11 Unique Things You Can Do With Alexa

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11 unique things you can do with alexa
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A few months back, I bought Alexa.

As I’ve discussed earlier also, I literally love experimenting with smart gadgets, and this time, it was the turn of Alexa.

Trust me, I learned a lot during the process, and I feel privileged to share with you my findings.

I’m confident that you’ll definitely appreciate my effort, and at the same time, I can assure you that you can expect superlative outcomes after reading this piece of information.

However, if you think, I’m gonna blabber about the same old Alexa skills that you’ve heard a lot before, then you’re absolutely wrong.

Believe me, we’re gonna discuss something that will astonish you.

I’m assuming that you already have an Alexa, and you’ve already exploited the basic features such as asking temperature, playing some music, and even listening to some silly jokes.

Well, if you’ve literally done all the aforementioned things, then let me tell you it’s quite normal.

I also did the same thing when I first bought the Alexa.

Well, if you don’t own an Alexa now, then you will rush to Amazon to have one after reading this post.

You’ll find these skills on Amazon or Alexa, and you’ll have to activate them to work properly.

1. Find your Phone with the Help of Alexa

Even if you’ve used the “find my phone” feature on Apple, you’ll find this feature amazing.

Like you, I’ve also struggled a lot with my phone search, and the situation becomes pathetic for me when I keep the phone safely but forget the place where I kept it.

I’m sure some of you can definitely correlate with the situation, right? 

Gonna are the days when you’ve to go on iPad and click multiple times to find your phone.  

You just say “Echo use phone finder to find my phone”, and you’re done.

Echo will immediately respond as your best friend with a lovely statement, “alarming your phone, if it is online it will soon begin to vibrate”.

Personally, I love this feature, and you’ll be astonished to know that this feature is picking up very fast.

2. Alexa can Tune your Guitar

My husband is a Guitarist, and he loves this feature.

If your guitar is out of tune, then Alexa will help you to tune it.

After all, Alexa is your first selfless next door friend.

Simply say, ” ask guitar tuner to tune my guitar”, and Alexa will respond instantly, “let’s tune”, and then Alexa will walk you through tuning your guitar.

If you want to tune individual string for an optimum tune, then Alexa will do that for you.

Simply say, “tell guitar tuner to tune A”, and Alexa will immediately respond with “play note A”, and then, the string A will be tuned. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Alexa Drop In

In this section, I’ll be focussing on the drop in feature of Alexa. In short, Alexa can be used to call someone on their phone for FREE.

You don’t need to INSTALL either announcement or drop in feature. The announcement feature plays a crucial role if you’ve multiple Amazon devices.

If you’re not aware of the announcement feature, then allow me to throw some light on it.

The announcement is the process one uses to broadcast the message throughout all the Alexa devices that are present in the home.

This feature is very useful to update the family members about dinner or any upcoming event.

It can also be used to broadcast any message that you want to reach a particular family member in the room.

Including your phone, you can drop-in any device.

The phone can act as a security junction, and you can see through the camera what all happening in the room.

4. Alarm Reminder

This is my favorite feature.

I always thank Alexa for waking me up every day. 

I also set alarms for small things that I may miss such as setting alarm for car cleaning, laundry, etc

Though I’ve got an alarm clock in my home still I use the Alexa because I hate the alarm clock sound.

Alexa gives me the flexibility to use a song as an alarm tune, and it’s mindboggling indeed.

For example, you can say, “wake me up tomorrow with a romantic song”.

Similarly, you can tell Alexa, ” remind me to get laundry in half-an-hour”.

Alexa has become my best friend, and all the task that I think that I may forget, I set up an alarm for Alexa.

5. Alexa acts as a Bluetooth Speaker

My husband mostly uses Alexa to play audiobooks. He connects the device to his laptop and uses Alexa as a speaker.

I have a yearly subscription of Amazon prime, and so my husband exploits the Amazon music to the core, and trust me if by any means Alexa was a human being, then definitely it would have reacted in a negative way to my husband command of playing Amazon music.

He never hears a song completely rather ask Alexa to change in the middle.

I hope you must have used the audible app from Amazon where you can play audiobooks.

So, you can ask Alexa to resume the audiobook, and much to your surprise, it will start up back up where you left on your phone or laptop.

So, with the help of Alexa, you can stay productive even though you’re stretching, performing yoga, washing a car, etc

Personally, I use Bluetooth because I hate wires around me, and connecting Bluetooth to my laptop gives me a feeling of many cleaners set up.

You just need to plug in your speaker right to the back of an echo device or echo dot.

6. Controls your Smart Home

As a smart home consultant, this is the FEATURE for which I recommend Alexa to my clients.

Alexa is the one-stop solution for all the smart gadgets that you use in your smart home.

For example, you can ask your Roomba to vacuum the floor, adjust the temperature with the thermostats, control the home entertainment system with the Logitech Harmony, and many more.

In short, you can control your smart home with Alexa

7. Order Product Online with Alexa

Though I’m the BOSS of my house still I forget to add small things to my monthly buying list.

For example, asking uber to order some batteries, toilet paper, pizza, etc makes my work a little easy.

In fact, I don’t have to worry about the kitchen or household items.

After I brought Alexa home, my husband asks Alexa to book uber.

8. Alexa the Best Workout Coach

My near year resolution is to exploit this unique feature of Alexa.

You can use Alexa for a 7-minute workout-skill.

If you are the one who loves working out at home, then you can ask Alexa to guide you for a workout session, and it will tell you what all exercise you need to do as a part of workout-skill like the number of reps, push-ups, etc.

9. Alexa can recognize your voice

This feature can be exploited for security and safety purposes. If there are multiple members in the home, then you should use this feature.

Simply jump on to the “your voice” section in the app and start the process. It is a handy feature.

The good news is that if Alexa doesn’t recognize your voice, then she will neither purchase nor unblock anything.

10. Alexa will scare the burglar

Whenever I go out of my home for some long duration, I intentionally put echo on the “runaway” mode. 

By doing so, Alexa will play a continuous conversation and will trick the burglar away.

Try this feature, you’ll have fun.

11. Alexa can help you to find an erotic place for a candlelight dinner

If you’re looking for information about a particular restaurant, you can ask Alexa, and she will help you.

For example, ask, “Alexa, what time Tacobell opens”.

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Currently, I’ve discussed only 11 things that you can do with Alexa. However, I’ll be updating a lot in the coming days.

Needless to say, Alexa is adding many idiosyncratic features every day.

Which is your favorite feature of Alexa? Let us know in the comment section.

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