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best inground pool pump review
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In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the best inground pool pumps available on the market.

Moreover, I’ll also guide you through some of the important parameters that you shouldn’t IGNORE when it comes to buying high-quality pool pumps.

Lastly, I would be responding to the queries related to the “best inground pool pump” in order to help you and my readers in narrowing down the options and finally find that one product that not only caters to your needs but also falls well within your budget.

Does it make sense?

But, before that, I would be needing a small help, all you need to do is to respond to the queries that I’m gonna ask you in a while.

So, what is your favorite pool pump brand?

How much are you willing to spend on highly-rated inground pool pumps?

Thank you, in advance for your response to the aforementioned questions.

Moving further, we would be having an in-depth discussion on all the ten inground pool pumps that were made to our list.

So, please be patient and read till the end in order to find the “value for money” pool pump.

best inground pool pumps

What Is The Best Inground Pool Pump For The Money?

To be honest, all the inground pool pumps that were made to our list are of high quality and worth your investment.

However, our core team has recommended the below-mentioned inground pool pumps as they have outperformed their competitors with a tangible margin in our evaluation process.

Moreover, we have been recommending these top-rated inground pool pumps to our clientele, and so far, the feedback and reviews have been as per our expectations.

At the same time, I’ll NOT deny the fact that some outliers do exist who weren’t happy with the product.

To be honest, the market is flooded with pool pump brands and models, and each one of them has their own claims so what actually happens to a newbie is that s/he gets confused because of the lack of product knowledge and finally end up buying either a very costly pool pump model or the one that doesn’t cater to his or her needs.

Well, that is not the case only with you or me but with most of the first-time buyers.

Do let us know in the comment section if you disagree with me.

What we actually did was that we assigned certain weightage to the parameters that we decided to use for evaluating some of the best inground pool pump models.

In case, you don’t know what parameters we’ve used then stay with us till the end as we would be having an in-depth discussion about each of these parameters in the “buying guide” section.

To make a conclusive decision, we summed up the marks that each pool pump model got against each evaluating parameter.

Cutting long-story-short, let’s see what these inground pool pump models have for you in the kitty.

Best 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump

Well, let’s have a quick look at some of the best 1.5 HP inground pool pumps available on the market.

Needless to say, all the 1.5 HP pumps that were made to our list are of high quality and you would never regret investing in them.

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump (Best Overall 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump)

Even before, I start talking about the Hayward SP2610X15, let me tell you, I would be a little biased about this product.

Yes, I know you guys are curious to know why am saying so, right?

Frankly speaking, I’ve been using SP2610X15 for a long-time and I’ve NOT tried any other pool pump in the recent past because of the quality of work and value that it brings to the table.

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Most of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that I’ve changed quite a few pool pumps before the landing of this little beast, and you know what, I’m more than happy to have it.

The Hayward SP2610X15 is a unique blend of reliability and performance which is definitely NOT easy to find, and I’m saying this after trying some of the most popular models available on the market.

Not only does it possesses robust construction and huge capacity but also comes with cost-effective design and technologically advanced features.

Moreover, irrespective of the shape, size, and type of your inground pools, you can use it with ease, and it would be wrong if I’ll take away the credit from the Noryl impeller which successfully produces higher flow rates at less horsepower.

In short, you can save a good lump sum on electricity bills in a long run.

You don’t have to worry at all about the heavy debris loads as the built-in load extender ribbing will ensure that the operation is smooth and hassle-free.

Similarly, strainer cover removal is made simple and easy with the help of exclusive swing-aside hand knobs.

If a quiet and cooler operation is your top priority then I would definitely bet high on this pool pump.

Because of its idiosyncratic superlative features and power-packed performance, it has definitely grabbed the eyeballs of many like me and you.

Not only does it comes with hassle-free air-flow ventilation but also a user-friendly design that makes it very easy for you to access all the internal parts.

At the same time, if you own a large pool and need a pump with an extra leaf-holding capacity then definitely, the SP2610X15 will suffice your needs with the help of a featured 110-cubic-inch basket.

On top of it, the machine also comes with a self-priming feature that will allow suction lift up to 10-feet above the water level.

