Does Sound Deadening Work In Cars

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does sound deadening works in car
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Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of car soundproofing to help you make an informed decision.

It goes without saying that I’ll also throw some light on the authentication of the sound-deadening car.

So, are you ready for the ride?

Before I foray into the soundproofing world, I was a typical 9 to 5 guy.

Stress is a part of any job and I hope you’ll agree with it. 

But, for me, stress was not inside the office rather it was on the way home.


Trust me, I’m not blabbering. 

While driving back to my home, the traffic used to be so much that I needed to waste hours just covering a few kilometers.

More than the traffic, it was the noise of horns, people shouting, dogs barking, etc.. that used to adversely affect my mental health.

Just one fine day, I said enough is enough, I’ve to get rid of these noises.

I shortlisted quite a few options but finally narrowed down on soundproofing my car.

But, the question remains the same, “How effective is a soundproofing car?”.

I know you’ll also have the same question the day you’ll decide to sound deaden your car.

As a newbie, you may expect the car to be completely noise-free after soundproofing it, right?

But, the reality is far from your expectations.

Though there will be a tangible reduction in the external noise such as road noise, reaching an epitome of silence wouldn’t be possible.

With all said and done, let’s see what can we expect as a final outcome.

The final outcome of the sound-deadening car will be highly dependent on whether your car is new or old.

For old cars, the impact will be quite less.

On another hand, new cars will experience a great reduction in external noise.

As a soundproof consultant, I need to deal with different types of people across the verticle.

To keep my consulting business growing, I need to not only solve my clients’ queries but also have to give a result that is highly effective yet budget-friendly.

Once a client asked me what can he expect as a final outcome if he soundproofs his 5 year old car.

Though the question may sound simple still, in reality, it is NOT.

He is asking for the numbers.

When you’re in a serious business, you can’t blabber any number, right?

So, I retrieved the data from some of my previous projects and then performed some data analytics procedures until I found the patterns.

I’ll not go deep into the process rather I’ll depict the final outcome.

In the layman’s language, the old cars can expect at max a reduction of 50% in external sound such as road noise.

For the new cars, the limit may exceed 75-80 percent.

The other simple yet effective way to compare the result is to use an app to measure the decibel levels before soundproofing and again after the entire process is done to check whether you achieved or not what you were looking for.

 The “before-and-after” comparison is one of the best ways to figure out the success of the sound-deadening car. 

Before diving deep into the discussion, allow me to ask you a simple question.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

How To Sound Deaden a Car Cheap: 4 Cost-effective Ways

I’ll walk you through four steps that will NOT only help you to achieve an optimum result but will also guide you in making an informed decision.

Soundproof Floor Mat

  • Nowadays, almost all cars have floor mats that are good at catching the dirt and making your ride comfortable.
  • But, what these floor mats don’t do is enhance the acoustics of the cars.
  • You may be astonished to know that simply placing the Dynamat below the floor mats can serve the purpose.
  • I know you’re not gonna believe my words until you execute it yourself.
  • Dynamat is perhaps the best automotive sound-deadening material available on the market.
  • This insulating foam has a layer of adhesive on one side to help it stick to any surface.
  • The foam material absorbs the sound coming into the car from outside.
  • As a result, you’ll find tangible improvement in the audio quality inside your car. If I’ve to talk about the “soundproof floor mat” category, I can assure you that Dynamat wins the race by quite a good margin.
  • With that said, Dynamat is a costly affair, and it will cost you quite a few bucks. So, be prepared to take a dig in your pocket.
  • Nonetheless, no one said that sound deadening car would be a cheap affair.
  • Earlier in my consulting career, I met quite a few people who weren’t interested in spending a good chunk of money on Dynamat.
  • So, I’ve to look for the best Dynamat alternatives.
  • To clear the doubt of my clientele, I’ve written an in-depth article on Dynamat vs. Noico.
  • Hope it helps!

Where Do I Apply Soundproof Mats?

  • As the name suggests, soundproof mats work well when placed beneath the floor mat.
  • Especially, you need to consider the front seats.
  • I hope you’ll be well aware of the fact that most of the external noises make a foray through the front area of the car.
  • If you’ve got a decent budget, then you can definitely consider placing Dynamat beneath the mat of the back seat as well.
  • It will further add to the noise reduction from the mufflers and also road noises.
  • If you’re currently driving an older vehicle, then I would recommend you to use Dynamat for the back seat as well because with age car starts making more noise.

Soundproof Mats + Reflective Insulation

  • If you’re happy with the result that you achieved from the last step, then you can very well skip this step.
  • However, if you’re looking for some more accuracy & perfection when it comes to sound-deadening cars, then I would recommend you to stay with us.
  • Reflective insulation when used along with sound-deadening mats can give mindboggling results.
  • If the reflective insulation is installed properly, then it can enhance the sound-dampening capabilities of soundproof mats to a great extent.
  • Furthermore, you can expect a reduction in the external noise up to 80 percent which is something to boast about.
  • Reflective insulation can be a boon for you if you’re a resident of the cold region.
  • Without any doubt, the aforementioned reflective insulation will prevent the cold from entering the car during the cold season.

Where Do I Apply Reflective Insulation?

For the best result, I would recommend you to use the reflective insulation directly beneath the soundproof mat.

Well, don’t get confused with the floor mats.

I’m explaining it once again. 

The soundproof mats should be placed below the floor mats, and the reflective insulation should be placed below the soundproof mats.

