Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink – Are They REALLY Different?

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Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink
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Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink: Well, in this post, I would be walking you through various aspects of Farmhouse & Apron sinks in order to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, I would also be throwing light on the major differences between the apron sink and farmhouse sink in order to help you clear your doubts before you make a purchase.

Lastly, I would be responding to the queries related to Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink in the “FAQs” section to help first-time buyers get the best deal.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

Having an aesthetic kitchen backed by an enticing kitchen sink can do wonders for you.

It will not only increase the valuation of your home but will also enhance the ambiance multifold.

In order to find out which is the best sink out of the two, you’ll have to go through the pros and cons of each of them.

Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink | Comparison Chart

 Features/ Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink  Farmhouse Sink Apron Sink
 Design Adjacent & covered by kitchen cabinet Exposed front face
 Style Large sink Large drying areas
 InstallationStandalone, and relatively easier to installTime-consuming & tedious installation process
 Material Made of porcelain, enameled cast iron, stainless steel copper, marble Made of ceramic and metal
 Faucet Can be designed with a farmhouse kitchen faucet, wall mount, or countertopEquipped with a wall-mounted faucet
 Appearance Aesthetic look Urban & modern look
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Farmhouse Sink : Is It Worth?

As the name suggests, a farmhouse sink falls under the category of large, huge, and bulky sinks.

Since the farmhouse sink is huge so you can expect it to have great width and depth.

And, as a result, it can hold a good amount of water.

In layman’s terms, it is really easy to wash utensils “big or small” in a farmhouse sink.

The thing that really entices me about a farmhouse kitchen is its ability to adjust to any kind of kitchen cabinets.

Frankly speaking, there are loads and loads of positive things about a farmhouse kitchen that we can talk about for hours.

Its high popularity definitely supports my aforementioned statement.

Definitely, these little beasts are stylish and designed uniquely to serve the kitchen in the best possible ways.

Farmhouse sinks are durable, robust, and meant to last longer, thanks to materials used for their manufacturing including stainless steel, porcelain, etc.

The installation process is quick, easy, and newbie-friendly.

In general, farmhouses are huge in size which opens doors for a large number of possibilities.

In simple words, if you’re an owner of a farmhouse sink, then you would be well aware of the fact that how useful are they when it comes to washing vegetables, cleaning dishes & pans, etc.

Farmhouse sinks also have a double bowl sink variant which is quite popular among our clientele because of the feasibility, convenience, and comfortability that it provides.

Farmhouse Sink Benefits

Trust me, farmhouse sinks are loaded with benefits that are clearly visible from the surge in their popularity in recent times.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be possible for us to discuss each of these benefits in detail so we decided to list them.

  • Modern, sophisticated, and aesthetic look is meant to make all the difference
  • Can deal effectively with any size of dishes, pots, and pans – thanks to the large & spacious space that it possesses
  • Farmhouse sink also have a double bowl variant on offer that makes cleaning & washing easy
  • Farmhouse sink is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles so you can easy choose the one that syncs well with your kitchen and interior decor
  • I really liked the fact that it is somewhat soundproof and doesn’t vibrate mostly
  • Because of its adequate depth, the farmhouse sink is successful in reducing the splashing of water during utensil washing or even otherwise
  • Of course, these little beasts are highly compatible and provides you with a large number of options – you can choose from porcelain, enameled cast iron, stainless steel copper, marble, etc

Farmhouse Sink Drawbacks

Before we dive deep into the drawbacks, let me tell you, like any other product in this world, farmhouse sink also has its own share of pros and cons.

Don’t go and buy a farmhouse sink just by reading the pros, it’s equally important that you know about the drawbacks so that you can make an informed buying decision.

  • Farmhouse sinks are definitely expensive and couldn’t be the BEST fit for the ones who are on a shoestring budget
  • Usually, these sinks are huge & bulky so might not be the BEST chocie for small & compact kitchens
  • Installation can be tedious & time-consuming affair in case, you doesn’t possesses adequate information regarding the same

Apron Sink: Should I Buy?