The heat-resistant pump also comprises a mounting base which is definitely of great help in case you’re looking for stable and stress-free support which is versatile in the true sense.

Do I still need to convince you?

Like other power tools, it also comes with drawbacks and flaws, and it is really important that you should be aware of the same.

For me, the main drawback of this 1.5 HP pool pump is that it is highly expensive, and if you’re on a shoestring budget then definitely you can’t afford it.

In fact, some of my clients have also complained about the poor customer service.

Why Should I Buy Hayward SP2610X15?
  • Best 1.5 HP Pool Pump
  • Robust Construction, Uniquely Designed, and Cost-Effective
  • Flexible, Versatile, Powerful, and User-Friendly
  • Heat-Resistant, Industrial-Size, Heavy-Duty Pool Pump
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Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pump Pool Pump (Best Single Speed Inground Pool Pump)

Well, if you’ve owned a swimming pool for quite a few years, then I don’t think that I need to introduce the brand Hayward to you, right?

Anyways, for those who don’t know about Hayward, allow me to give a brief introduction about the brand before we dive deep into reviewing the W3SP2610X15 model offered by the brand Hayward.

Frankly speaking, Hayward is into the business much before I was born.

Yes, you heard it RIGHT.

The brand Hayward has been serving pool owners like you and me for 80 years and is definitely a well-establish and well-trusted brand worldwide.

Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pump Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

Moreover, the company is known for manufacturing cutting-edge technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide.

Cutting long-story-short, the W3SP2610X15 is a 1.5 HP single-speed pump known for its efficiency and performance.

Similar to the aforementioned pump, the heavy-duty 1.5 HP pump is known for its quieter, cooler, and hassle-free operation.

And, trust me, even though you’re a first-time user, you can easily operate this little beast without any professional help.

It also includes an extra-large basket for leaf holding purposes resulting in less frequent maintenance.

To be precise, you don’t need any specific tool at all for strainer cover removal as built-in swing-away hand knobs would do it effortlessly.

The thing I really admire about the Hayward across the pool pump models is the easy access to the internal components of the machine that really makes the service less time-consuming and hassle-free.

From the ease of installation to smooth operation, it is a constituent of all the ingredients that you might be looking for in a budget-friendly and compact inground pool pump.

So, what are you waiting for, huh?

Check Hayward W3SP2610X15 Price On Amazon

XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump (Best Budget Inground Pool Pump)

So, here I’m with one of the most affordable 1.5 HP inground pool pumps that you can afford even though you’re on a shoestring budget.

Unlike the aforementioned models, the XtremepowerUS 5280GPH falls under the “budget inground pump” category but it does mean that the brand has compromised on performance.

XtremepowerUS 1.5HP Inground Pool Pump 5280GPH 1.5" NPT Inlet/Outlet 220V Dual Speed

The 1.5 HP inground pool pump NOT only delivers a power-packed performance but also ensures that the operation is quieter, smoother, and hassle-free.

Moreover, the powerful motor does it work in the best possible way because of the presence of effective air-flow ventilation.

Frankly speaking, the strainer that it comes with is really HUGE and comes with an easy-open and quick lock system.

 On top of it, the manufacturer gives top priority to the safety measures, and as a result, the pump is ETL and UL certified which ensures that the necessary safety standards are met. 

In spite of the pump being highly affordable, it doesn’t compromise durability.

Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that the pump is made of corrosion-proof high-quality polymeric material so that it can last longer.

All in all, a great affordable pool pump that is worth the investment.

Check XtremepowerUS 1.5HP Inground Pool Pump 5280GPH Price On Amazon

Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump (Best Energy Efficient Inground Pool Pump)

So, here I come with yet another high-quality offering from the brand Hayward that is very unique in the sense that the manufacturer claims to help you save up to $1500 per year on energy costs.

In fact, I was NOT ready to buy this idea and when I heard it for the first time I thought it to be some sort of marketing strategy to gather the end customer attention.

Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 1.85 HP

But, since I’m a consultant, and KRA of my job profile also includes recommending genuine and affordable products.

