Auralex Bass Traps Review

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Auralex bass traps review
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I’ll walk you through the various parameters that you need to consider for a smart buy. There are four product variants that are made to our list of best Auralex bass traps.

  • Taming bass isn’t easy. Though it doesn’t need any technical expertise still it needs lots of preparation and planning.
  • However, once you’ve successfully installed the bass trap, you can treat yourself as an expert in installing the bass traps or acoustical foams.
  • A few days back, one of my clients came to me and asked for the best bass traps for a drum room.
  • In fact, he was looking for a complete arrangement to tame the low-frequency noise.
  • His son was a drummer, and so he was interested in making the drum room quiet.
  • In his case, bass traps alone can’t suffice to the requirement. 
  • The best solution for him was to soundproof the drum room, and bass traps were one of the components used for the project.
  • But, at the same time, Auralex bass traps are among the best sound-dampening materials available on the market.
  • The USP of these traps is to combat the low-frequency.
  • I could have directly recommended my client Auralex, but I was inquisitive in knowing whether any product has been launched in recent times that could shadow Auralex.
  • As a soundproof consultant, I’ve got a very hectic schedule, so on a lazy Sunday, I started doing some research, and the outcome of my research compelled me to write this post.
    • Which are the best bass traps for small rooms?

Auralex: A Brief Introduction

  • Eric Smith is the mastermind behind Auralex. I’ve to take you to the flashback 🙂
  • The story started almost 40 years ago when Eric decided to launch Auralex as a superlative alternative to foam panels.
  • The mission and vision of the company were very clear. They want to create value for their customer.
  • Eric had made up his mind to launch a product that could beat all the existing competitors and most importantly, it should be within reach of the common person (affordable).
  • Though the journey wasn’t smooth still he was successful in delivering the product that he had committed.
  • When you turn a page of history, you’ll find that most successful products came into existence to solve a problem, and even today this golden rule exists.
  • When one is motivated to give a real solution to the consumer problem, then SUCCESS is guaranteed.
  • However, at the same time, it is also important to understand the difference between the consumer’s need and the perceived consumer’s need.
  • Failing to fill this gap can cost a fortune.
  • Coming back to the original story, the company soon became the leader in the acoustical products category after the initial success of Studiofoam.
  • Soon the company became a synonym of excellent bass traps and diffusers.
  • It didn’t take a long time to extend their product line in-room systems and construction domain.
  • When it comes to the bass traps, they were successful in catching the nerves of the consumers.
  • If you’re a newbie and installing the traps for the first time, then the probability is very high that you’ll not be satisfied with the installation.
  • Well, there is nothing wrong with that, it is human behavior.
  • To solve this problem, the company came up with solutions that are freestanding and portable.
  • In layman’s terms, you can re-configure the product as many times as you need to get optimum results.
  • Though it may sound small thing to you, trust me, it was the main reason for their initial success.
  • I’ve been working as a soundproof consultant for quite a few years now, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t trust my words.
  • Jokes apart, let’s see which products made the list, and most importantly, why they made the list.
  • When you’re dealing with the low-frequency, you’ll definitely have a question in your mind after installing the bass traps. Guess?
  • Has anything changed?
  • I’m assuming that you’re an avid reader of this blog, and so you must be aware of the problem of dealing with low frequencies.
  • Time and again, I’ve mentioned in the posts that the mid and the higher ones are easy to deal with.
    Who should I buy Auralex Bass Trap?
    The USP of Auralex is the product line.
    • It has come up with a variety of products to cater to your requirements.
    • Tell your problem, and Auralex has a product to solve it.
    • I’m NOT kidding it’s a fact.
  • Trihedral( two walls and ceiling/floor) junctions are considered “hot spots” when it comes to installing the bass traps.
  • Especially for the LF issues, they have bass traps and corner fillers.
  • Even you can find some awesome foam panels under the name “Auralex”.
  • If you’ve spent a few months in the soundproofing domain, then you’ll be aware of the fact that acoustical foam is one of the preferred soundproofing materials for the room.
  • They come in different shapes and sizes and thus sync well with the interiors of your room.
  • Do Auralex Bass Traps Work?

