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Best Pool Deck Paint: Well, in this post, I would be walking you through some of the best pool deck paints available on the market to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, I would also be throwing light on the “must-have” features in the pool deck paint to help you buy the paint that not only caters to your needs but also falls well within your budget.

Lastly, I would be responding to the queries and doubts related to pool deck paint in order to help you find the “value for money” product.

But, before that, I would be needing a small help on your end.

Would you help me?

All you need to do is to respond to a couple of questions that I would be asking in a while.

Does it make sense?

So, which is your favorite pool deck paint brand?

Moreover, how much are you willing to spend on pool deck paint?

Lastly, how often do you read a product review post?

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So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

What’s The Best Pool Deck Paint For The Money?

Frankly speaking, all the pool deck paints that were made to our list are of high quality and worth the investment.

However, the ones mentioned below and recommended by the editor are worth considering because they have outperformed their competitors by a huge margin during our evaluation process.

Moreover, they have garnered huge attention among our clientele because of the idiosyncratic superlative features that these products are equipped with.

Editor’s Recommendation

Well, as per our knowledge, experience, feedback from our clientele, and the evaluation result, I’m recommending you the below deck paints.

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Please do mail us in case, you’ve any doubts or queries related to the best deck paints.

Top 10 Best Pool Deck Paints Review

Well, before we dive deep into the in-depth discussion, please allow me to explain the evaluation process that we’ve been following on this blog.

First and foremost, our consultants and core team members identify the set of parameters on which the products need to be evaluated, in this case, the product is pool deck paint.

The evaluation parameters are assigned a certain weightage depending upon their ability to influence the buyers’ decision.

In the next step, each product is evaluated on the set of parameters and assigned certain marks as per their performance.

Lastly, we do the summation of marks to come to a conclusion.

For deck pool paint, we’re gonna review 10 products, and all of them have performed fairly well on the parameters that we’ve selected for evaluation.

Trust me, we as a team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this comprehensive buying guide, and I hope that you would have got great fun reading the guide full of information.

It goes without saying that a concrete pool deck adds a ton of value to the pool’s area.

They serve multiple purposes including supporting the pool, adding to the decor, and providing a stable surface for swimmers to walk in.

In the absence of regular maintenance, there can be a degradation in its appearance.

And in the worst case, the surface could also be hampered and damaged so you need to be very careful and particular with the maintenance process.

There are numerous ways to deal with the aforementioned problems for sure.

However, one of the most affordable and efficient methods that I’ve come across is the application of suitable deck paint for maintenance purposes.

Needless to say, fresh and idiosyncratic paint can change the look and feel of your pool in an epigrammatic span of time.

Cutting long-story-short, let’s dive deep into the pool deck paint review.

KILZ L378701 Interior/Exterior Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint

Well, KILZ L378701 is a high-quality decorative paint mainly used for painting both the interior and exterior of swimming pools, and as a result, the pool gets a new life along with slip-resistant attributes.

Moreover, the paint is definitely meant for multiple uses including giving patios, garages, driveways, and pool decks.

best decorative concrete coating

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However, its performance against the concrete surface has been mind-boggling and a thing to watch.

Not only is the Kilz decorative concrete coating gray paint easy to apply but also, capable of filling hairline cracks up to 3 millimeters deep so once you’ve expedited the painting process, you can expect the hairline cracks to be well taken care of.

Another good thing about the Kilz decorative concrete coating colors and paints is that they are capable of not only handling the grease and specks of dirt but also, withstanding pressure from hot and bulky tires.

You can cover a 50 square feet surface in two coats with the help of 1 gallon of paint.

Moreover, you must apply this concrete paint with a 1/4-inch adhesive roller cover in order to achieve an optimum result.

All in all, the Kilz decorative concrete paint is worth the investment, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating

To be honest, Kilz over armor textured concrete paint colors are definitely enticing and one would love to use it for his/her swimming pool for sure, that is my view as a consultant.

As the name suggests, the Kilz over armor grey is suitable for both wood and concrete and is meant to add a high-quality and innovative solid coating to your pool deck surfaces.

best pool deck paint for wood

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As per my knowledge and experience, the USP of the Kilz over armor concrete paint is that it contains a formula of 100% acrylic resin, and as a result, the final coating is more durable and fade-free.

Furthermore, it will give new life to your old concrete and wood deck in a hassle-free manner.