So, I did extensive research and found that the claim was almost true.

Well, if you’re ready to invest a bit more then definitely the Hayward W3SP3206VSP is the pump you should opt for.

Within a year and a half, you can expect a saving of $1500 which is 30 to 40 more than the price of the pump.

Definitely, you’ll have to spend a little more RIGHT NOW and the benefits you can reap for years to come.

It comprises of a powerful permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled 1.85 HP motor that is known for expediting quieter, smooth, and hassle-free operation without compromising on reliability or durability.

Whether its dust, debris, or leaf removing them wouldn’t be a problem as the basket is really large and would definitely save you a good amount of time.

 The USP of W3SP3206VSP is the integrated programmable digital interface that gives you the feasibility and convenience of a 24-hour programmable clock resulting in simple, effortless yet effective operation. 

In short, technology does the work that it is meant for doing.

The installation process is newbie-friendly and less time-consuming.

The thing that really grabbed my eyeballs was the capability of this pump to detect priming failures, temperature extremes, and voltage fluctuations, and the best part is, it also provides automatic protection against such events.

On the downside, it is too expensive a variable speed inground pool pump that many of you can’t be able to afford.

But, it’s rightly said, you need to pay a premium price for getting premium service, isn’t it?

Check Hayward W3SP3206VSP Price On Amazon

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump (Best 1.5 HP Quiet Pool Pump)

The Pentair 340039 SuperFlo is definitely one of the few pool pumps that I would be opting for in case I’ve to replace my current pump.

And, yes, there are multiple reasons for it.

Personally, I’m a big admirer of SuperFlo pumps because I find class apart and the credit definitely goes to the 50 years of innovative hydraulic engineering.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump, 1½ Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase

Not only the Pentair 340039 is capable of moving the water efficiently for lower operating costs but also possesses super-quiet operation.

Well, with a decade of experience in this domain, I can affirm that SuperFlo is among the quietest pumps available on the market.

In layman language, the investment to performance ratio is very high.

Definitely, they aren’t the cheapest pool pumps on the market, but at the same time, lesser wear and tear, and longer lifespan would definitely mean a higher return on your investment.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

The innovative 1.5 HP pool pump comes with a superior internal flow design that not only reduces hydraulic noise but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free operation.

You can easily keep a track strainer basket and you don’t have to open it each time to ensure whether it is filled or NOT because the see-through lid would do the trick for you.

Furthermore, the pump is both UL/cUL listed and NSF certified.

Features such as thick-walled body parts, a heavy-duty motor, and highly engineered hydraulics set this little beast apart from even its closest competitor.

Lastly, the 38.7 lbs Pentair is compact, portable, and also has a smaller footprint so you can easily it can be easily dropped into a compact equipment pad.

All in all, a high-end inground pool pump that you’ll NEVER regret investing into.

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Best 2 HP Inground Pool Pump

Let’s discuss some of the best 2 HP inground pool pumps that made to our list.

I hope you’ll enjoy discussing each one of them.

Hayward W3SP3220EE TriStar Pool Pump

So, here I introduce to you a more powerful inground pool pump and could be a great fit if you own a larger size swimming pool.

To be honest, a 1.5 HP inground pool pump is more than sufficient in most of the cases still you can’t negate the specific requirement, right?

Hayward W3SP3220EE TriStar Pool Pump, 2 HP Full Rate

With maximum hydraulic efficiency and superior flow, the single-speed 2 HP pump is bound to deliver high-performance and I’m sure that it will match your expectation if NOT exceed them.

 If I’m not wrong the little beast is industry one of the most sought and energy-efficient pumps in its category, and as per the feedback that I’ve received from my clientele, it has time and again proved its mettle by outperforming more expensive and larger counterparts. 

Do let us know what you think about this idiosyncratic offering Hayward in the comment section, and we would also love to know your feedback if you’ve used or been using this particular model.

The heavy-duty pump is robustly constructed and uniquely designed for dynamic and smooth airflow in order to achieve quiet and cooler operation along with enhanced longevity.

In spite of you being a first-time user, you can easily expedite the installation process effortlessly.

