Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket

As the name suggests, the Bix Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket is a product launched in the market to target industrial and warehouse noises.

You can take this blanket home for less than 20 dollars.

  • However, if you want to use these blankets in the home studio or warehouse, then you may need more than one industrial blanket.
  • So, the price will go high.
  • For example, if you want to buy these blankets for your warehouse, and you find that the total number of industrial blankets you need is 10. 
  • Then, the total price that you’ll need to pay is 20 * 10 = $200
  • So, keep your calculations right to see whether these industrial blankets suit your budget or not.

The dimension of the blanket (78*72 inches) is more than enough to cover a small wall for sound-deadening application.

At the same time, you can’t put a question mark on its capability to absorb sound from household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

It is quite visible from the product name itself that the Big Boxer blanket comes with embedded (9 inches) grommets which makes it easy to install on a wall, window, etc.

  I would recommend you use wrap-around blanket rods for hanging these thick and heavy blankets. 

Each blanket weighs approximately (5 pounds) and is made of a combination of fabrics. 

The combination of non-woven polyester and cotton makes these blankets highly efficient against any kind of noise.

To cope well against tear and wear, it is double stitched.

I recommend this blanket for noise-canceling purposes at warehouses and construction sites.
It has been found that these blankets perform really well against the noise created by heavy machinery.

I feel the massive size of the blanket definitely adds to the noise-canceling effect.

Well, if you’ve got a different opinion, then let me know in the comment section.

On the price front, this industrial blanket can be a bit costly as compared to its counterpart.

However, I can assure you that Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket holds the key to success when it comes to soundproofing industrial regions such as warehouses, etc.

Key Takeaways

It goes without saying that these large moving blankets are a top choice if you’re ready to spend some extra bucks.

The double stitching adds to the endurance making these industrial moving blankets highly efficient for daily use in the industrial domain.

Using the mixture of fabrics helps these industrial thermal insulation blankets combat machinery noise at construction sites.

All said and done, the Big Boxer Grommet Industrial Blanket is perfect for industrial purposes.

Check this self-explanatory video on acoustic blankets.

US Cargo Control Moving Blankets

  • One thing that you would have found common in most of the sound-deadening blankets is that the thicker and heavier the blankets are the better the performance is.
  • Well, you must be wondering, why I suddenly mentioned weight and thickness, right?
  • The answer lies with the US Cargo Control Moving Blankets.
  • I can assure you that you can’t find a blanket heavier or thicker than this noise-canceling blanket on the market.
  • Yup, you heard it right.

Trust me, these blankets are a beast in a true sense.

Can you imagine, how much they weigh?

Well, they can weigh up to 8 pounds.

If I’ve to talk about the thickness, then let me tell you, they come with a multi-layer of padding stitched into the blanket

This unique concept helps these heavy-weight blankets combat any kind of noise.

The multi-layer is the key to success for the US Cargo Control Moving Blankets.

Each layer adds to the noise-canceling capabilities, so, you can expect a great result against the external noise as well as airborne noise.

Personally, I recommend them for home soundproofing, audio recording soundproofing, and also for combating the noise caused due to household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

If you’re an eco-friendly guy, then there is a piece of good news for you.

To combat noise of any kind, these blankets use recycled cotton filler.

Moving further, I will be talking about the stitching of these blankets.

You are definitely gonna love the “zigzag” stitching.

Well, there is a reason for creating this unique kind of stitching, it’s not just for the unique appearance.

  The zigzag stitching adds endurance to the US Cargo Control Moving Blankets. 

It’s really hard to tear these heavy-duty blankets, and thus you can use them for many years.

Whether it’s the obnoxious movement of your kids, or pets against these heavy-duty blankets, or a rough movement by yourself, it’s really hard to rip these blankets.

On the downside, you may dislike these heavy-duty blankets because of the difficulty of hanging them or moving them.

Trust me, this 8-pound heavy-duty noise-canceling blanket isn’t easy to move.

I forgot to mention that you’ll have to install grommets on the surface of these heavy-duty blankets.

Since they are thick and heavy, I’ll recommend you get professional help for the same.

Again, you’ll face difficulty in washing these noise-proofing blankets.

Some of my clients have complained that these heavy-duty blankets emit certain kinds of unpleasant odors.

So, you need to cross-check about the odor before buying this heavy-duty blanket.

However, the percentage of the clients who complained about the unpleasant odor was very low.

Final Takeaways

All in all, the US Cargo Control Moving Blanket is a complete package.

These heavy-duty blankets are one of the most reliable and durable blankets available on the market.

It goes without saying that these multi-purpose blankets are “value for money” products.

Moreover, I can assure you that you’ll not regret spending your hard-earned money on this soundproofing blanket.

Sure-Max Heavy-duty Moving and Packing Blankets

Sure-Max is a well-established brand in the soundproof blanket category.

It goes without saying that acoustical blankets will cost you a good chunk of money. 

Most of the moving blankets available on the market perform well against unwanted noise.

However, only a few blankets have the capability to combat the noise to the next level.