Not only does the deck paint bridge the gaps and cracks but also hides surface imperfection and gives a uniform look, and most importantly, at an affordable price.

Without any doubt, the deck paint is perfect for your pool, but apart from that, you can also use it for sidewalks and patios for beautifying them as well as enhancing their lifespan.

You can expect 1 gallon of this paint to cover approximately 75 square feet.

On the downside, the Kilz over armor grey paints might not be the best bet for drivable surfaces including driveways, and garage floors.

Encore Coatings Cool Pool Deck Coating

Frankly speaking, another great offering that we’ve in the affordable range category is none other than the Encore coatings.

The cool concrete paint is packed with idiosyncratic features and is meant to deliver high performance effortlessly.

best pool deck paint on a budget

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The good thing about the Encore coating is its ability to cover a wide range of areas per gallon.

Yes, you heard it RIGHT, it can cover up to 200 square feet per gallon, and thus, makes restructuring your old deck and beautifying it a cakewalk.

As the name suggests, the cool deck paint for wood and concrete is quite popular among pool owners because of its ability to reduce heat up to 38%, and you can consider it as the paint’s USP as well.

If you’re able to keep your deck cool, then definitely, it is gonna help you with your peace of mind for sure.

Another thing that you might love about this cool deck paint is its ability to tint to any imaginable color.

Lastly, the paint not only imparts a beautiful, slip-resistant surface but also, is backed by a lifetime residential warranty.

In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint

One of the best deck paints that I’ve personally used so far.

The USP of In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint is the non-slip deck and patio coat that it comes with.

Due to the non-slip nature of the deck paint, you can consider it to be perfect for events such as sunbathing and walking.

cheap pool deck paint for concrete

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Not only does the white deck paint can be applied to a damp surface but also, is perfect for the restoration of concrete surfaces.

However, for the best result, you need to apply two coats on the initial application.

And, if the outside ambient temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit then definitely, you need to wait for 4 hours between coats.

Also, the curing time before the foot traffic falls in the range of 24 and 48 hours depending upon the outside ambient air temperature.

Each gallon of white deck paint can cover somewhere between 90 and 125 square feet depending on surface porosity.

The entire process is newbie-friendly and can be expedited in an epigrammatic span of time without the need for professional help.

Not only the coat is robust and durable but also can be cleaned easily with the help of a garden hose.

Nevertheless, you would be needing an oil-based primer for applying the paint on wood.

Lastly, did you like the swim pool deck paint reviews?

Let us know your feedback in the comment section.

Kelley Technical Champagne Deck Coating

So, here I’m with a great offering from the brand Kelley Technical.

Definitely, the Olympic paint from Kelley is formulated for the coating of both decks and patios.

Though the paint is water-based still it wouldn’t slip because the acrylic formula is used in its manufacturing.

What actually the acrylic formula does is that it allows the paint to seep into the concrete, and as a result, you can expect effective slip resistance.

top rated pool deck paint

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To be honest, the paint is good at concealing damage as well as old looks so you don’t have to worry at all.

The USP of Olympic Patio Tones Swimming Pool Deck Paint is that it is durable even under extreme weather conditions.

In order to reap the maximum benefit from this paint, you definitely need to apply it to a layer of coat on a previously unpainted coat.

You can cover somewhere between 80 and 120 square feet per gallon which syncs with the industry standard, isn’t it?


The Complementary Coatings SU0922092-01 is definitely a great pool deck paint known for its appearance.

Moreover, the champagne look paint not only looks unique but also brings new life to your pool.

best pool deck paint for concrete

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And, the best part is, the coating is completely affordable and even though you’re on a shoestring budget, you can easily buy the U0922092-01.

The anti-slip paint is made of acrylic material and comes in a 1-gallon bucket.

The two most popular colors for the paint are desert sand and light grey color.

The paint is quite popular for jobs including priming a seal, first-time coating for concrete surfaces, etc.

The entire process is user-friendly and wouldn’t consume much of your time for sure.

Furthermore, even though you’re a newbie, you can easily expedite the entire process on your own without the need for professional help.

Deck-O-Seal Deck O Seal Gray 4701032

So, here I come with one of the most popular pool deck paint available on the market, and trust me, there is more than one reason for it for sure.

First and foremost, the Deck-O-Seal is a polysulfide-based sealant that is made of a premium-grade material, so you can’t question its effectiveness, right?