On top of it, the beast basket would ensure that the waste such as debris and leaves are easily removed, and the best part is, the strainer basket is uniquely designed to be cleaned faster.

Check Hayward W3SP3220EE Price On Amazon

Pentair 340040 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

Definitely, Pentair is a brand I would love to talk about again and again because of the innovation and value that it brings to the product.

The Pentair 340040 is a high-performance single-speed pump and comes with a powerful 2 HP motor.

Pentair 340040 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump, 2 Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase

It goes without saying that the 2 HP pump is capable of pumping water high volume of water effortlessly, and most importantly, for lower operating costs.

Moreover, hydraulic noise is drastically reduced with the help of superior internal flow design resulting in a whisper-quiet operation.

The pump has a robust construction and also features thick walled body parts.

And, personally, I admire the highly engineered hydraulics.

The spacious strainer basket comes with a see-through lid to help you get rid of frequent cleaning needs.

In fact, you can save a good amount of time on cleaning and you should definitely be thankful for the basket size and the see-through lids.

Don’t worry, you’ll NOT face an issue with starting the pump as it comprises of self-priming feature which is definitely beneficial for beginners’.

Since the pump is UL/cUL listed and NSF certified so you can definitely trust the claim made by the brand.

 Lastly, the silent running capability, powerful motor, and small footprint are some of the features that really grabbed my eyeballs and forced me to recommend this superlative yet affordable masterpiece to my clientele as well as readers of the 

So, what are you waiting for?

Check Pentair 340040 Price On Amazon

XtremepowerUS 75035-1 2 HP Self Prime in/Above Ground Swimming 2″ NPT Fitting ETL Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUS 75035-1 is a self-prime 2 HP pump that can be used for both inground as well as the above-ground purposes, and the best part is, 75035-1 comes at an affordable price.

In spite of the pump falling in an affordable category, it doesn’t compromise with the durability or longevity, and this was made possible with the help of corrosion-free polymer material that was used in constructing this little beast.

XtremepowerUS 75035-1 2 HP Self Prime in/Above Ground Swimming 2" NPT Fitting ETL Pool Pump, Black

As per the feedback from my clientele, I can very well affirm that the pump has a quieter and smooth operation along with effective airflow ventilation.

In case, you’re not aware of the brand XtremepowerUS then allow me to throw some light on it.

The XtremepowerUS is a well-known household name in the swimming pool segment and is known for manufacturing a cost-effective pump for the pool.

Moreover, the pump is highly appreciated by my client for its compatibility with solar heating and in-floor cleaning system.

If you’re looking for a “budget 2 HP inground pool pump” then you can try this model as it comprises all the essential features that you might be looking for in your favorite inground pump.

The set-up process is easy and you can expedite it without any professional help.

Check XtremepowerUS 75035-1 Price On Amazon

Best 2.5 HP Inground Pool Pump

In case, you’re looking for a more powerful inground pool pump than the aforementioned pump models then definitely I’ve some extremely high-quality high-performance pumps for you.

Hayward SP3400VSPVR Ecostar 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, Energy Star Certified

Frankly speaking, Hayward SP3400VSPVR is one of the most powerful inground pool pumps that I’ve come across in the recent past.

In fact, features like variable speed, certification from energy star, superlative hydraulic design, etc make it a perfect choice for anyone who is really looking for a beast sort of pump and owns a medium to large size pool.

Moreover, the pump is uniquely designed in such a way that you don’t have to waste your time either cleaning the strained basket or removing leaves and debris from it.

Hayward SP3400VSPVR Ecostar 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, Energy Star Certified

In fact, the inground pump is meant to help you with saving your time for other important tasks.

I don’t think you’re gonna find an overheating issue with this variable speed pump as it possesses totally enclosed fan-cooled motor.

In spite of you being a newbie, you would be comfortable with operating this variable speed pump and the credit goes to the multi-position digital control interface.

On top of it, the pump comprises an integrated programmable controller with a 24-hour clock to help you expedite the operation smoothly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, 8 custom speed and timer functions add to the versatility and flexibility.

Since the inground pool pump is eco-star certified so you can expect it to save you up to 90 percent on energy costs as compared to other ordinary and cheap single-speed pool pumps.

