Can You Change Alexa’s Name and Voice

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change alexa name and voice
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Alexa is one of the most popular smart voice assistant available on the market.

If I can recall, Alexa is answering all our queries from the last five years without taking any break.

If you’ve been using Alexa, then you can recall the fun that you’ve by asking Alexa to play your favorite songs, dim your lights, etc.

Nevertheless, if you’re using Alexa continuously for a long duration, then the monotonous voice of Alexa and calling the same name “Alexa” can be quite boring.

The good news is that now you can use a couple of new ways to interact with your trustworthy smart voice assistant Alexa.

In the last couple of years, there has been rapid development in the field of IoT.

Hopefully, in the near future, you’ll not find robots using the same monotonous process of calling out or performing any process.

If we talk about Alexa, then you can easily change the voice and name.

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading, we’ll discuss each and everything related to voice change in this post.

I can bet that you can find a better way to move away from the Alexa default setting.

Let’s throw some light on “how you can personalize your Alexa setting”.

Changing Alexa Name

The ability of Alexa to change to a new name is a great example of personalization.

Personally, I feel the wake word options are a bit limiting.

If you’re assuming that you can give a new name to Alexa as per your choice and sentiments, then I’ll have to stop you.

It still needs the time to reach that level of personalization.

Time has not come that you can name your Alexa on the name of some popular Hollywood actor/actress, politician, writers, etc.

I’ll not say that it is impossible but it will take time.

Currently, you can pick the name of Alexa from three different options: Amazon, Echo, Computer.

To change the name, you simply need to follow the seven steps that I’m going to mention below.

Remember, skipping the steps will not change the name.

Without any further ado, let’s begin…

  1. Open the Alexa
  2. On the top left corner, there is a line horizontal menu button in the app. Open the menu
  3. Click on the setting, and then select the device setting for the Alexa device you’d like to change
  4. This is a very crucial step. Simply scroll down the options and click on the “Wake Word”
  5. Now, tap and open the drop-down menu where you’ll get to choose between “Amazon”, “Echo”, or “Computer”
  6. Depending on your performance pick your favorite Alexa alternative
  7. It’s your turn to press the OK button, and once you press it, Alexa’s colored rim light will now turn orange for a few minutes to indicate a transition to the new name that you’ve selected. Once the light fades away, you’re done. Now, you can say hello to your new wake word

Changing Alexa’s Voice

I’m very passionate about a French accent, and so I change the Alexa tone in such a way that it sounds more French than anything else.

Unlike the name category that has only three options, here you can try any number of accents that you love.

I just forget to mention that the voice of Alexa will remain of a female.

I’m mentioning the steps that will help you to change the Alexa’s voice.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Now, head to the settings menu and tap on it
  3. Scroll down the list of devices connected to your Alexa app, and select the device that you’d like to apply settings to
  4. Once you’re done with the selection of the device, locate your preferred language
  5. Last but not least, click on the drop-down menu and choose your preferred accent and language
  6. Finally, save the changes

It may sound very easy and exciting to you, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

Nevertheless, changing the accent of the voice assistant may make it difficult for her to understand and implement your commands.

I’m sharing my personal experience.

However, if you’re perfect with the language for which you’ve changed the accent of the Alexa, then definitely you’ll not face any issue.

Wait! we aren’t done yet.

You can also enable the Alexa voice skill that will give make Alexa talk to you in your favorite celebrity voice, isn’t it enticing?

Before we conclude, let’s discuss the steps involved in enabling Alexa’s voice skills.

Well, know you can have a celebrity like Chef Gordon Ramsay speak to you through the device.

However, Gordon’s voice will not completely replace Alexa’s voice, you’ll find some of his predominantly used phrases talking about the various aspects of food.

Step by Step Method to Enable Celebrity Skills

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Proceed to tap the three-line horizontal menu
  3. Choose your preferred skill
  4. After selecting the skill button, type in your preferred celebrity name in the search bar
  5. Select the option that best suits your requirement
  6. Enjoy your favorite celebrity catchphrases

Another way to activate the skills is to simply ask Alexa to activate it.

However, in this case, you need to be well aware of the skill that you want Alexa to enable.


Speech Synthesis Markup Language(SSML) is the latest development in the field of IoT.

Developers at Amazon are working very hard to give my favorite voice assistant, Alexa, more human touch.

Trust me, they are on a mission to make Alexa more friendly, more reliable, and more effective.

In the future, I’m expecting a lot of new features added in Alexa.

The SSML is said to be an important development because it allows users to switch Alexa’s voice.

Some additional features to look for are as follows:

  1. Ability to change the speed of the speech
  2. Word intonations
  3. Alter her pitch
  4. Enable her to whisper

Well, there is a unique option for families. There is an option to substitute any foul word.

As of now, Alexa has to offer only a change in the voice and name.

However, the future belongs to Alexa and IoT, and you’ll find me updating lots of points related to Alexa and other smart voice assistants.

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