Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33" Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review
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It goes without saying that the brand doesn’t need any introduction and is definitely, a valuable investment that will pay you off in the long run.

In layman’s terms, the Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is equipped with almost all the essential ingredients that you might be looking for in your favorite farmhouse sink.

Before we move further, I take the opportunity to reveal the fact that Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is one of the most popular and sought-after farmhouses sinks among our clients.

Disclaimer: I personally owned Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ for more than a year and the good news is, this idiosyncratic superlative sink has not only met my expectation but has exceeded it in the real sense.

Trust me, I’m not boasting about this sink rather I’m only saying what I’ve experienced in the last 13 months.

Before we dive deep into the discussion, please allow me to share the ratings that Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ has received from our core team as well as the clientele on various evaluation parameters.

These ratings can help you to compare this farmhouse sink with its competitors and thus, make an informed purchase decision.

Does it make sense?

FeaturesIzzySmartHomeGuide.Com Core Team RatingIzzySmartHomeGuide.Com Clients’ Rating
Brand Value4.5/54.9/5
Ease Of Use4.2/54.8/5
Value For Money4.1/54.9/5
Will You Recommend It Or NotYESYES
Ruvati Verona Rating

Why Should I Buy Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″?

Well, there are numerous reasons that make Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is one of the best in its league.

Not only is it equipped with idiosyncratic superlative features but also is a value-for-money farmhouse sink.

The sink has an interior dimension of 30″ (wide) x 16″ (front-to-back) x 10″ (bowl depth) which is more than enough to inculcate large and bulky utensils.

So, cleaning even the biggest utensils of your kitchen is possible and hassle-free, thanks to the 36″ wider base cabinet.

The Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is a versatile sink that comes with a 3.5″ drain opening compatible with most garbage disposal units.

So, in terms of compatibility, the sink has performed fairly well during our evaluation process.

On top of it, the sink is backed by a lifetime limited warranty which clearly depicts the trust and confidence of the manufacturer in its offering.

Trust me, not all kitchen sinks come with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned professional, I can assure you that the installation process will not cause trouble, thanks to the clearly explained installation guide.

To be honest, all the credit goes to the installation guide, the instructions are so simple and easy that anyone can expedite the installation process on their own.

However, if you’re not confident about expediting the installation process on your own then the best thing that you can do is to contact a certified technician to do the installation on your behalf.

Many of you might be astonished to know that a lot of things are included in the package that you get with Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ including Cutting Board, Colander, Roll-up Rack, Bottom Rinse Grid, Basket Strainer, Drain Assembly, and Installation Guide, interesting, isn’t it?

If you’ve been facing condensation problems with your last sink then you must opt for Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink as a thick & premium-quality rubber padding is right in place to deal with condensation problems if any.

If you’ve got kids and pets in your house who get irritated with the irritating sound that most of the utensils produce when you dump them in your kitchen sink, then I’ve got a piece of good news for you.

In fact, the Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink comes with a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating that will minimize the noise caused due to utensils falling in the sink.

Unlike cheap quality sinks, the apron-front RVH9200 33″ comes with an appropriate sloped bottom that will help you in complete water drainage.

Furthermore, cleaning the sink is also quick, easy, and hassle-free, thanks to the slightly curved corners that it comes with.

The commercial-grade brushed finish helps in dealing with daily tear and wear as well as keeps the sink shining for years to come.

When it comes to robust construction and durability, the Ruvati Verona steals the show, thanks to the 16 GAUGE Premium T-304 Grade Stainless Steel.

The RVH9200 is a premium-quality sink that comes with a single-tier track.

As mentioned earlier also, the brushed finish is the highlight of this kitchen sink as it keeps scratches at bay.

What I really adore about RVH9200 is that it can be easily converted into a workstation every time you want.

Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ Pros & Cons

Let’s have a quick look at both pros and cons of Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″.

By having a piece of good knowledge about Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ or any other product in general, making a purchase decision becomes easy.


  • Can be easily converted into a workstation
  • Comprise of T304 grade Stainless steel
  • Basket strainer
  • Roll up dish drying rack
  • Includes cutting board of Sapele wood (African Mahogany)


  • Converting into a workstation can be problematic at times in case you’re not well-versed with the process

Things That We Liked About Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″

So, here are a couple of things that we REALLY LIKED about this premium quality kitchen sink.


It goes without saying, the quality of the sink is superlative and at par with other top-notch premium quality kitchen sinks.

Since the RVH9200 33″ is made of 16 gauge T304 grade premium stainless steel (18/10 chromium/nickel) so you can expect it to be both rust-free and stain-free.

On top of it, what makes RVH9200 33″ so special is its ability to hide minor scratches, thanks to its brushed finish.


Well, the RVH9200 33″ is a workstation sink with a single-tier track.

Furthermore, its overhanging lips in the front as well as back act as a track for sliding the cutting board, colander dish dying roll rack up, and converting the sink into a workstation.

In layman’s terms, it helps to reduce the time in the kitchen.

Noise Reduction

Of course, its ability to absorb unwanted noise gives it a lead over the competitor.

Noise absorption is a unique feature that only a few kitchen sinks have in the REAL SENSE, and fortunately, RVH9200 33″ is one of them.

In fact, a heavy-duty SOUND GUARD UNDERCOATING is right in place to deal effectively with noise reduction.


The sink comes with an appropriate slope that makes cleaning a breeze.

Accumulation of food particles, debris, and specks of dirt is rare.

In fact, the sink comes with 4 drain grooves on the bottom of the sink that helps to channel water towards the drain and as a result, your sink remains clean and dry most of the time.

Roll-Up Rack

The Ruvatio Verona is equipped with a roll-up rack which makes it a versatile accessory in the true sense.

And, the best part is, the roll-up rack is constructed with stainless steel bars and a flexible silicone frame so durability isn’t a big deal at all.

In case of scarcity of space, you can easily fold or roll it and store it in a tight and compact space.

It is strong enough to hold dishes, pots, and pans and thus, keeps the dishwasher safe.


The sink comes with a 10 mm radius inside corners that offers a slightly curved corner for easy and quick cleaning without compromising the modern look.

Its’ ledge on the front and back is used as a track for sliding accessories.

It’s A Wrap

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort in coming up with this idiosyncratic superlative piece of information on the topic Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″.

And, in case, you liked our effort and want to appreciate us then please do share this post with like-minded people and the ones who are searching for it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, the Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is definitely one of the best farmhouse kitchen sinks that I’ve come across in recent times.

It is durable, flexible, and long-lasting.

Last but not least, the Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ is a value for money product that you’ll never REGRET investing into.

That’s all, as of now :):)

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