In short, if you’re ready to invest upfront you would be reaping the benefits for years to come.

The manufacturer also gives priority to safety measures and so have inculcated automatic protection feature to deal with priming failures, temperature extremes, voltage spikes, and brownouts in an effective way.

The package includes a digital control interface wall-mount kit, and the auto-priming capability is also something to brag about as it claims a suction lift up to 10-feet above water level.

All in all, a powerful and energy-efficient pool pump that I would love to recommend to my clientele as well as readers of this blog.

But, at the same time, it is equally important to understand that it is highly expensive as compared to some budget-friendly pumps.

Check Hayward SP3400VSPVR Price On Amazon

Pentair 011775 WhisperFlo High-Performance Standard Efficiency Single Speed Up Rated Pool Pump

The other 2.5 HP inground pump that was made to our reviewing list is none other than the Pentair 011775.

The pump is compatible with most of the cleaning systems including filters and jet action spas.

On top of it, the heavy-duty pump has a robust construction and is designed to last longer as compared to the cheap inground pool pumps.

Pentair 011775 WhisperFlo High Performance Standard Efficiency Single Speed Up Rated Pool Pump, 2 1/2 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase

It is well-known for its smooth, quiet, and hassle-free operation.

In spite of you being a beginner, you’ll not face any problem with the operation as all control units are easily accessible.

The oversized debris basket helps you to save some time when it comes to cleaning leaves, dust, etc.

All in all, a powerful pool pump that will take care of your medium and larger pools effortlessly.

On the downside, the pump is relatively costly and wouldn’t be a perfect fit if you’re on a tight budget.

Check Pentair 011775 Price On Amazon

Best 3 HP Inground Pool Pump

In case, you’re exclusively looking for a 3 HP inground pool pump then definitely I’ve something really good to offer you.

Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF High-Performance Pump

Well, if the aforementioned pumps wouldn’t suffice your pool needs then I’ve got a very powerful pump for you, and I hope that it will match your expectation with fail.

The Pentair 011012 comprises a 3 HP motor and is also energy star certified which in simple terms means that it will save you a good amount of money on energy cost and would thus be a good investment in the long.

Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF High Performance Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase - Energy Star Certified

If you operate the pump for a longer duration then definitely my advice would be to try this highly energy-efficient machine.

You might not be aware of the fact that it comes with automatic monitoring capabilities and thus makes the adjustment as per the pool conditions resulting in extended service life.

In fact, it comes with some really cool software that will automatically calculate as well as program the minimum flow requirement for most of the pool tasks including filtering, heating, cleaning, etc.

Another interesting thing about this innovation-driven pump is that it will self-adjust to maintain optimal flow rates whenever you’ll change the task leading to further energy savings.

All in all, a high-quality pump that you should try in case technology and innovation entices you.

Check Pentair 011012 Price On Amazon

Best 1 HP Inground Pool Pump

Well, even though you’re on a shoestring budget you don’t have to get disheartened, here I come with some affordable inground 1 HP pool pumps for you.

Pentair 340038 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

Till now, we’ve discussed quite a few inground pool pump models from the brand Pentair.

To be precise, the Pentair 340038 is a high-performance single-speed pool pump that comprises a 1 HP motor.

Pentair 340038 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump, 1 Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase

No doubt, the pump has a robust construction and operates smoothly and quietly but at the same time, you also need to understand that this particular inground pump model from the brand Pentair might not be a great choice if you’re an owner of a medium or large size pool pump.

Another thing that might be a cause of concern is the single-speed which simply means that you’re gonna pay a good lump-sum in the form of an electricity bill every month.

So, if you’re NOT on a shoestring budget then definitely I would suggest you should go for at least a 1.5 HP inground pool pump.

Again, it’s my suggestion rest is your call.

On the product front, the brand has done a great job as usual and there is no doubt about it.

In spite of you being a beginner, you’ll not face any problem in either starting the pump or operating it.

Furthermore, the self-priming feature would help you with a quick start.

Not only that but also credit goes to the oversized basket which makes cleaning a cakewalk because of its see-through lid and size.