Frankly speaking, whether you should buy an apron sink or NOT depends to a large extent on your requirements and how well it syncs with them.

Moreover, I’m gonna highlight both the pros and cons of an apron sink in a while so it will definitely, help you in making an informed buying decision.

In case, you’ve any doubt or queries related to Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink, then don’t hesitate in reaching out to us via the contact form, and our team would be more than happy to assist you.

If you’re a newbie or a first-time buyer, then you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that the apron sink is a superset of a farmhouse sink but vice-versa isn’t true.

In simple words, a farmhouse sink can be considered an apron sink but vice-versa isn’t true at all.

The apron sink possesses great depths that make them adequate for washing large & huge vehicles.

Trust me, these little beasts are literally attractive and will definitely, grab your eyeballs.

In order to provide a superlative appearance to your kitchen, an apron sink comes with exposing front-facing aside.

By doing so, the look & feel is enhanced multifold.

Of course, they are durable, robust, and long-lasting, thanks to the materials used in their manufacturing.

On top of it, an apron sink is fixed with the countertop and you can also see the pop-out sink.

Apron Sink Benefits

  • Apron sinks are robust, durable, and long-lasting, thanks to the materials used in its construction including ceramic and metal
  • Uniquely designed and gives a urban & modern look
  • Spacious and suitable for large & bulky bowls
  • It protects the cabinet from damage

Apron Sink Drawbacks

  • Expensive
  • Installation is not only time-consuming but expensive as well

Farmhouse Vs. Apron Front Sinks | Top Pick

Let’s have a quick look at some of the best sinks available on the market, right now.

We’ve picked 3 idiosyncratic superlative sinks for you.

Kraus KHF203-33 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink

The Kraus KHF203-33 is highly durable and long-lasting, thanks to the dent-resistant T304 stainless steel.

Not only is it compatible with most kitchen appliances but is also resilient & easy to clean.

It comes with a satin finish so dealing with corrosion & dust isn’t an issue at all.

The USP of Kraus is the soundproof technology that it is equipped with.

In order to deal effectively with unwanted noises, it is equipped with extra-thick pads.

Moreover, to provide the client with the best possible insulation, non-toxic undercoating is right in place.


  • Sturdy, robust, durable, and long-lasting
  • Stylish, uniquely designed, and sophisticated look & feel
  • Capable of accommodating large & huge utensils including large pots and dishes
  • Equipped with a soundproofing system
  • Available in a wide range of colors, size, and designs


In this section, I would be responding to the queries related to Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink in order to help you clear your doubts before you make a purchase.

What is the difference between an apron sink and a farm sink?

Well, Apron front sinks come with a lip that NOT ONLY sticks out from the counter but are also bare around the other three edges.

As a result, you can expect a slide-in installation which definitely enhances the usability multifold.

On the other hand, farm sinks have all four edges finished so you can install them either above the countertop or beneath it.

Are farmhouse sinks worth it?

It goes without saying that if you’re a first-time buyer, then the probability is very high that you might be inquisitive about whether a farmhouse sink is worth it or NOT.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

Please allow me to end this age-old debate on the credibility of a farmhouse sink.

First thing first, a farmhouse sink enhances convenience, usability, and ease of use multifold.

For example, a farmhouse sink makes it easier to wash larger items including pots, pans, and baking sheets.

Also, it can be used for soaking loads and loads of dishes at one go before popping them into the dishwasher.

Do farmhouse sinks have garbage disposals?

A garbage disposal can be easily installed to most of the farmhouse sinks irrespective of whether it is a single-bowl or a double-bowl.

Wrapping Up | Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this idiosyncratic superlative piece of information.

And, in case, you liked our efforts and want to appreciate us, then please do share this piece of information with like-minded people and the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, we’ve tried to the best of our capabilities to provide you with the best possible Farmhouse Sink Vs. Apron Sink comparison.

All the information that we share on is backed by the experience that we’ve accumulated over a period of time.

Many of the first-time buyers wouldn’t be aware of the fact that both these sinks are interchangeable to some extent as they are made with a single motive in mind – hold a large quantity of water.

That’s all, as of now:):)

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