How To Soundproof A Door

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how to soundproof a door

In this post, I’ll walk you through 11 cost-effective ways that I’ve used to soundproof doors for my apartment as well as other soundproofing projects. Moreover, I’ll also throw some light on costs to help get an idea of the budget that you need to allocate for the project- soundproofing a door. I’ve mentioned quite a few times on this … Read More

How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets

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how to soundproof a room with blankets

Can we soundproof a room using blankets? Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of soundproofing a room using blankets. As a soundproof consultant, I’ve had an opportunity to deal with distinctive soundproofing problems. Though it’s natural and nothing is so special to brag about I would recommend that you have a basic knowledge of the … Read More

Best Blankets For Soundproofing

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best blanket for soundproofing

Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of soundproof blankets so that you can make an informed decision. The story starts a few years back when a client approached me to help her noise-proof audio recording studio.  It sounded to me like an easy project, but it wasn’t easy at all when I started digging deep … Read More

Best Soundproof Curtains

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best soundproof curtains

In this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of soundproof door curtains available on the market. Also, I’ll throw light on the things that you need to consider for making an informed decision. Lastly, I’ll discuss the frequently asked queries on the topic of soundproof curtains. My on-and-off relationship with noise pollution is not a new thing.  Well, to … Read More

Mass Loaded Vinyl: The Complete Guide

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mass loaded vinyl

I’ll walk you through various aspects of mass-loaded vinyl such as uses, safety, and installation. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the step-by-step methods to soundproof a fence using MLV. Noise is all around us. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we’ve to face both good as well as bad noises. I love music but the same … Read More

Do Foam Bass Traps Work

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Do foam bass traps work

Well, in this post, I’ll try to give a logical explanation to your query. I’ll also discuss the Pros, Cons, and alternatives of bass traps. It has been a long journey as a soundproof consultant. I started my career in this domain when soundproofing was just evolving. Of course, at that time, noise pollution wasn’t a big issue. Time has … Read More

How To Make Heels Silent

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how to make heels silent

Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through various steps that you can employ to make your heels quieter. All the steps that we’re gonna discuss are budget-friendly as well as highly effective. So, how to walk quietly in heels? From my teenage, I was fond of high heels. It may sound rubbish to you but I want to confront … Read More

Auralex Bass Traps Review

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Auralex bass traps review

I’ll walk you through the various parameters that you need to consider for a smart buy. There are four product variants that are made to our list of best Auralex bass traps. Auralex: A Brief Introduction Trihedral( two walls and ceiling/floor) junctions are considered “hot spots” when it comes to installing the bass traps. Especially for the LF issues, they … Read More

Best Bass Traps For Home Studio And Small Rooms

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best bass traps

I’ll walk you through the best bass traps available on the market, and the things that you need to consider for a smart buying, and also, I’ll also try to answer FAQs related to Bass Traps I hope most of you’ll agree with the statement, “Acoustic foam is an excellent soundproofing tool”. Furthermore, most of my clients have confusion regarding … Read More

Green Glue Vs. QuietRock

Comparison, Soundproofing

Green Glue vs QuietRock

I’ve compared two of the most accessible soundproofing materials: Green Glue vs QuietRock so as to help you make a data-driven decision. In the last couple of years, America has particularly been driven towards a quiet and peaceful ambiance. Needless to say, there are lots of physical and mental health benefits of it. However, soundproofing an apartment is a tricky process, … Read More