Noico 80 Mil Vs. Dynamat 67 Mil Review

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Noico 80 Mil Vs Dynamat 67 Mil
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In this post, I’ll help you to get familiar with every aspect of Noico vs. Dynamat so that you can make an informed decision.

It goes without saying that both the products (Noico vs Dynamat) are quite popular, and also have their own Pros and cons.

Are you planning to sound deaden your car?

Moreover, are you confused about where to start?

If that is the case, then I can assure you that, you’ve landed on the correct post:)

Can you tell me one simple reason why a car shouldn’t be soundproofed?

On the other hand, if you ask me the same question, trust me, I can count numerous reasons why your car should be sound deadened.

Whether you want to cut down on external noise or you want to enhance the acoustic quality inside your car, in both cases, you’ll need to install deadening mats.

Today I’m gonna compare two well-known products that are also the closest competitors.

  • Noico 80 mil
  • Dynamat 67 mil

I’m damn sure that the avid readers of this blog would be well aware of the characteristics of an effective mat.

On the other hand, the newbies may not be aware of the characteristics.

So, in order to help newbies and soundproof enthusiasts to make an informed decision, I’m gonna have a brief discussion about the sound-deadening mats and their characteristics.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to make a smart decision.

So, keep reading…

Things To Look For In Sound Deadening Mats

Moving further, we’ll discuss the parameters that you need to keep an eye on for the best buy.

Here we go…

Important Parameters
Effectiveness – how efficient the material is on its job.

Application – Can you install it with professional help?

Base – how the material is made will directly impact other parameters such as odor and heat resistance

Usage – Does the mat suffice your needs?

Price point – High-end product vs. Budget-friendly

Base material plays a significant role.

The effectiveness of these sound deadening mats is determined by the thickness in most of the cases.

As a thumb rule, the thicker the mat the better will be the performance.

The ease of installation can also be a deciding factor.

  Some people prefer products that are easily installed without the need for helping hands while others may want to dig in and are ready with the required tools.  

It totally depends on your personal preferences and abilities.

At times, base materials can also influence the buying decision.

Since the base materials directly influence the heat resistance and the potential odor if any is present.

So, you may not prefer to buy mats comprising of the base materials that cause odor.

To make it simple and easy, let’s understand the scenario with an example. It has been found that most of the sound-deadening mats are made of mainly two types of materials- Butyl and Asphalt

The butyl-based mats are heat resistant whereas asphalt-based materials don’t perform well at high temperatures.

In fact, at high temperatures, asphalt-based materials may seep or emit an odor.

Having such basic information can help you to make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Knowing the exact reason for buying a sound-deadening mat can be of great help.

If you’re bewildered about the need for the mats, then you may end up on the wrong side.

The best way to overcome muddled thinking is to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Will I be insulating my car or my door?

Am I looking for temperature control?

You can ask numerous questions to yourself and getting a reply to these questions will definitely clear most of your doubts.

Without any doubt, the price can influence the buyer’s decision.

It’s always good to choose a product that is within your budget.

Taking a dig in your pocket is not something that I preach or admire.

Nonetheless, every individual has a different requirement and the aforementioned parameters can affect them differently.

Noico 80 Sound Deadener Review

The product measures 21.5 by 11.5 inches (36 square feet), and the size is more than enough to cover a mid-size car.

I’m not saying that by simply installing NOICO your car will achieve complete silence.

However, it will definitely help to deaden the sound to a large extent.

As discussed earlier also, the thicker the sound-deadening material the better it will combat noise.

Without any doubt, 80 mil thickness is good in terms of effectiveness.

The company also tells you the way to get maximum out of NOICO 80 mil.

You need to stick to a weight of 0.7 pounds per square foot to achieve the top performance.

What will happen if you stick to the NOICO-preferred composition?

Noico 80 mil is highly effective in reducing vibrations of the car’s engine, rattling off the loose parts, dampening road noise, and even improves the audio quality.

However, it would be wrong to say that you’ll achieve 100% silence.

The company recommends using NOICO 80 mil along with closed-cell foam materials (Check the current price on Amazon) for the optimum output.

Using NOICO 80 mil is a good way to tackle the heat. 

You may be wondering what I’m talking about, but it’s a fact.

The butyl-based blend is the core reason behind thermal insulation.

You’ll be astonished to know that the embossed foil is self-adhesive, and all the credit goes to the asphalt undercoat.

The embossing helps you to identify whether or not you’ve rolled out the whole foil to activate the adhesive.

The thickness may trouble you a bit in the cutting process.

However, the installation process is quite easy, but at the same time, it’s important to take into consideration certain things for securing safety for yourself.

