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siogreen tankless water heaters review
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Are you on the lookout for an unbiased review of the SioGreen Tankless Water Heater?

Well, in this post, I would be walking you through some of the best SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters available on the market in order to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, I would also be throwing light on various aspects of the SioGreen Tankless Heaters in order to help you get informed about the various features and functionality of these little beasts.

Lastly, I would be responding to some of the frequently asked questions from my clientele so that you can also get benefitted if you’ve got similar queries in your mind.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

SioGreen Tankless Water Heater Review

Our core team has tried to the best of its capabilities to present to you an unbiased review of the SioGreen Tankless Water Heater.

Do let us know in the comment section about your thought on our unbiased review.

SioGreen Introduction

The brand SioGreen was founded in 2008 by Henry Mai after tired of using a wide range of underperforming water heaters.

Most of the water heaters that he used have common problems of corrosion and lime scaling.

He didn’t found the brand SioGreen suddenly rather did thorough research for more than a decade, and then finally came up with this idiosyncratic superlative brand.

Initially, the brand was named SuperGreen which was renamed as SioGreen in 2017.

So, if you’re hearing the brand SioGreen for the very first time, then just try to recall if you’ve ever used a heater from the brand SuperGreen.

The brand has a global presence with authorized retailers in Asia, Canada, and North America.

However, the company is headquartered out of Clearwater, FL.

The brand manufactures products for both home and commercial purposes.

What makes SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters so UNIQUE?

Well, it goes without saying that the market is flooded with a wide range of tankless water heater brands and models.

Each brand comes with its own sets of claims, and so it becomes really difficult especially for the newbies to make an informed buying decision.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

So, let’s figure out why SioGreen electric tankless water heaters are a class apart, and what all features make it a “value for money” brand.

IR Based Quartz Heating Element

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you would be hearing the term IR-based quartz heating element for the very first time.

But, trust me, it’s a great innovation in the field of water heaters, and definitely, the future seems to be bright for this upcoming technology.

Unlike conventional water heaters, a SioGreen tankless water heater comprises of quartz heating element that uses infrared for water heating purposes.

Not many of you would be knowing that it heats in microseconds transferring the heat to the water that passes through the conduit.

The greatest advantage of this technology is that water never comes in contact with the heating elements, so the chances of you facing the problems such as corrosion, lime scaling are rarest of rare.

As a result, both the efficiency and lifespan would automatically be enhanced.

And, the best part is, you would be needing almost negligible maintenance for these SioGreen tankless water heaters equipped with quartz heating elements.

As compared to a traditional water heater, the SioGreen tankless heaters that we’re gonna review in a while would last for almost twice (20 years), so you don’t have to worry at all about the return on your investment.

Point of Use Models

The SioGreen does manufacture POUs tankless models that are ideal for single-use setups such as a faucet or a shower and can be directly installed at the POUs juncture.

The heating capability and the flow rates of these units are highly influenced by the fixture for which it has been installed for.

We’ve reviewed some of the best point-of-use tankless water heaters in order to help you make an informed buying decision.

Whole House Models

The SioGreen Whole House Models are the ones that are manufactured keeping in mind the whole house hot water requirement of mid-sized to larger homes.

Moreover, they also have a hybrid range of water heaters that you can connect to your existing tank-styled water heater or a recirculation loop.

Before we move further, I would request you to go through this article in order to understand the importance of a recirculation pump and should you opt for a tankless water heater with a built-in recirculation pump or NOT.

Commercial Use

As the name suggests, a commercial tankless water heater is mainly meant for either commercial purposes or a large house with multiple fixtures.

Any tankless water heater that is meant for commercial use is more powerful and comes with a higher flow rate as compared to the units that are exclusively meant for small to mid-sized homes.

The brand SioGreen also offers a zone-wise selection list that informs you about the best tankless water heater for your area.

Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Florida has warm inlet water that average 62-77 F.

SioGreen then lists the best possible options for residents in Florida depending on the flow rate.

Maintenance Free And User-Friendly

As we discussed earlier, SioGreen comprises of quartz heating element, and this heating mechanism prevents that heating element to come in contact with water so problems like corrosion and lime scaling mostly stay apart.

And, as a result, the maintenance needed over a period of time is very little and could be done by yourself.

On top of it, most of the key elements of non-metallic so again the changes of corrosion and calcium deposits degrades further.

In simple words, just set and forget, the SioGreen tankless water heaters are capable of taking care of themselves.

Coming to convenience, and user-friendliness, the SioGreen has made its own place, and of course, for all the positive reasons.

The SioGreen tankless units are equipped with a user-friendly easy to use control panel which will help in NOT ONLY setting up the temperature but also other functions in an effortless manner.