It also features thick walled body parts and highly engineered hydraulics to help you expedite the entire process without any hassle.

Of course, the brand is known to manufacture some of the quietest pool pumps on the market and it was made possible because of the superior interior design that it comes with.

All in all, a complete package from a very small pool.

Check Pentair 340038 Price On Amazon

Hayward W3SP2605X7 Super Pump Pool Pump

The W3SP2605X7 is a single-speed 0.75 HP pool pump known for its durability and efficiency.

Moreover, the heavy-duty inground pool pump comprises a high-performance motor to help you achieve a smooth and hassle-free outcome.

Hayward W3SP2605X7 Super Pump Pool Pump, 0.75 HP

Not only that but also the quieter and cooler operation is achieved with the help of adequate airflow ventilation.

You don’t have to worry too much about the cleanliness, dust, and debris as the extra-large basket with added leaf holding capacity would help you in reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Another good thing about this inground pump model is that you can easily access the internal components and so servicing the pump wouldn’t be a tedious or time-consuming task for you.

Check Hayward W3SP2605X7 Price On Amazon

Best Inground Pool Pump | Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we would be discussing some of the important parameters that would help you to get a conclusive answer to the question, how to choose the best inground pool pump?

However, it is my humble request to you that don’t skip this section especially if you’re just a beginner.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

Pool Size

Well, the probability is very high that if you own a pool then you must be knowing the size of it, right?

The reason why I’m saying this is that all the pumps don’t work equally well with the bigger pools.

Unfortunately, a misfit can drastically reduce the lifespan of even the newly bought pump.

For example, if you bought a very powerful pump for your small size pool then also you’ve NOT done justice to the pump selection as in such a scenario the pump will consume more electricity leading to more electricity bills.

What I really mean is to buy the pump that suits the size of your pool.

You should be well-versed with the size of your pool and the gallons that it is capable of holding.


Before we discuss the term speed, I’m really curious to know how often do you filter all your pool water.

Well, as a thumb rule, we need to filter the pool water every 8 to 10 hours irrespective of the size of the pool.

So, you need a pump that is powerful enough to handle the right amount of water without fail.

The best way to find the right speed for your pump is to ask yourself the right question such as how many gallons per minute the pump I’m considering can move.

Unfortunately, if you bought an underpowered pump then chances are very high that it will tear soon, and also your pool would be facing problem-related to cleanliness on a frequent basis.

In layman’s language, it’s simple mathematics, isn’t it?

First, you need to find out the capacity of your pool in terms of gallons.

And, then you need to find out, how many gallons per minute can the pumps that you’re considering be capable of moving?

Sound Quality

To be honest, almost all the inground pool pump models that we reviewed so far produce very less amount of noise.

But, at the same time, “quietness” is a relative term and what may seem to be a quiet operation might be louder for you and vice-versa.

So, if you’re looking for a whisper-quiet pool pump then I would urge you to read a comprehensive buying guide on the quietest pool pumps.

Cutting long-story-short, I wouldn’t deny the fact that some of the aforementioned pumps are quieter as compared to others.

And, of course, a whisper-quiet inground pool pump model would be costlier as compared to one that makes tangible noise.

If your neighbors have windows near your pool then definitely a quiet pump becomes a necessity and NOT luxury, isn’t it?

Idiosyncratic Features

Do you want a technology-driven feature-rich inground pool pump or do you want a simple and affordable pump?

Frankly speaking, both come with their own pros and cons.

But, at last, it is you who has to decide what is your requirement and what suits your budget best.

For example, for a small-size pool, I always look for a simple and affordable inground pump.

On the other hand, I recommend a high-end pump to my clients whose pool possesses lots of accessories such as a water heater, etc.


Whether it’s an inground pool pump or any other product, the budget is definitely a parameter that is known to influence the buying decision.

So, the best thing that you can do is to jot down your requirement and find the pump that caters to the same.

Meanwhile, you should also keep in mind that a more efficient pump may cost you more upfront but in the long run it will pay you way more than a cheap inground pool pump.

I hope that after going through this comprehensive buying guide on the “best inground pool pump”, you would be able to find the best pump for your budget.