The non-staining pool deck paint is packed with idiosyncratic superlative features including tear-resistant, flexibility, durability, longevity, etc.

Wait, it has much more to its name than the mere aforementioned features.

Not only is it highly resilient but also comes with super recovery qualities.

So, you don’t have to worry at all about its shape even after an extended period of elongation or compression.

Furthermore, it has amazing resistance to chemicals, shrinkage, aging, and weather conditions.

And, because of the aforementioned idiosyncratic features, you can use it for not only sealing but also caulking joints.

Definitely, it can be used for both interior and exterior uses.

The USP of DECK O SEAL is its ability to resist UV lights and abrasion.

If you’re still NOT convinced then let me tell you, the paint also comes with easy to handle package that contains the right ratio of base to the agent, and also, provides a permanent watertight seal.

Neither the surge in temperature can discolor it nor pool chemicals can affect it.

DECK-O-SEAL Deck O Seal Tan 4701033

Well, this is the second offering from the brand DECK-O-SEAL that made our list and all for good reasons.

Tan 4701033 is a non-staining paint and is known for features such as resilience, recovery qualities, etc.

Another thing that I literally liked about Tan 4701033 is its ability to deal with most of the pool chemicals in an effective way without getting adversely impacted.

best non-staining paint for pool deck

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I’ve been into the pool domain for over a decade now, and I can affirm that if you’re buying a pool deck paint from premium brands such as DECK O SEAL, then definitely, you’re gonna enjoy some premium features for sure.

Moreover, Tan 4701033 has proved its mettle time and again by showing resistance to shrinkage, aging, and harsh weather conditions.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I’ll say that the deck paint can help you to achieve a weather-tight, flexible, and firm surface.

Without any second thought, I can say that go ahead and use it for both interior and exterior purposes.

When it comes to sealing joints on a pool deck, the Tan 47021033 has shown incredible performance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go Ahead, and Grab the Product.

DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood Endgrain Sealant

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality and highly effective wax-based sealer for your hardwood deck then you can trust the end grain sealer.

The paint is good at protecting exposed wood endings and face grain.

best wax based sealer

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In case, your projects or decks involve newly installed lumber, logs, and blanks, then definitely, you can use DeckWise Ipe to keep track of drying splits.

Frankly speaking, the deck paint is highly cost-effective as one quart of end sealer is capable of covering 500 square feet of decking.

It is a unique blend of usability, easy application, and exceptional result.

Furthermore, the deck paint is great at protecting the structural integrity of hardwood decking.

For the optimum result, you need to apply the paint within 24 hours of cutting.

When applying the DeckWise Ipe, you need to be aware of the fact that it might change the color of your deck depending on the dryness and type of wood used in building the deck.

National Pool Finishes Deck Kote: Acrylic Water base Deck Paint

The last deck paint that we’ve for you is none other than National Pool Finishes Deck Note.

Well, acrylic paint can be easily cleaned with the help of water and soap.

best pool deck paint

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Moreover, the manufacturer claims to reduce the temperature of the concrete surface exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use it for both painted or unpainted concrete surfaces and is bound to provide a durable finish that would definitely help in enhancing the life of concrete surfaces as well as masonry.

It is also resistant to most of the pool chemicals so you can expect the beauty and protection to be intact.

Compared to conventional pool coatings, the Hi-Build coating limits the surface from becoming slippery.

The National Pool Finishes Deck Kote is affordable, and you’ll not REGRET investing in it, that’s all I can say.

Pool Deck Paint Buying Guide

Well, choosing the right deck paint can be hard at times, if you’ve not done your homework correctly.

It is a known fact that the market is flooded with a wide range of brands and models of pool deck paint, and choosing the one that not only caters to your needs but also falls well within your budget can become quite tricky at times.

Correct me, if I’m saying something absurd.

All the brands have their own sets of claims, so it might cause confusion, especially among the newbies.

At the same time, I don’t negate the fact that every pool deck paint has its own pros and cons so you must evaluate each one of them carefully before making a buying decision.

Best Deck Paint Properties

As per my knowledge and experience, I can affirm that a high-quality deck paint must possess the below properties.

