How Do You Seal A Belfast Sink?

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How Do You Seal A Belfast Sink
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So, how do you seal a Belfast sink?

Let’s find out…

Well, in this post, I would be walking you through the nuts and bolts of how do you seal a Belfast sink in order to help you make an informed decision.

Moreover, I would also be throwing light on various aspects of sealing a Belfast sink to help especially the newbies to clear their doubts before expediting the process.

Does it make sense?

Trust me, knowing how to seal a Belfast sink is definitely a valuable DIY skill, there isn’t any doubt in it.

And, the best part is, it’s an easy project that you can expedite in an epigrammatic span of time effortlessly.

Even though you’re on a shoestring budget, you can expedite the entire sealing process on your own, no need to hire a professional for it.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

Is Sealing Belfast Kitchen Sink Necessary?

Trust me, sealing a kitchen sink is of utter importance, and ignoring the same can do more bad than good.

I’ve seen quite a few of my clients ignoring sealing of kitchen sink, and you know what, latter they paid a huge price for it.

It’s always good to be SAFE than sorry, isn’t it?

Not only will sealing around kitchen sinks or sealing a sink drain with silicone will keep your sink in a good condition but will also prevent future problems.

I always advise my clients to use a high-quality waterproof sealant as it will prevent water, debris, and most importantly, specks of dirt from entering the gaps.

In simple words, to deal effectively with molds and water damage, sealing a Belfast kitchen sink is a MUST.

How To Seal A Belfast Kitchen Sink | The Beginner’s Guide

In order to put a seal around your Belfast kitchen sink, all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Trust me, it wouldn’t consume much of your time and can be expedited by a newbie as well without any hassle.

Old sealant needs to be removed

First and foremost, you need to remove the old sealants.

All you need to do is to use a knife or cutting tool and scrape it off.

For the best result, you can try a silicone sealant remover such as Saker Silicone Caulking Tool. (Check current price on Amazon)


The area needs to be cleaned

Make sure that you’re NOT exposing the surface to water.

For cleaning the surface in an appropriate way, you would be needing a smooth cloth or paper towel along with a household cleaner.

All you need to do is to spray the paper towel with a household cleaner and clean the area.

Make sure to wipe dry.

In order to optimize the benefits, you must clean again with bleach, before rinsing and leaving to dry.

Prepare the silicone sealant

Before inserting the cartridge in the sealant gun make sure to cut the nozzle to the desired width, and close to the tip.

Test the flow on the piece of scrap material.

Apply the sealant

Before applying the sealant around your Belfast sink, you must be sure that the surface is fully dry and the flow is good.

Moreover, for preventing moisture and mildew and creating a smooth layer of sealant, you must maintain a steady flow.

Smooth the sealant

As mentioned earlier also, for the best result, you can try a tool such as Saker Silicone Caulking.

We’ve been recommending this tool to our clients and the feedback has been positive and encouraging.

Remove excessive sealant

The excessive sealant needs to be removed in order to prevent any last-minute misadventure, and this can be easily done with the help of a white spirit or silicone sealant remover.

Let the sealant dry

Allow the sealant to dry.

Make sure to NOT expose the new sealant to water until it’s completely dry.

For the wait time, you must check the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Do You Use To Seal Around A Kitchen Sink?

Frankly speaking, there are quite a few good products that you can use for sealing around your Belfast sink.

Below is the list of products that we’ve been recommending to our clientele, and since the feedback has been positive and encouraging so we decided to recommend it to a wider range of audiences via

The Best Products For Sealing Around Your Belfast Sink

All the below-mentioned products can be bought from Amazon by simply clicking on the link.

Gorilla 8090001 2.8 Ounce Squeeze Tube Clear Silicone Sealant

The Gorilla 8090001 Clear Silicone Sealant is definitely one of the most affordable on our list. (Check Current Price on Amazon)

It goes without saying that this silicone sealant is highly versatile, and most importantly, dries translucent clear.

Till now, we’ve NOT received even a single complaint from our clients of Gorilla sealant becoming yellow, shrinking, or even cracking.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose, and of course, the Silicone sealant is 100 percent waterproof.

Last but not least, the Gorilla 8090001 is a multipurpose sealant and works extremely well on window, door, kitchen, bath, gutter, etc.

Do I still need to convince you?

GE Sealants & Adhesives M90006 Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant

The GE Sealants & Adhesives M90006 Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant is yet another high-quality and affordable sealant that is quite popular among our clients, and trust me, for numerous reasons. (Check Current Price On Amazon)

The GE Sealant works extremely well in the areas that are prone to consistent water exposure, thanks to its 100 percent waterproof feature.

On top of it, the sealant is known to resist both stain causing mold and mildew growth.

Not only does it provide a long-lasting waterproof seal but also stays permanently flexible which is definitely something to brag about, isn’t it?

And, the best part is, the sealant becomes ready for water exposure in an epigrammatic span of time.

To be honest, the sealant deals effectively and successfully with temperature fluctuations, that is, withstands extreme contraction or expansion caused due to temperature fluctuations.

Last but not least, the confidence of the manufacturer in its product is clearly depicted from the fact that the sealant is backed by a life-time guarantee.

Wrapping Up | How Do You Seal A Belfast Sink

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