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shower valve height
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In this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of a shower valve height in order to help you make an informed decision.

Moreover, I’ll also be responding to queries related to topics such as the height of the shower valve, shower valve height standard, etc.

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Types of Valves and Their Typical Operating Sizes

shower valve height

Height of Shower Valve

  • The standard shower valve height for a shower stall is 2 feet 4 inches or 28 inches.
  • For a shower set in a bathtub, the shower valve height is 4 feet or 48 inches.

Make sure to set a shower head at least 72 inches high. These distances are measured from the floor of your bathroom or the shower pan upwards.

The height of a shower valve depends on other parameters as well.

For example, the height of a shower valve will vary depending on whether it is set in a bathtub or in a shower stall.

Shower Set in Bathtubs

The tub shower valve height is 28 inches, that is, 2 feet and 4 inches from the floor for a shower set in a bathtub.

Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that for this type of valves, height is often low given that they connect to both the tap and the shower.

It goes without saying that you also have to reach the valve when in the bathtub and hence the height is low.

Also, the tub spout height should be 4 inches above the top edge of the tub’s surface.

In fact, it helps in providing 2 inch of air gap above the overflow rim of the tub when it’s completely filled.

Showers Set in a Shower Stall

The standard shower valve height for a shower set in a stall is approximately 4 feet or 48 inches.

For sure, this shower handle height is good for users irrespective of whether they are standing or sitting on a chair.

In simple words, the right height for your shower fittings is very important as it ensures that you don’t face any problems when using your bathroom fixtures.

In layman’s terms, the shower valve height from the floor should be such that both the tallest and shortest person in the house can enjoy it equally and the same holds true for other fixtures as well.

height of a shower valve

Heights for Shower Fittings

Fixture Height from shower pan (inches)
Shower valve In bathtubs – 28
In shower stall – 48
Showerhead 72 or more
Shower grab bars 36 to 42
Shower tap20

Shower Grab Bars Height

If I’m not wrong then horizontal shower grab bars are mounted at a height that falls between 36 and 42 inches from the shower pan for the disabled.

Moreover, grab bars in the shower are installed at an angle that falls in the range of 30 and 45 degrees in order to maintain proper safety.

Shower Tap Height

Shower taps should be 20 inches from the shower pan.

As per my knowledge, I can affirm that they are the lowest of the fixtures in the bathroom.

Showerhead Height

The minimum height of showerheads is 72 inches from the shower pan.

If needed, you can set it higher if there is someone taller in your family.

For the maximum height for your showerhead, the best thing that you can do is to use a rainfall showerhead which you can install on the roof of your bathroom.

However, if you want to install different showerheads for people with different heights then you can do so by using a handheld showerhead.

Adjustable Height Shower Valve

Installing a shower valve with adjustable height can be a good idea as it ensures that you can use the shower for all parts of the body without the need to engage the shower too much with your hands.

Let’s have a quick look at some methods that will help you in creating an adjustable height shower valve.

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Screw Height Adjustment

The screws that hold your current shower valve are used to hold the new adjustable valve while providing room for adjustment.

Nail Height Adjustment

The nail height adjustment is a very effective method and can be expedited in an epigrammatic span of time in a hassle-free manner.

First and foremost, you need to grind your existing valve down and then put in a valve with the correct replacement screws.

Moving further, you need to replace the plate that the current valve sits on with a height-adjustable plate designed for your showerhead or even faucet.

Henceforth, I don’t think height adjustment should be an issue for you as you can do it on your own as per your requirement.

Self Adjusting Mechanism

It goes without saying that the self-adjusting mechanism will do the trick for you as it will not only enhance convenience but also usability.

The adjustable shower valve that is equipped with this mechanism can move up and down in sync with the height of the showerhead.

In simple words, the main purpose of this mechanism is to eliminate the need for the adjustment of the showerhead and valve independently.

Manually Operated Mechanism

For the manually operated mechanism shower valve, a mechanical inverter or a hand tool is used to raise or lower the valve to an appropriate height as per your requirement.

Commercial Adjustable Valves

Some commercial shower valves allow for the installation of the adjustable valve onto the wall which overcomes the issue of the manual installation on the current setup.

At the same time, you need to understand that most such adjustments can be installed only by a professional plumber since they entail delicate details.

Distance Between Shower Fittings

The distance between shower fittings depends to a large extent on the fixture’s uses and this distance needs to be accurate as it determines the length of the pipes to use between the fixtures.

Let’s understand it this way.

When the shower head is 72 inches high and the valve is 48 inches high, the piping between them will be 24 inches or 2 feet.

On the other hand, when the shower head is 72 inches high and the valve is 28 inches high, the piping distance will be 44 inches or 3 feet and 8 inches.

At the same time, you need to ensure that the hot and cold water handles should be 8 inches apart in such a way that one is 4 inches to the right of the valve while the other one is also 4 inches to the left of the valve.

Moreover, there should be 6 inches between the center of the spout to the bottom end of the valve body.

In simple words, each time you move the shower head or other fixtures, the distance between them changes as well.

Factors That Determines The Distance Between Shower Fittings

Let’s have a quick look at some important factors that determine the distance between shower fittings.

Local Codes

I’m sure most of my readers would be aware of the fact that local codes differ from one area of jurisdiction to the next.

For example, some areas require the showerhead to be 72 inches high while others require it to be at 76 inches from the shower pan.

At the same time, you must understand that some codes are definitely more flexible, and as a result, allows for different heights and distances between fixtures in the bathroom.

Personal Choices

Needless to say, your situation and choice can also determine how much distance you should provide between bathroom fixtures.

Shower valve height codes such as the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Shower Valve Measurements Requirements also come into play in this situation. 

You might be wondering what if someone is taller than 72 inches in my house?

In such a rare case scenario, you can adjust the height to accommodate the tallest person in your family.

All I want to say is, whatever adjustments you make to your plumbing system, don’t forget to consider the local codes to ensure you adhere to them at all levels.

Failing to do so may do more bad than good to you as the probability is very high that you’ll end up landing yourself in problems with the authorities.


In this section, I’ll be responding to queries related to shower valve height in order to help you make an informed decision.

In case, I’ve not answered your queries, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner that I could.

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What is the height of a shower valve for shower only?

The height of a shower valve for shower only should be in the range of 36 and 48 inches from the floor.

What is the ADA height for the shower valve?

The controls shall be placed in an area between 38-48 inches above the floor.

Moreover, the controls and spray unit shall be within 18 inches of the front of the shower.

What is the standard shower valve?

The standard type is a twin thermostatic valve.

It consists of two handles.

The first one is for controlling temperature and the second one is for turning the water flow on and off.

Are shower valves standard size?

In simple words, the standard size of a shower valve depends on whether you have got a shower inside a bathtub or a shower stall.

The standard size of your shower valve should be 28 inches for the bathroom floor in case of a tub.

For a shower stall, it should be higher at 48 inches from the floor.

What is the height of the shower panel installation?

The ideal height for the installation of the overhead shower head should be approximately 12″-18″ above the person showering.

What are the different types of shower valves?

There are mainly three types of shower valves, that is, pressure balancing shower valve, thermostatic shower valve, and diverter shower valve.

What is the standard valve operating height?

Horizontally installed valves 8″ (200 mm) and larger – maximum height to the centerline of the handwheel shall be 1.95m.

What is a two-way shower valve?

2-way shower valves are popularly known as 2-outlet shower valves and are used for connecting two outlets so that users can shower using different fixtures or fittings.

A two-way shower valve package includes an overhead shower head paired with a shower handset and hose kit.

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