In most of my product review posts, I’ve emphasized the warranty.

Well, I’m repeating it AGAIN…

Look for the product that comes with a longer warranty duration as it shows the confidence of the manufacturer in its offering.

At the same time, I highly suggest that you should REFRAIN from buying an inground pool pump that doesn’t come with at least a year’s warranty.

Up-Rated or Full Rated?

If you’re a first-time buyer then you might not be aware of the fact that a pump motor is classified using two pieces of information, that is, Horsepower (HP), and Service Factor (SF).

You can easily find them on the pump that you’re planning to buy.

So, what is an up-rated pump?

A pump is “up-rated” based on the SF multiplier.

For example, it is quite possible that a 3/4 HP up-rated motor means exactly the same as a 1 HP full-rated motor.

Moreover, a manufacturer can change the SF on a motor and classify it as two different HPs.

So, it is highly advisable that you multiply the SF WITH HP to find the real horsepower.

In layman’s language, you would be able to compare a banana with a banana rather than an apple with a banana.

Should I buy a single-speed, two-speed, or multiple-speed inground pool pump?

It is totally acceptable that when you’re buying an inground pool pump for the first time, you might be sort of skeptical as to which one should you opt for, the same happened to me quite a few years ago.

If I’ve to say, this is yet another effective way to save money running your pool pump.

The two-speed and variable-speed pool pumps are designed to run at a slower speed during regular pump running hours but at the same time, these pumps have the ability to turn it up a notch to run water features, cleaners, pop-ups, therapy, etc.

So, as a result, you need to pay only for the speed that you need.

On the other hand, a single-speed pump runs at the same horsepower all the time irrespective of whether it is needed or NOT resulting in a waste of electricity.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose you bought a single-speed 2 HP inground pool pump, but you only needed 3/4 HP or 1 HP to run properly during circulation hours.

Since you’ve got a water feature that needed extra horsepower to work properly so you bought a 2 HP motor pump.

But, unfortunately, a lot of energy would get wasted during the time the water feature isn’t operating.

And, this all happened because your pump is a single-speed and you don’t have the option to either increase or decrease horsepower.

The aforementioned problem was solved by both 2-speed and variable pumps which run at a slower speed when the circulation process is getting expedited and can easily switch over to higher horsepower as per the demand.

I hope the above explanation would’ve made clear what type of inground pool pump should you opt for.

Flow Rate

Frankly speaking, the flow rate is definitely one of the important factors that you can’t afford to ignore when it comes to buying an effective inground pool pump.

Moreover, the flow rate can be defined as the number of gallons that the device turns over each minute.

That is why it is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

The important aspect of flow rate is that it directly impacts the turnover.

In case, you don’t know what turnover is, then allow me to define it for you.

The turnover is the minimum amount of time it takes for the entire volume of water in your swimming pool to go through the pool’s filter.

In general, the turnover required for a pool of standard size is typically 6, 8, or 12 hours.

For calculating the optimal flow rate, you need to consider one of the aforementioned turnover times.

In order to calculate the optimal flow rate for your pool, you need to divide the pool’s volume (in gallons) by the turnover rate (in minutes).

And, the result would be an ideal flow rate for your pool in GPM.

Sturdiness and Durability

Look for inground pool pumps that have robust construction, and also ensure that the internal parts not only have easy access but are also made from non-corrosive sturdy metals.

The benefits of a non-corrosive metal are that it wouldn’t get damaged by the chemicals in the pool water and also by abrasive debris.

Also, make sure that the pump you’re planning to buy has thick plastic walls that provide an additional protective layer against the surrounding.

Best Way to Set up an Inground Pool Pump for the Beginners

So, I’m assuming that you’re done with buying the best inground pool pump, and now it turns to install it successfully.

To be honest, the installation process may vary depending on the brand and the model.

But, what we’re gonna discuss now would help you understand the general process so that you can mitigate the errors that may occur during the installation process.