Moreover, in case of an unsuccessful attempt to install the unit, you’ll hear a “flow restriction error” as the unit will beep twice.

So, in the case of any leak or lack of adequate flow rate, the unit will inform you by beeping that everything isn’t fine with the system.

These units are highly flexible which you can understand from the fact that they give you an option to connect the unit to a solar panel.

SioGreen Tankless Water Heater Reviews

So, here I’m with some handpicked SioGreen tankless water heaters that my core team has tested on a wide range of parameters before introducing them to you.

So, many of you would be inquisitive about our evaluation process, right?

Please bear with us, as I would be explaining to you the process that we follow to shortlist not only SioGreen tankless water heaters but any product for review.

Using this evaluation process, the link to some of the premium and high-quality tankless water heaters that we reviewed in the past are as follows:

Cutting long-story-short, first and foremost, our core team does the brainstorming and comes with a set of evaluating parameters on which we need to evaluate the products.

In this case, the product is SioGreen Tankless Water Heater.

Each evaluating parameter is given a certain weightage depending upon its ability to influence a buyer’s decision.

Now, the products are evaluated on these parameters, and depending upon their performance, they are assigned a certain weightage.

Just for your information, scores are relative and not absolute.

Finally, we sum up the score and shortlist the “top scores” for review purposes.

 I tried to the best of my capabilities to explain to you our evaluation process, and in case, you’ve any doubt or query then feel free to reach out to us via contact form, and we would be more than happy to assist you. 

Sio Green IR288 v2 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

The first one that we’ve on our list is a point-of-use tankless water heater from the brand SioGreen.

Well, the unit has been designed keeping in mind the hot water requirements of a small house or cabin.

The unit is small, compact, and sleek designed so installing it in a small space wouldn’t be an issue for you.

It can cater to the hot water requirement of two faucets simultaneously, and definitely, you shouldn’t experiment with trying more fixtures at once because it will degrade the performance of the unit for sure.

I highly recommend this little beast to all the RVs owners reading my post.

It is just 20-inches in length which definitely makes it a preferred choice for RVs and under-sink as well.

In case, you’re looking for a comprehensive buying guide on the best tankless water heaters for RVs, then you can refer to my previous posts.

Trust me, irrespective of you being a first-time buyer or a seasoned professional, installation of the unit would be a cakewalk.

However, you might encourage last hour misadventure in case, you’re planning to skip instructions mentioned in the user manual.

The IR288 v2 POU Infrared has a flow rate of 2.30 GPM with a 30 F temperature rise which is good for a couple of faucets operating simultaneously.

I can affirm that with this flow rate running a couple of fixtures in the colder climate would be next to impossible.

So, if you’re a resident of extreme cold climatic conditions, then prefer a powerful tankless unit that comes with a flow rate of at least 10 to 12 GPM.

These little beasts are well suited for a warmer climatic condition wherein the incoming groundwater temperature averages around 77F.

The unit comprises a power button then helps you to switch between the modes, that is, automatic power control and manual modes.

With the help of the power button, you can adjust the power between 10 A and 40 A that results in an output of 1.5 kW to 9.0 kW of power.

The IR288 POU is capable of providing you with an endless supply of hot water for not more than two faucets simultaneously.

You don’t have to worry about either calcium deposits or lime scaling.

In simple words, a small, compact unit that will serve you for years to come with any need for maintenance.

On top of it, the brand offers a free replacement or a money-back guarantee if you claim within 30 days of buying.


  • The small, compact, and sleek design makes it possible for the unit to get installed in tiny spaces, RVs, and cabins
  • One of the best point-of-use tankless water heater that we’ve reviewed so far on
  • In order to reap maximum benefits out of this little beast, the incoming supply water temperature must average around 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Energy-efficient, easy to operate, convenient, portable, and long-lasting
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Quickly switch between automatic and manual power control mode with a press of a button
  • Highly affordable


  • Not powerful enough to replace a whole house tankless water heater

Sio Green IR260 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

So, here I’m with yet another offering from the brand Sio Green.

The Sio Green IR260 is a smaller version of IR 288 and is best suited for point-of-use installation.

In terms of flow rate it is inferior to IR 288.

I wouldn’t say that you can’t use IR260 for a showerhead but sting attached to it.

For the best results, the incoming supply of water MUST have a temperature above or equal to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the unit will work perfectly fine for fixtures such as faucets even though the incoming water temperature is less than the 67 degrees Fahrenheit mark.

Can you imagine the unit is just 14 inches long and more than that what I literally loved is the way that it operates – quiet operation.

