Do Foam Bass Traps Work

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Do foam bass traps work

Well, in this post, I’ll try to give a logical explanation to your query. I’ll also discuss the Pros, Cons, and alternatives of bass traps. It has been a long journey as a soundproof consultant. I started my career in this domain when soundproofing was just evolving. Of course, at that time, noise pollution wasn’t a big issue. Time has … Read More

Auralex Bass Traps Review

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Auralex bass traps review

I’ll walk you through the various parameters that you need to consider for a smart buy. There are four product variants that are made to our list of best Auralex bass traps. Auralex: A Brief Introduction Trihedral( two walls and ceiling/floor) junctions are considered “hot spots” when it comes to installing the bass traps. Especially for the LF issues, they … Read More

Best Bass Traps For Home Studio And Small Rooms

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best bass traps

I’ll walk you through the best bass traps available on the market, and the things that you need to consider for a smart buying, and also, I’ll also try to answer FAQs related to Bass Traps I hope most of you’ll agree with the statement, “Acoustic foam is an excellent soundproofing tool”. Furthermore, most of my clients have confusion regarding … Read More