  • First and foremost, you need to turn off the electricity to your old pump at the breaker box
  • After that, you need to disconnect the water lines, and it might involve cutting the PVC pipe that leads to your old pump
  • Once you’ve removed the water lines, all you need to do is to disconnect the power adapter and remove the old pump from the setting. Are we on the same page?
  • Now, the new inground pool pump comes into the picture. You need to place your new inground pool pump in the place where the old one was present. Moving further, connect the water lines to your new pump. In case, the requirement prevails of cutting PVC pipes, adding PVC sealant to them, and screwing into the pump’s intake hose
  • You need to use PVC cement to seal the ends of the connecting hoses. Then, use a screw-on compression ring and connect the pump to your pool’s return system
  • Moving further, the old pipe should be removed that runs to the filter. Now, it’s time to connect the new pump and the pool filter with the help of a PVC adhesive
  • Lastly, you need to reconnect the power supply and turn the electricity on at the breaker ONLY AFTER all pipes have been fit and the sealant has been dried

Well, my last advice to you would be to take professional help in case you feel that the aforementioned steps are complicated.

Meanwhile, you also need to understand that every pump installation would work a little differently so the best friend to help you out would be none other than the user manual.

Just for your information, certain inground pool pump models require professional installation to be considered for warranty so carefully check and then ONLY PROCEED.

Inground Pool Pump Vs. Above Ground Pool Pump

In this section, I would be discussing some of the key differentiating factors to help you get a better understanding of the two.

The main differentiating factor between an inground pool pump and its above-ground counterpart is that the former comes with a “self-priming” feature which means that it has the ability to lift water vertically.

On the other hand, the above-ground pool pump comes with a feature called “flooded suction”, and gravity and atmospheric pressure are feeding the pump without requiring a lot of suction or vacuum pressure.

Most of the inground pool pumps are 2-3 feet above the water level and sometimes even higher.

Another significant difference between the two is the flow rate.

In fact, above-the-ground pool pumps are designed to produce flow rates of 30-60 GPM whereas inground pool pumps can produce 75-150 GPM.

Pool Size and Minimum Flow Rate Chart

Pool Size (US Gallons)Turnover (Hours)Minimum Flow Rate (GPM)

Pentair IntelliFlo VS. Hayward EcoStar

Pentair IntelliFloHayward EcoStar
Great reputation for both reliability and longevityGood reputation with some exceptions of reported issues with controller
Sealed permanent magnetic motorSealed permanent magnetic motor
Runs up to 3 HPRuns up to 2.7 HP
8 pre-programmed speed options8 pre-programmed speed options
Less energy efficient at lower speedsMore energy efficient at lower speeds


Trust me, I’ll try to the best of my capabilities to help you clear your doubts related to the “best inground pool pumps” so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Can I use an above-ground pool pump on an inground pool?

Definitely, you can use an above-ground pool pump on an inground pool but there is a limitation to it.

As long as the pump is at or below the pool level water, and the pool that you own is smaller in size.

Whether you use an inground or an above-ground pool pump makes really any difference if the pump is able to turn over all of the water in 8-10 hours, and is able to reach (but not exceed) the pool filter Design Flow Rate.

How many hours a day should you run your inground pool pump?

Well, the inground pool pump should run for an average of 8 hours a day in order to properly clean and circulate water.

However, it is equally important that your inground pool pump should be able to push your entire pool in gallons during this 8 hours duration.

How long does the inground pool pump last?

A typical inground pool pump motor would last at least 5 years before you’ll find a need to either rebuild or replace it.

On average, an inground pool pump lasts for 8 to 10 years.

The noisy, screeching front and/ or rear bearings would be the first ones to tell you that it’s high time that you replace the pump.

Which is the best inground pool pump?

Well, the short answer would be DEPENDS.

Folks! try to understand that the term “best” is relative and what may be best for me might not be best for you and vice-versa.

However, if you’re really excited to know my preferences then check out my favorite inground pool pump. (Check Current Price On Amazon)

It’s A Wrap

First of all, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Frankly speaking, I and my team have put loads and loads of effort to come up with this comprehensive buying guide on the best inground pool pump and I hope you would’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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To be honest, all the inground pool pumps that were made to our list are of high quality and you’ll never regret buying one.

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