Since all other tankless heaters from the brand SioGreen, the IR260 is also equipped with quartz heating elements which makes heating a hassle-free and quick phenomenon.

And, of course, you’re not gonna struggle anymore with calcium and lime scaling resulting in minimal to zero maintenance cost.

On top of it, the user experience is amazing, and the credit goes to the advanced technology that the unit is equipped with including an intelligent temperature controller.

The control panel is newbie-friendly and makes your work was easier and faster.

For temperature adjustments, the 260 is equipped with a digital display.

 Here, I would like to make a point that the temperature in the display panel would be displayed in Celsius and not Fahrenheit because of the brand’s global presence. 

Integrated safety features include cut-off fuses for overheating, a cut-off system for high temperature, and anti-scalding protection that constantly monitors the water temperature and automatically modulates the power supply to reduce heating.

All in all, a product worth the investment in case, you’re looking for tankless water that is highly efficient, delivers high-performance, and last-longer.


  • Small, compact, and portable
  • Best suited for point-of-use application
  • 14-inches in length
  • Multiple infrared quartz heating elements
  • Anti-scalding protection
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly display panel
  • Advanced temperature controller


  • Not the best choice for installation with multiple fixtures

Sio Green SIO18 Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

I know many of you would’ve got annoyed with the aforementioned products, right?

So, here comes the good news, the Sio Green SIO18 is the one that might be suitable for you in case, you’re looking for a whole house Sio Green tankless unit.

The unit can also be used for a commercial purpose.

So, you might be wondering, how powerful is the unit, isn’t it?

Well, in a warmer climate identified by the brand Sio Green, you can run up to 3 shower heads simultaneously, and you’ll never run out of the hot water.

It is capable of delivering flow rate up to 4.4 GPM.

Even intolerable cold climatic conditions, the unit can supply hot water for two showers simultaneously.

And, the best part is, you can use this little beast even in extreme climatic conditions wherein the aforementioned models might not work as per your expectation.

Even if the incoming groundwater temperature is as low as 40-degrees Fahrenheit, the unit can cater to the hot water requirements of one shower and one faucet simultaneously.

The unit was able to achieve this kind of heating capability with the help of an 8-high quality quartz heating element.

Like the other Sio Green offerings, the SIO18 is also free from corrosion and calcium deposits.

In other words, the unit is bound to last longer and will not cost you a fortune in terms of maintenance.

The SIO18 is 20-inches long and weighs approximately 28 lbs.

Moreover, the installation process is newbie-friendly and doesn’t involve any complex or time-consuming steps.

The SIO18 can also be installed as a HYBRID with your existing tank water heater or ambient heating system.

On top of these superlative features, the brand provides you with excellent customer support service, and the replacement request is fulfilled on a priority basis.

Do I still need to convince you?


  • Can cater to the hot water requirements of your whole house
  • Powerful, energy-efficient, and user-friendly
  • Can work well in both warm and cold climatic conditions
  • Endless supply of hot water with a maximum flow rate up to 4.4 GPM
  • User-friendly installation process
  • Can be installed as a HYBRID with your existing tank water heater
  • 8 IR quartz heating elements with a 10-year warranty on it
  • Quiet and smooth operation


  • Some of my clients have faced problem with the packaging

SioGreen Tankless Water Heater Sizing Guide

I’ve emphasized numerous times the importance of sizing the tankless water heater, and trust me, if you failed to do so, then you wouldn’t be able to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

However, you don’t have to worry at all if you’re planning to buy a SioGreen tankless water heater because the brand has removed the guesswork out of sizing your water heater.

It helps you to forget the number crunching and prevents you from referring to a bunch of confusing numbers time and again.

So, how does the brand helps you?

Well, it provides you with an easy-to-use map of North America color-coded representing three different zones depending on the average temperature of the groundwater.

All you need to do is simply select your region.

Look at the chart that shows the ballpark flow rates needed for fixtures that demand hot water.

Furthermore, run a basic calculation of the amount of hot water that you would be needing at the peak hours if you were to run all the fixtures simultaneously.

As a result, you’ll get an average GPM that you can further compare with a chart that lists the best water heater models for that region and fixtures.

Wrapping Up The Sio Green Tankless Water Heaters Review

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this comprehensive guide on Sio Green Tankless Water Heater.

And, in case, you liked our efforts and want to appreciate us, then please feel free to share this piece of information with the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, the Sio Green tankless water heaters comprise quartz heating elements that almost negate the occurrence of the problems such as calcium and lime scaling.

As a result, not only the lifespan of the Sio Green tankless water heaters increases but also the maintenance cost reduces drastically.

That’s all, as of now :):):)

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