How to Pick a Smart Security Camera?

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Smart security cameras have become an important asset over time.

Whether it’s London or California, you’ll find a security camera everywhere.

Even the developing and underdeveloped countries are using it on a mass level.

However, how smart these security cameras are is again a question mark?.

In this post, I’ll try to the best of my capabilities to help you with the best option on the market.

There isn’t any doubt that some companies have really come up with innovative products.

Even after trying a couple of them, I still find Blink XT Cameras is SUPERLATIVE.

So, according to me, the best smart security camera is Blink XT Camera.

Ironically, Blink was purchased by Amazon at a whopping price of 90 Million dollars.

You can learn more about it here.

Why A Smart Home Security Camera?

If I can recall, a few years ago, Smart Home Security Cameras weren’t a big deal.

In fact, only in the last couple of years, they have been the talk of the town.

I remember having wires all over the place, but it doesn’t mean I was comfortable with the setup rather I don’t have any option.

Smart security camera definitely changed the game, but the wireless smart security camera took the game to the next level by leap and bounds.

Smart Security Camera Uses

Internet of Things has definitely taken the world by storm.

A lot has changed in the last couple of years.

You can find a security camera everywhere now. They come in all shapes and sizes.

People are using cameras in the basement, garage, outside the house and where not.

I have seen people using pinhole type cameras for some specific purposes. This type of camera can be installed anywhere.

Few of my close friends in California use these cameras to keep track of their pets while they are at the workplace.

Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras

You are buying a wireless security camera for a reason, right?

Just figure out the place where you wanna install the camera.

Keep in mind the main reason that has led you to buy the camera.

For example, if you’re concerned about a particular door in your house, then you need to think whether you wanna monitor the outside of the door or inside.

Personally, I’ve installed cameras at specific locations to know about the intruders even before they are making their way into the home.

At the same time, if you want to catch them red-handed, then you need to place the cameras indoor.

However, in any of the aforementioned cases, you need a high-quality camera and NOT rack piece of junk.

How Much Does the Quality of the Camera Matters?

Quality is a relative term, and everyone’s expectation is different.

What may sound good quality to me, may not to you.

On the personal front, I’m a quality freak.

Trust me, I can never compromise with the quality whatsoever may be the circumstances.

So, I always prefer a high-quality security camera.

Though like other smart cameras Blink may have a video quality of 720p, still at the same time, the lens provides ample coverage without any distortion.

Positioning the Camera

While purchasing the camera, you must look at the mounts.

You will find many cameras in the market with a black wall plate, but I don’t recommend such cameras.

A good number of my clients haven’t found it functional.

Even the most sophisticated camera is of no use if it doesn’t serve the purpose, right?

Later on, you’ll have nothing but to regret.

What about Weather and Climate?

As a smart home consultant, I’ve faced lots of problems when the installation of the camera needs to be done in the cold weather.

People were ready to pay more than $200 per camera just to have them freeze up.

During my career, I’ve come across 100’s of cameras that can freeze up instantly in the cold temperature.

However, there are definitely exceptions to it.

You can consider Blink XT or Arlo Pro cameras.

Trust me, they are the best on the market right now when it comes to handling the colder temperatures.

You can even pour water on these aforementioned cameras, and they will handle it very effectively.

In short, both these cameras are made keeping the cold temperatures in mind.

Seeing the idiosyncratic feature of these cameras, I also bought one for myself.

I had an amazing time with Blink XT.

Just for your reference, mine camera withstands the wind blowing at a speed of 40 miles per hour, and at the temperature less than -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Over time, it has withstood snow, cold and rain.

How good is the battery life?

It is highly recommended to take battery life into consideration while planning to buy a wireless security camera.

At least, the battery life of the system should be decent and align with the industry standards.

The Blink XT cameras will run almost for a year before the battery dies, and I’m talking about one of the coldest places on earth.

Some of my clients living in Canada have given me positive feedback.

On the other hand, the Arlo Pro camera will only last for a few months.

Are Security Cameras cost-effective?

The Blink XT camera will cost you a little more than $100.

If you’re tight on the budget, then I’ll recommend you to go with this camera.

It has all the features that a wireless smart security camera should have.

Aro Pro Camera will cost you slightly less than $200.

Definitely, it’s a great camera and if you’ve got the budget, you can try it.

What are the options?

Personally, I’ll recommend you Blink XT camera over its counterpart.

I’ve used quite a few numbers of cameras but found it fascinating and enticing.

Definitely, it’s a value for money product.

Some other cameras that I’ve used are literally amazing, but I feel they are overpriced.

They also offer an indoor option.

The quality may slightly vary from the Blink XT outdoor camera.

Before we conclude, check out our last article.


There are numerous wireless security smart cameras available on the market.

Before taking a final call on Blink XT camera, you can also do some online research or take some references from your friends and colleagues.

The best thing about the Blink XT camera is that you can place them anywhere. They’re waterproof and they can withstand wind, cold and whatnot.

Last but not least, after using other cameras only I understood the importance of Blink XT.

I hope you would have liked this piece of information.

Remember, sharing is caring.

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