  Before starting the process of installation, I would recommend you wear hand protection as you never know about the metals present in your car.  

Wearing the gloves can help you against the damage caused by the sharp metals.

The adhesive has a good sticking ability and will not come off.

A knife may be the preferable tool to cut the material but it totally depends on your need.

You can consider installing NOICO 80 mil as a one-day DIY project.

For the optimum result, you need to install these sound-deadening materials between the doors, roof, rear, hood, wheels, and floor.

In short, you need to cover the entire car.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that the product doesn’t come with a roller, so you don’t have any option, but to get it separately:)

Don’t confuse these soundproofing materials with the ones that are used in soundproofing your apartment.

The NOICO 80 mil is exclusively made for sound deadening the car.

I’ve met a good number of people who used these mats for soundproofing their homes.

Later on, they keep on blaming the company for NOT soundproofing their home, What an irony!

One thing that I would like to bring to your notice is, you don’t need to cover the entire interior of your car until you’re looking for 90 percent or more sound dampening.

Well, simply covering 30-50 percent of the car’s interiors can give you a decent result.

I’ve always emphasized the thickness of a sound-deadening material because it directly impacts the performance.

However, let’s talk about some downside of it.

As we all know, Noico 80 mil is one of the thickest mats available on the market. (Check the Current Price On Amazon)

Even thicker than the Dynamat.

  You may have to face some installation problems because of its thickness, but at the same time, you’ll find a tangible improvement in the efficacy of the product.  

Installing it inside the door of your car can be tricky and troublesome.

It complies with the statement, “No Gain No Pain”.

However, if you’re happy with this product, then stay tuned with us as we’re gonna walk you through the premium and even the best automotive sound-deadening material available on the market in the next section.

A few of my clients have time and again complained about a rubbery scent.

Initially, I ignored the query, but when many of my clients asked the same query, I decided to dig deep into the problem.

And, you know what, I’ve found out the solution.

The rubbery scent may be the outcome of the asphalt undercoat of these materials otherwise are butyl-based.

What am I getting if I’m going for Noico 80 mil?

  • Let’s narrow down the discussion and talk about the benefits that you can expect by installing NOICO 80 mil.
    • Effective, yet not the epitome of the noise canceling
    • Easy to cut
    • Can be installed without professional help
    • Exclusive for the car soundproofing
    • Budget-friendly: It will cost you less than $2 per square foot
    • A total of 9 sheets each measuring 29.5 * 19.5 inches

Still confused?
Well, I have got a self-explanatory video of Noico sound deadener for you.

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Dynamat Xtreme 18″ * 32″ * 0.067″ Review

I’m again conveying the same message, if you don’t have any budget constraints, and you’re looking for a superlative offering, then nothing can match the performance of a DYNAMAT.

A single pack of Dynamat comes with nine sheets of aluminum-coated heat-resistant soundproofing. 

Each sheet measures 18″ * 32″ * 67 mil.

In layman’s language, a single pack gives you 36 square feet of total coverage and will cost you around $5 per square foot.

It goes without saying, that Dynamat is the market leader in the automotive sound deadening category, and for the same reason, the company is charging a premium price.

Going a step ahead, the company even claims to reduce outside noise to half.

But, to achieve this effect, you’ll need enough Dynamat to line the whole cabin.

However, even partial coverage will have a tangible outcome.

To know more about its performance, let’s dive deep into it.

Dynamat is made of butyl-based materials which makes it durable, stretchy, and even heat-resistant.

The USP of the butyl-based material is its density.

Due to its high density, it is able to combat noise in an effective way.

At the same time, density has a dark side to it as well.

  Due to the high density, you’ll have to invest in cutting tools for the smooth running and customization of the product. 

Unlike the Noico 80 mil, these sound-deadening mats can serve multiple purposes.

They perform extremely well inside the cars as well as outside.

Yes, you heard it right.

You can use them wherever you want for soundproofing purposes.

Unlike many other sound-deadening materials, it doesn’t come in a single kit.

There are different kits offered for different purposes.

Unfortunately, none of the offerings are budget-friendly, but at the same time, you’ll definitely enjoy the final outcome.

What can you expect from Dynamat?