Anyway, I’m not here to preach something that is available everywhere.

I’m going to present to you the Sure-Max Heavy Duty Moving Blankets.

Definitely, it’s an exception.

Can you expect a package of 12 blankets under $100?

Well, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality, indeed.

 Sure-Max is very popular among those who are on a shoestring budget. 

You’ll get a sufficient number of blankets to soundproof your room, home, etc.

I always say everyone can soundproof their home in spite of the budget they are willing to spend.

All they need to do is to find out a cost-effective and durable product.

Are you aware of the fact that these sound barrier blankets are made of high-grade materials including double-side construction of cotton?

The dual-sided nature of the soundproof materials helps you to protect yourself from unwanted noise from both sides.

Personally, I love the design of these blankets. Blue trim around the edges with the black body makes it very appealing.

Well, the design has nothing to do with the sound-deadening capabilities.

Nonetheless, everyone loves beautiful things, isn’t it?

The design is idiosyncratic and will integrate with your apartment decor.

You’ll experience a sleek and cool ambiance in the vicinity of this blanket.

It’s good to have the expectation, but having a very high expectation with Sure-Max will only make you upset.

You can’t compare it with the high-end blankets.

I can assure you that the sure-max barrier blanket is the best in its category.

Nevertheless, it has a few drawbacks that may offend you.

First and foremost, you’ll feel a certain unpleasant smell when you unpack it.

So, as soon as, you’ll unpack it, make sure to clean it properly.

Some of my clients have also complained that these blankets get torn after washing.

Furthermore, you may find loose threads in the blanket.

As per my observation, the construction quality can be made a little better.

Anyways, you can take a risk on these blankets because of the price they come for.

If you find that it doesn’t match your expectations, then you can use it for the transportation of furniture and household appliances.

Key Takeaways
Sure-Max heavy-duty blanket is definitely a value-for-money product.

For the optimum result, you can increase its thickness by layering two or more blankets one over the other.

Since the price is less, you can definitely take a calculative risk.

If you’re ready to ignore faults like loose threads and foul smell (which goes away after washing), then you can go ahead with this blanket.

Audimute Absorption Sheets

Can you take out any inference from the name “Audimute Absorption Sheets”? 

Well, if you can, then let me know your inference in the comment section.

High-Quality Blankets
It makes sense that a high-quality audio recording studio will need a high-end soundproof blanket.

Audimute Absorption sheets are sold through the Audimute website, and you can order them on their website.

It goes without saying that these blankets are high-end, and you can expect the price to be around $300 (4 pieces). 

The price may restrict you from buying this soundproof blanket, but there is a reason for the price.

Well, the short answer is efficiency.

These noise-proof blankets are known to dampen 65 percent of the high and mid frequencies which is way ahead of the sound-deadening capability of most of the moving blankets as well as high-end blankets.

You can easily expect even the harshest of the noise to be dampened.

It’s an asset for aspiring YouTubers and Musicians because it creates a great acoustic ambiance.

You can expect the recording to be crystal clear and free from background noise.

The unique design helps to reflect the sound back into the room leading to a great acoustic experience.

The Audimute absorption blanket is completely safe to use.

There is a piece of good news for all those who love eco-friendly products.

These noise blankets are made of recycled materials which include wool and polyester.

Some of my clients have a doubt that this blanket is made of fiberglass, and thus there is a potential threat attached to it.

I can assure you that fiberglass from anywhere has no connection with the Audimute blankets.

So, you can use it without any worry.

However, I can’t claim that it is free from all sorts of potential danger. 

It has a potential danger attached to it. 

WAIT…I will throw light on it as well.

Since these blankets are made of materials that are “Class A” fireproof materials. So, there is a potential danger associated with these blankets when exposed to hot spaces or placed in the vicinity of open flames.

Key Takeaways
Audimute blankets are perfect for those who are looking for a crystal-clear audio recording.

Even I’ve seen loads of promising YouTubers using these noise barrier blankets for the video recording.

However, it may not be a great option if you’re looking to dampen the airborne noise or traffic noise.

The manufacturers have launched this noise blanket keeping in mind the people who want to soundproof their home office, studios, etc.

If you’re a careful person, then I don’t think you should get worried about the fact that it is not made of “Class A” soundproof materials.

All in all, a great product for people who love recording crystal-clear audio or video.

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Supreme Moving Blankets

Have you ever used moving blankets in shifting furniture and home appliances?


Then, can you recall the blankets that you used in the shifting process to safeguard your furniture?

  The “Supreme” moving blankets are one of the best moving blankets that are used for safeguarding furniture, etc. 

I hope you can connect to the moving blankets.

In case, you can’t, then don’t worry, I’m here to help you out.

These blankets are a bit thinner as compared to their counterparts.

As a result, you can’t expect very high sound-dampening capabilities from these cheap moving blankets.

Nonetheless, you can improve the thickness of these noise-reducing blankets by layering one over the other. 

These noise-proof blankets have been under suspicion because of their lack of thickness and weight.