    To be honest, if the brand “Auralex” wouldn’t be effective in solving the problem, then I wouldn’t be reviewing the products 🙂

    As a soundproof consultant, I’ve witnessed that most of the newbies struggle to find a product that can work for them.

    Are you also struggling to find a product that works for you?

    Some of my clients have confessed to me that they have spent thousands of dollars to combat low-frequency, but couldn’t. 

    So, the moral of the story is that by simply spending money, you may not get the desired result.

    Trust me, I’m making this strong statement after being in the industry for a decade now.

    So, what’s the solution?

    • First and foremost, you should read the instruction manual and specifications carefully before passing your judgment about the product.
    • Once you’ve gone through the instruction manual, you’ll be able to know about the working mechanism of the product, expected performance, and installation procedure in a simple and legitimate way.
      • Bonus Tip: Foam panels perform best when used for acoustical treatment. I recommend my clients to NOT use it for soundproofing.
    • I did a survey where I asked people to give a rating to the bass traps on certain parameters (cost, performance, durability, etc.).
    • The sample size of the survey was 500.
    • Almost, 30 percent of the sample size wasn’t happy with the performance.
    • So, as a soundproof consultant, I found the outcome of the survey different from what I expected because 30 percent was something that you can’t ignore, right?
    • To dig more, I decided to ask a few more questions about unsatisfied consumers.
    • So, I asked them, what was their expectation with the product, and some other related questions.
    • I was astonished to know that the majority of unsatisfied consumers want the bass traps to block the external noise.
    • So, here is the catch.
    • People were expecting bass traps to block noise which is NOT what bass traps are meant for.
    • In short, people expect bass traps to mute the room, and block all the external noise, and when the bass traps fail to do so, they name it a “failed product”.
    • Moving further, I’ll discuss who and when should anyone use bass traps.
    • Bass traps are ONLY meant for dealing with low-frequencies issues. Using it for either mid or high frequencies will not give you any results.
    • Another query that most of the newbies have is how many traps should I use.
    • Again, the answer is it depends.
    • In fact, there isn’t any hard and fast rule for it.
    • However, the number of bass traps that one uses is directly proportional to the size of the room and the acoustic properties that the room possesses.
    • I recommend putting at least one bass trap at all the trihedral junctions.
    • To improve the acoustic properties, you can put two bass traps at each trihedral junction.
    • For the best result, it is highly advisable to check the acoustical properties of your room before installing the foam panels.
    • The acoustical properties of your room depend to a great extent on the things already present in the room such as furniture, bed, etc.
    • Sound waves have the capability to travel through every object, reflect, and bounce all around.
    • As discussed earlier, another thing that really matters when it comes to enhancing the acoustical properties of the room is the size of the room.
    • However, Auralex bass traps can help you to get rid of all the low-frequencies-related issues.
    • It goes without saying that Auralex is one of the best if NOT the best in the bass trap category.

    Auralex Bass Traps Review

    Moving further, I’ll walk you through some of the popular Aurlex products that you can use to combat low-frequencies.
    It goes without saying all these acoustical treatment bass traps perform really well when installed in a small or mid-size room.

    Auralex LENRD Bass Traps

    • Without any doubt, Aurlax LENRDs bass traps are the most popular ones.
    • You can mount them between walls and ceilings or you can wall-mount them horizontally as well.
    • The low-frequency of your room will be totally under control because they have the ability to absorb the low-frequencies down to 63 Hz.
    • The product comes in a pack of four.
    • They come in three colors: Purple, Burgundy, and Charcoal. So, you can select the one that suits your decor.
    • All in all, you have a nice decoration and great acoustic ambiance once this product is installed. (Check the Current Price On Amazon)

    Auralex Stand-Mounted LENRDs

    • If you’re looking for a bit taller bass traps than usual ones, then Auralex stand-mounted LENRDs is the one, you should give a try.
    • This bass trap is also my favorite.
    • Personally, I love this product because of its portability features.
    • You can change the length of the stand as per your requirement.
    • The good news is that you can carry the bass traps with the LENRDs functionality wherever you want to.
    • You don’t have to worry about the mounting process.  
    • Since the bass traps are placed on a stand, moving it isn’t an issue.
    • One pack consists of four units, and you can try any of the two: Purple and Burgundy. (Check the current price on Amazon)