  • It must be wear-resistant as it guarantees durability
  • Moreover, it must be capable of preventing cracking
  • It must possess decorative elements in order to preserve the deck’s original look over the years
  • Furthermore, the best deck paint should be capable of protecting the surface from microorganisms and insects
  • It should be a unique blend of affordability, superlative appeal, and protection

Deck Paint Types

It goes without saying that deck paints are of different types, and please allow us to briefly introduce each one of them.

Oil Deck Paint

The paint mainly comprises two elements, that is, minerals, and oil additives.

Before using the oil deck paint, you need to stair it for some time, and then only you need to apply it to the surface.

Though it takes a good amount of time to dry still it is quite popular among pool owners because of its superlative bonding.

Alkyd Deck Paint

If you don’t wanna use oil deck paint because of any reason then definitely, you can try its best alternative, that is, Alkyd Deck Paint.

The Alkyd deck paint is a value-for-money product and comprises a resin, glycerin, oils, and a fine fraction of granite and sand.

It is quite popular among pool owners because of its affordability, availability, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Water-Based Deck Paint

Out of all the types, the water-based deck paint tops the list in terms of popularity and credibility, as per my knowledge and experience.

It is further subdivided into two parts:

Acrylic Deck Paint

It is a commonly used deck paint and some of its features are resistance to harsh weather conditions, excellent water vapor permeability, and good covering ability.

Rubber/Latex deck paint

It is another popular type of water-based deck paint, and some of the important features are safe for humans, excellent durability, and water vapor permeability.

Deck Paint Choosing Criteria

If you’re still looking for the answer to the question, which is the best pool deck paint, then definitely, you’ve landed on the correct page.

Below are some of the “must-have” criteria that you can’t afford to ignore if you’re looking for the best deck paint for the money.

  • Give high weightage and importance to trustworthy manufacturers in your selection criteria. A well-trusted and well-established brand will definitely offer a good product. However, they might be a bit pricey
  • Even before you start looking for the features in a pool deck paint, I highly recommend, you should check for the expiration date
  • To be honest, the costliest products aren’t always the best, but at the same time, you should also ignore the products that are cheap and comes with inferior features. Always, give preference to the products that might charge you more upfront but are cost-effective in the long-run
  • Well, appearance is a relative term, and it depends upon your preference
  • Needless to say, every type of deck paint will require special primers and treatments


In this section, I would be responding to the queries related to the best pool deck paint in order to help you make an informed buying decision.

What is the ideal deck paint to buy?

Well, to be honest, the simple and precise answer would be DEPENDS.

However, we’ve reviewed some of the best deck paint available on the market right now, and you can choose the one that not only caters to your needs but also falls well within your budget.

How can I prepare my pool deck before painting?

Frankly speaking, you’ve to follow just simple three steps.

  • First and foremost, clean your deck
  • Secondly, leave it dry
  • Lastly, apply the paint

Why should I prepare the deck before painting?

The success of the painting depends to a large extent on how well you’ve prepared the deck.

You must prepare your deck in the best possible manner to ensure that you’re gonna paint on a clean surface as well as to avoid the paint being contaminated and getting peeled off soon.

It also enhances the ease of painting your pool deck.

Can I paint a pitted or damaged pool deck?

Definitely, you can go ahead and paint a pitted/damaged pool deck in the same way you paint a normal pool deck.

What is the difference between paint and stain?

Compared to the stain, paint is thicker, harder to apply, and also expensive.

Stain is capable of getting soaked into your deck and thus, can change its normal color.

What is the main benefit of painting a pool deck?

As per my knowledge and experience, I can affirm that the main benefit of painting a pool deck is to enhance its appearance, that is, beautifying the pool deck, along with giving it a new life.

However, the paints that we’ve reviewed so far are also slip-resistant, and some of them are also capable of tackling the UV rays which you can consider as an additional benefit of painting your pool.

How can I paint my concrete pool deck?

To be honest, there is no science involved in painting your concrete pool deck.

All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned simple steps and you’re done with painting your concrete pool deck for sure.

  • First and foremost, you need to clean your concrete pool deck thoroughly with the help of soap and water
  • In the next step, you need to ensure that post-cleaning the deck is fully dried
  • Leave it for a cure for at least 24 hours
  • Moving further, you need to fill your paint tray using concrete pool deck paint
  • If possible, add some nonskid additive
  • Now, you would be needing a handled roller for rolling the paint uniformly and perfectly over the deck
  • After the first coat, let it dry for at least 24 hours
  • For the best result, apply the second layer of the coat

How can I clean my concrete pool deck without any hassle?