One of my clients told me that these blankets weren’t strong enough to hold the heavyweight furniture.

Unfortunately, repeated washing can make the condition worse.

These noise barrier blankets aren’t capable of holding unexpected accidents.

Are you thinking that if there are so many CONS, why do I include these cheap moving blankets in the list of the best soundproofing blankets?

Well, I’m a firm believer in responding back rather than reacting 🙂

There is more to it.

I highly recommend Supreme Moving Blankets to the newbies because of their budget-friendly nature.

Every pack consists of 12 pieces, and each measures 72*80 inches.

A single pack is more than enough to combat noise in the working space, room, household appliances, studio, and whatnot.

As a newbie, you’re into the learning phase, so it’s advisable to start with a cheap blanket. 

It is made of non-woven polyester which helps it to reflect the sound.

Though it is thin and weightless as compared to its counterparts still it possesses a decent capability of absorbing sound. 

At least, the airborne noise can be easily combated using these noise-reducing blankets.

I’ve been saying quite often, buy a soundproof blanket that has grommets installed.

Nonetheless, you can use it even without the grommets.

Due to their lightweight, these cheap moving blankets could be easily hung on the nails.

Just insert a few nails on the walls, and you’re done.

However, I’m not saying that you can’t install grommets, you can:)

The installation of grommets is quite easy, and the good news is that you don’t need professional help. You can do it on your own with minimal effort.

Key Takeaways
Don’t hesitate to try the Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Supreme Moving Blankets just because they are not as thick as other moving blankets.

Being thin has its own pros and cons.

By layering one over the other, you can easily achieve the desired thickness.

All in all, you can use it at a location where you don’t need a very high level of soundproofing.

I hope I made my point clear, right?

Singer Safety Double-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

As the name suggests, the Singer Safety soundproofing blanket is made of fiberglass. 

This noise barrier blanket is made for the vocal artist.

The USP of this noise-canceling blanket is exceptional sound protection as well as acoustical abilities.

It goes without saying that these acoustical blankets are approximately 2 inches thick which is more than the majority of blankets available on the market.

Personally, I’ve been using these noise-proof blankets quite a few times now.

Nevertheless, I’m not a vocal artist, but still, I still use them for recording YouTube videos for my clients.

The good thing about this blanket is that it has the capability to soak noise of almost all the decibels making it a favorite of all those who are very particular about completely deadening the external noise.

It weighs almost 13 pounds, so you can call it a beast. 

Till now, you would be aware of the fact that thickness and weight are the two deciding factors when it comes to measuring the sound-dampening capability of a noise-reducing blanket.

 So, in both departments, Singer Safety has an upper hand over its competitor. 

Installation of Singer Safety will need a couple of helping hands.

Don’t get excited and try to hang it alone on the door or any other place.

Since it is made of fiberglass, it has a good reflecting surface.

You can expect a complete acoustical ambiance because almost all the noise will bounce off the blanket.

I can assure you that your audio recording will be almost free from background noise.

The recorded voice will be crystal clear without any doubt.

It is a high-end acoustical blanket and will cost you approximately $300 per panel.

It is not for someone who wants to cover the entire apartment with soundproof blankets.

Another important thing that I want to discuss with you is the issue related to its transportation.

You’ll have to be very careful will moving this noise-proof blanket from one place to another.

Even a small mistake could completely damage this high-end blanket.

Last but not least, if you own a music studio or you want to completely negate the noise in the warehouse, then without any hesitation go for it.
 It is advisable to not use it for normal soundproofing purposes. 

It is quite costly and buying a couple of blankets can take a dig in your pocket.

Key Takeaways
The Singer Safety noise-canceling blanket is exclusively manufactured for vocal artists.

It’s a high-end blanket, and you should handle it with care.

It is made of fiberglass which enhances the bouncing capability. 

The weight and thickness make it less portable.

However, as a studio owner, you’ve got a very specific requirement, and I can assure you that the Singer Safety acoustical blanket is one of the best options available on the market to combat a wide range of noise frequencies.

Wrapping Up the Best Soundproof Blankets Review

  • I hope now, you have a fair idea of acoustical blankets as well as moving blankets. 
  • Both categories have their own pros and cons.
  • After reviewing all these blankets, I can definitely say that the best soundproof blanket is a relative term, and the soundproof blanket that completely caters to your needs is best for you.
  • We have also discussed the parameters that can influence the buying decision.
  • If you’re a newbie, then I would recommend you try some cheap moving blankets before making a foray into the high-end.
  • At the same time, if your project is very specific such as a soundproofing studio, then you should go for high-end blankets only.
  • Finally, it’s you and no one else who can understand his requirements and select the soundproof blanket accordingly.
  • So, what are you waiting for?
    • After reading this gigantic article, it’s time to take action.
    • Let me know in the comment section which is your best soundproof blanket and why.
    • My only intention in this article is to provide a solid foundation for my readers.
    • Once you’ve got the basic right, you can make an informed and smart decision.
    • Lastly, if you liked this piece of information, then please share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members.
    • See you soon in another interesting post.

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