  • First and foremost, its uses aren’t limited.
  • You can use it inside the car as well as for other soundproofing purposes.
  • Since it can be used for multiple purposes buyers prefer it over its competitors.
    • Excellent efficacy 
    • Butyl-based material
    • Car and home soundproofing
    • A premium product that costs you $5 per square foot
    • 9 sheets each measuring 18 * 32 inches
    • Tedious installation process
  • All said and done, Dynamat is without any doubt an amazing product.
  • Dynamat has already made its name because of its unmatched quality and performance.
  • However, you may have to pay a premium price, and also, you also need to go through a tedious installation process to achieve the epitome of silence.
  • Are you ready for it? (Check the current price on Amazon)
  • Before I conclude with my recommendations, let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked queries.
  • Meanwhile, let me know whether it covers your doubts or not.


I’ll be taking some of the interesting questions asked by my clients. The motive behind answering these questions is to clear your doubt and help you to sound deaden your car.

Does sound-deadening work in a car?

Definitely, the sound deadening works in a car in spite of their shapes, sizes, and designs.

Nevertheless, you need to be well aware of the installation process for a successful outcome.

Dynamat and other similar products can help you to deaden internal as well as external noise to the extent that you’ll be able to experience a noiseless ambiance.

Nevertheless, the performance of a product depends upon its thickness, density, fabrics, and many other parameters.

In the end, it is you who have to make an informed decision.

Will undercoating reduce road noise?

It goes without saying that spraying rubberized undercoating or a similar product on your car will not only reduce external noise such as road noise but will also protect your car against rust.

Nevertheless, you can ONLY expect the output if you’ve undercoated the right way.

  For example, if you’ve applied the spray without cleaning the surface, then the result will not be as per the expectation.  

The dust and dirt present on the surface prevents rubberized to make a strong bonding with the surface.

Even though you’ve cleaned the surface before applying the spray, but missed drying the surface, the final outcome may have an adverse effect.

The moisture may get trapped beneath the layers of the undercoating making the surface more rust-prone.

In short, you need to take care of these simple yet influencing things while executing the process of undercoating.

What are the best Dynamat alternatives?

  • I’ve written a detailed article on the best automotive sound-deadening materials. 
  • In the article, I’ve talked about the Dynamat and other sound-deadening materials to help you make an informed decision.
  • However, I’m sharing with you the top four close competitors of Dynamat.
    • Noico
    • Fatmat
    • Kilmat
    • Hushmat

How much does Dynamat weigh?

Dynamat weighs 15 lb which is equivalent to 6.80389 kg and has a thickness of approximately 1.22 mm (44 mils). 
However, for a piece of detailed information, you can read our article on Dynamat.

Is Noico asphalt-based?

No, Noico is butyl-based, but asphalt undercoat.

It’s A Wrap

Till now, you would have definitely understood that Dynamat and Noico are among the best sound-deadening products available on the market.

From the thickness point of view, you may expect Noico to perform better, but in reality, it’s the other way around.

In fact, Dynamat seems to be doing a better job at soundproofing.

On the other hand, Noico has an upper edge when it comes to cutting and installing the sheet.

Customers find the entire process easier and more user-friendly for Noico.

As explained earlier also, some people have found a rubbery scent associated with Noico whereas Dynamat is free from any foul odor.

Nevertheless, the main difference between Noico and Dynamat is the ability of the latter to be used for multiple purposes other than soundproofing cars.

Definitely, that gives Dynamat an edge over Noico.

Unlikely Dynamat, its close competitor Noico can’t be used for soundproofing homes and other related purposes.

The good news about the Dynamat is that it has customized solutions.

You can even buy separate kits for different surfaces of your car.

Of course, you need to be ready to pay a premium price for it.

All said and done, Noico is definitely a close competitor of Dynamat available at an affordable price.

Noico may not be the overall winner but it has definitely scored fairly well on various parameters.

Both the products have their own share of PROS and CONS, and at last, it is you who has to make the final decision.

  As a soundproof consultant, my intention has never been to influence your buying decision rather I believe in helping you to make an informed decision.  

Does it make sense?

Scenario-Based Buying Decision
Well, allow me to discuss two scenarios that will help you in making an informed decision.

Scenario 1: If you don’t have any budget constraints, and you are ready to invest in several Dynamat kits to ensure complete silence for your car, then nothing can be better than Dynamat.

Scenario 2: You’re on a shoestring budget, and you’re more concerned about finding ways to tackle the rattling of your car.

In that case, Noico 80 mil is the product that you need to consider, and the good news is that you don’t need to cover the whole surface of your car.

So, you’ll end up saving quite a few bucks, isn’t it?

I hope you’ll appreciate our intention and effort to help you make an informed decision.
Let us know your favorite out of the two.
In case, you’re using some other sound-deadening materials, then let us know about it in the comment section.
Feel free to contact us for any doubts or queries.
Sharing is Caring.
In case, you found this article helpful share it with the ones who are in need of similar information.

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