Kitchen Sink Reglazing: How Much Does It Cost To Reglaze A Kitchen Sink

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How much does it cost to reglaze a kitchen?

Let’s find out…

Well, in this post, I would be responding to the queries related to reglazing a kitchen in order to help you in the best possible way that we could.

Frankly speaking, giving you an exact number wouldn’t be possible as glazing depends on numerous parameters.

So, what we’ll do is present to you the national average which will give you a rough estimating of a kitchen sink glazing costing.

What is the national average cost to reglaze a sink?

The cost to reglaze a sink falls in the range of $25 and $30.

Moreover, the cost for labor and materials for 1 glazing would fall in the range of $700 and $1000.

Let’s have a quick look at the national average cost to reglaze a sink.

National Average Materials Cost Per Glazing – $26.27

National Avg. Cost (labor and materials) For 1 Glazing – $685.03

Is Reglazing a sink worth it?

Definitely, reglazing a sink is worth it, and numerous benefits are attached to it.

As per the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the lifespan of a porcelain sink falls in the range of 5 and 20 years.

I know quite a few of you would be inquisitive to know the reasons behind such huge variations in the lifespan, right?

Well, here comes the importance of proper and regular maintenance.

A properly maintained porcelain sink would last longer and vice-versa.

By reglazing your sink, you can restore its original look & feel, functionality, and most importantly, enhance its lifespan.

In other words, reglazing NOT only keeps your kitchen sink watertight and protects it from staining but also provides an attractive shining finish.

When should I reglaze my sink?

An important question, indeed…!

Over a period of time, your porcelain sink will start showing signs of aging irrespective of whether you’re using it in your kitchen or bathroom.

The best thing that you can do is to replace it with a newer one.

Another feasible solution is to reglaze it.

Let’s find out in which all scenarios reglazing would do the trick for your porcelain sink.


In case, your sink is perfect by all means other than heavy staining.

In such a scenario, reglazing can give you good results.

Once your porcelain sink is reglazed, the probability is very high that the original appearance would be restored and damage caused due to staining could be minimized.

So, in the case of porcelain sink discoloration, you can opt for reglazing rather than buying a new sink.


Irrespective of the types of sink you’re using, it is a known fact that over a period of time, the surface of your sink will slowly & gradually start developing small chipping and cracking.

These minor tears and wear can be easily dealt with reglazing, you don’t have to replace your sink for sure.

Reglazing helps in repairing minor cracks.

How reglazing works?

First and foremost, we recommend reglazing for porcelain kitchen sink only.

In order to understand how an entire reglazing process works, it’s REALLY important to have some basic knowledge about a porcelain kitchen sink.

A porcelain sink is coated with a layer of enamel that acts as a defensive layer against wear and tear as well as enhances the appearance by providing the much-needed shinning.

The problem with the enamel layer is that it starts getting damaged in the absence of proper and regular maintenance.

So, here comes into play our very own reglazing.

It not only repairs the damages caused over a period of time but also enhances the shinning and appearance.

Acrylic-urethane resin and polyurethane coating are mainly used for reglazing a porcelain sink.

Kitchen Sink Reglazing: Things You Must Know…

Well, kitchen sink reglazing can do wonders if your sink is heavily stained or possesses small cracks here and there.

However, before you decide on reglazing your kitchen sink, it’s really important to know these things that we’re gonna discuss in a while.

It will help you in making an informed decision.

Kitchen Sink Reglazing is Literally Cost-Effective

Trust me, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a new kitchen sink then definitely, you can think of reglazing your kitchen sink.

It is quite cost-effective and wouldn’t cost you a fortune for sure.

Since you’re only paying for the material and labor costs, so the overall expenditure decreases drastically which isn’t the case with a new kitchen sink.

Thorough Scrubbing is Needed

Before you expedite the reglazing, you must thoroughly scrub your sink in the best possible manner that you could.

By doing so, quite a few stains would come out.

In the next step, you need to deep clean your sink.

It is really important that specks of dirt and staining are removed before reglazing so if needed you can take the help of some specialized products exclusively meant for deep cleaning.

You Don’t Need an Expert

Yes, you heard it, RIGHT.

An expert isn’t needed for this purpose, you can expedite the entire process on your own, it’s so simple, easy, and less time-consuming even though you’re expediting it for the first time.

However, if you’ve got a scarcity of time, then taking professional help could be the best choice, indeed.

Sand Down Your Kitchen Sink

You don’t have an option but to sand down your kitchen sink before you start the reglazing process.

By sanding down your kitchen sink, you’ll make sure that the epoxy would be able to stick properly, and thus, a whole new surface would be created.

Handly Streaks Properly

It’s really important that you handle the streaks properly in order to avoid any last-hour misadventure.

The look of your refinishing would be completely spoiled in case you forget or leave the paintbrush streaks in the primer.

In order to avoid paintbrush marks, a roller could be your best friend.

For the best result, choose a short or medium-sized nap roller.

Let Finish Dry

Make sure an alternative is right in place as you wouldn’t be able to use your kitchen sink for some days post reglazing.

In layman’s terms, primer and finish would be needing a couple of days for drying.

Moreover, we recommend our clients turn the water off to their sinks before they get started.

By doing so, you would be able to avoid the risk of ruining all your hard work by sudden turning on the water tap.

Finally, Reglazing Does Makes the Difference

Yes, you heard it, RIGHT.

Reglazing your porcelain kitchen sink will NOT only repair the cracks but also will enhance the appearance.

Trust me, you’ll be astounded at how much better it would look.

Not to forget, reglazing will increase the lifespan of your sink.

Wrapping Up the Kitchen Sink Reglazing

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this idiosyncratic piece of information.

And, in case, you liked our effort and want to appreciate us then please do share this information with like-minded people and the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, the National Avg. Cost (labor and materials) For 1 Glazing – $685.03.

In case, you’ve any query related to how much does it cost to reglaze a kitchen sink, please feel free to reach out to us, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

That’s all, as of now:):):)

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