    Auralex Metro LENRD Bass Traps

    • The Auralex Metro LENRDs are made of high-density foam which is highly durable and will NOT change its form over the course of time.
    • People who are looking for eco-friendly products will prefer it.
    • It consists of a major portion of soy component which means reduced petroleum-related chemicals.
    • This product comes in a pack of four.
    • They are also available in three color variants: Purple, Charcoal, and Burgundy. (Check the current price on Amazon)

    Auralex Roominator Kit

    • If you’re looking to enhance the acoustical properties of a small studio, audio recording room, etc., then the Auralex Roominator kit is a promising option.
    • It goes without saying that it is an inclusive set ideal for a small studio.
    • The kit consists of bass traps and panels, all that one needs to improve the acoustic properties of a small audio recording studio.
    • Similar to other Auralex products, it is also available in three colors (Check the current price on Amazon)

    Important Note: Auralex Products

    • They are lightweight and long-lasting products that won’t crumble with the passage of time.
    • Some of the favorable places where you can use these products are corners, walls, and ceilings.
    • The entire product line is user-friendly and installation is also quite easy.
      • Some of the products that you may need to support the installation of the Auralex products are as follows:
        • Auralex EZ-stick pro peel
        • Stick tabs
        • Adhesives such as Foamtak or Tubetak Pro

    Why Should I Choose Auralex Bass Traps?

    • When you’re exposed to a variety of options, then it becomes really hard for you to choose the right one.
    • Alternatives always create confusion, right?
    • In most cases, I’ve found the price of the product as an influential buying factor followed by quality and practical solutions.
    • It is a general misconception that all foams are the same, and so, you should stay away from it when you are looking to combat the low-frequencies.
    • Once you start researching the foam panels, you’ll find lots of companies manufacturing acoustical foam panels of different shapes and sizes.
    • In case, you’re very peculiar about the aesthetic properties and decor of your room, then you can select the color of the foam as per need.
    • Many companies manufacture foam panels in different colors.
    • At times, people end up buying the most expensive product thinking that it will solve their problem.
    • However, it may or may not work.
    • On the contrary, cheap products don’t mean that is have a cheap quality.
    • The best thing is to make a balance between product price and product functionality.
    • I’m going to highlight some of the reasons why I feel the Auralex bass trap is a complete package.
      • High performance
      • A well-known brand in the category
      • Easy installation process
      • Made of top-quality acoustic foams
      • Cost-effective


    In this section, I’ll be taking some questions related to Auralex bass traps. Hope it will help you.

    What is Auralex?

    In the acoustical treatment product category which includes acoustical absorbers, diffusers, sound barriers, etc., Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader. Auralex has a wide range of products in the acoustic treatment domain.

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    What is Acoustic Treatment?

    • Acoustic treatment is a process of enhancing the acoustical properties of the room by reducing the echoes, reverbs, and vibrations.
    • It consists of two primary elements: diffusion, and absorption.
    • Acoustic foams are installed to alleviate slap and flutter echo.
    • Absorption is a process in which sound waves are absorbed by the soft materials.
    • As a result, you can expect an improvement in the acoustical properties of the room.
    • Diffusion keeps sound waves from grouping resulting in the eradication of hot spots and nulls in the room.

    Will Acoustic Foam Soundproof a Room?

    Acoustic foam panels can improve the acoustical properties of the room by reducing echoes, reverbs, and vibrations. However, these foam aren’t made to block the external noise or the airborne noise. So, in short, acoustic foam alone can’t soundproof a room.

    Wrapping Up the Auralex Bass Traps Review

    Auralex bass traps are definitely a great option if you’re interested in improving the acoustical properties of your room.

    However, I would recommend you check the acoustical properties of your room and then act accordingly.

    It goes without saying that Auralex is a market leader in the acoustical products category. Personally, I love the wide variety of options they offer. 

    However, it is quite possible that you may not like the Auralex products, and in that case, I would recommend you check my article on the best bass traps.