Well, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, by following the below-mentioned steps, you would be able to clean your concrete pool deck effortlessly.

To be honest, I’ve been following these steps myself.

  • Make a solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:1, and for this purpose, use a bucket that is thoroughly clean and free from any leakage
  • Now, you need to clear the deck, and for this, you can take the help of a pressurized garden hose
  • Moving further, you need to pour two quarts of the solution on the deck and then scrub with the help of a scrubbing brush
  • Repeat the aforementioned step until the entire deck is cleaned
  • Now, rinse your deck with the help of a garden hose
  • In the next step, you need to prepare a thick stain remover by mixing bleach, water, and flour
  • So, you’ve come halfway, and now, you need to spread the paste over the stains and let it dry for about three hours
  • Lastly, clean the area using a garden hose or something similar, and repeat for all the stains

What is the difference between concrete stain and paint?

Frankly speaking, there isn’t much difference between the two.

However, they aren’t the same either.

Let’s have a quick look at some tangible differences between the two.

  • Paint remains on the top of the concrete to protect it whereas stain is something that gets completely soaked in the concrete
  • Paint can peel over time and stains can fade over time
  • The stain is applied with the help of a sprayer and you need a paintbrush for applying paint

What color should I paint my pool deck?

To be honest, there isn’t any hard and fast rule about the colors that you can use for painting your pool deck.

However, it is a common practice to paint the swimming pool floor and walls with blue color.

On the other hand, you’ve got a wider range of color options when it comes to painting pool decks.

Frankly speaking, I prefer grey over other colors.

But, I’ll accept that I’ve experimented with quite a few colors including green, black, dark blue, or chocolate brown in the past, and they have performed fairly well.

How long does pool deck paint last?

To be honest, it DEPENDS on not only the quality of deck paint that you’re planning to use but also, many other factors.

Nonetheless, the type of paint does matter when it comes to the longevity of deck paint.

  • Acrylic paint would last for a year
  • Silane/siloxane sealer can last for a couple of years if not MORE
  • Urethane and polyurethane sealers can last for up to 10 years

Nevertheless, you also need to keep in mind that external factors such as the environment can also impact the lifespan of these paints.

How much does it cost to paint a concrete pool deck?

Definitely, a good question, indeed.

Frankly speaking, when I was just starting out, I too had a similar question in my mind, and unfortunately, there wasn’t much information available over the internet at that point in time.

However, today I’m in a position to give you a rough estimate.

Painting a concrete pool deck may cost you somewhere around $800 to $1800.

You can consider $100 plus or minus depending on the deck paint that you’re opting for.

My estimate has taken the assumption that the price per gallon of deck paint would be somewhere around $65.

Where can I buy the pool deck paint?

It’s readily available both online as well as offline.

If you want to buy the deck paint offline then you can find it in the home improvement and pool accessory shop.

On the other hand, you can also buy it online at e-commerce stores such as Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, etc.

Well, choice and preference are yours.

How do you make stamped concrete not slippery?

There are quite a few methods to make stamped concrete not slippery.

However, I would be discussing here what has worked for me, and not the methods that turned out to be a big failure or irrelevant.

By using a thin coat of sealer you can control the slipperiness of the stamped concrete to a great extent.

Apply a thin coat of sealer as it would be less slippery.

Nonetheless, the most effective way that I’ve come across to tackle the slippery problem is mixing a non-skid additive with the sealer before applying it.

Some additives you might use include silica, glass beads, or polymer beads to give the sealer a gritty texture.


It’s A Wrap

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort to come up with this idiosyncratic superlative piece of information.

Moreover, if you loved our effort and wanna appreciate us then please do share this comprehensive pool deck paint buying guide with your friends, colleagues, and the ones who are in need of it.

Cutting long-story-short, let’s get back to the topic.

Frankly speaking, the term “best” isn’t absolute rather it’s relative and so what may be best for you might not be for me and vice-versa.

Nonetheless, all the pool deck paint that was made to our review list is of high quality and would last longer.

Trust me, you can opt for anyone from the top 10 best pool deck paint list, and you’ll never REGRET investing in it.

Definitely, high-quality pool deck paint is a must if you’re interested in enhancing the appearance of your deck along with its lifespan.

Lastly, do let us know, which is your favorite pool deck paint from our list.