To help you with the best noise cancelation experience, soundproof mats & reflective insulation works hand in hand.

 I would recommend you to apply both the soundproof mats as well as reflective insulation at the same time. 

It will not only help you to save your time but will also remove the hassle at the earliest.

Does it sounds good?

Sound Deadening Car Door

This is perhaps the most crucial step out of the four.

Sound Deadening Car Door is something that you can’t ignore.

I’m not denying the fact that this is a time-consuming method which involves lots of efforts & a bit of frustration as well.

Moving further, I’m gonna have an in-depth discussion about the sound deadening car door.

Selection of the Material

Without any doubt, selection of the material plays a crucial role.

However, let me tell you that the project doesn’t need a lot of materials, and also, the cost of the project is quite low.

Personally, I know few people who have spent tons of money on sound deadening their car’s door, and you know what, the final result wasn’t as per their expectation.

Before pitching for any product, I also try to inform my clients about all facets of the product.

It helps the client to make an informed decision.

In fact, it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Mainly, you’ll require two things:

  • Self-adhesive sound absorbing tape or mat
  • A regular screwdriver

I’m assuming that you must be having a screwdriver.

There isn’t a requirement of any specific screwdriver.

The other thing that you need is self-adhesive sound absorbing tape.

Either buy it from the local store or e-commerce websites.

It goes without saying that the market is flooded with the sound absorbing tapes.

So, buying an effective one can be a bit tricky at times. 

However, if you’re looking forward to my recommendation, then stay tuned, I’ll be sharing with you the details of some handpicked products that have been quite popular among my clients.

The products that I’m gonna recommend are effective as well as affordable.

Nonetheless, I can’t restrain myself from recommending the best product out there on the market.

So, you may expect a few high-end products also in the recommendation.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, then I would never recommend you to buy high-end products.

Recommendation: Car Door Sound Absorbing Tape

Whenever I’ve to recommend sound-absorbing tape, the first name that comes to my mind is Noico Sound Deadening Mat. (Check the Current Price On Amazon)

 I’ll not say that NOICO is the best in the market but at the same time, I’ll not deny the fact that NOICO is the front runners in the “value for money” product category. 

If you’re not convinced, then I would recommend you should check the customer reviews on Amazon.

Trust me, you’ll get a clear idea that why I’m recommending this product in the first place.

Are you ready to spend a few more bucks?

If yes, then check out the Kilmat Deadening Mat. (Check the Current Price On Amazon)

If the price of the product is of least concern, and all that matters to you is the quality of the product, then I would say without any second thought go for it. 

Other than the aforementioned products, there are lot many on the market.

Pick the one that caters to your need.

The discussion would be incomplete if I don’t talk about market leader-Dynamat.

If you’ll do some online research, you’ll come to know that Dynamat is the leading manufacturer of high-quality materials for the vehicle soundproofing.

You’ll find different types of mats & tapes, but keep in mind that they are quite pricey.

For example, DynamatXtreme Door Kit (Check the Current Price On Amazon) is perhaps the best product that Dynamat has to offer.

I’ve been using DynamatXtreme over quite a few time now.

I tried to replace it with its counterparts, but I couldn’t find one that could match its sound deadening capabilities.

I’m making this strong point because I’ve successfully tackled the situation.

On the price front, it’s way higher than its competitors.

Like its unmatched quality, the price is also way higher than its counterparts.

Of course, customer reviews on Amazon are great, and the company charges way higher for the premium offering.

If you’re thinking that DynamatXtreme is the costliest offering on the table by the brand Dynamat.

Then, you’re mistaken.

Just have a look at Extreme DynamatXtreme, (Check the Current Price On Amazon) and then let me know what’s your take on it.

It goes without saying that it will cost you much more, but at the same time, the company hasn’t compromised on the product quality.

Without any doubt, the sound dampening by Extreme DynamatXtreme will be way higher than even its closest competitor.

The aforementioned product is highly durable, and if you’re looking for a long-term solution, then nothing could suffice this product.

I’ve recommended this product to at least 17% of my clients, and you know what, the positive feedback percent was 91.73, and this sort of positive response I’ve never received in my career for any product.

It was a mindboggling response and without any doubt, the response has exceeded by far my expectation.

Moving further, I’ll walk you through the various steps that I recommend my clients for soundproofing car’s door.

As mentioned earlier also, you need to be patient and also, ready to devote a good amount of time for the optimum result.

Sound Deadening Car Doors: Step-by-Step

  • Since now you’ve gathered all the materials that you need for sound deadening your car’s door, so it’s time to begin the process in a planned & organized way.
  • Though the process is a bit tedious & time-consuming still I’ve tried to the best of my capabilities to explain in the simplest way that I could.
  • It’s a humble request, just follow all the steps that I’m gonna share with you without skipping any.

Removing the Panel

First and foremost, you need to remove the door panel. Take a screwdriver and perform the process as mentioned below:

  • Unscrew the latch from the door
  • Take off the handle
  • Unscrew the door panel
  • Pull the panel out

Remove the Protective Seal

  • For the next step, it is very important to remove the protective seal.
  • If I’m not wrong, then a large number of cars have a protective seal under the door panel, and if your car has one, then I would advise you to remove it with a razor blade.
  • You need to perform this process very carefully because the airbags are present there.
  • A lack of concentration can lead to the damage of the airbags.

Stick the Tape on the Panel

Since you’ve removed the seal and the panel, you’ve done half of the work.

Now, you’ve to put some self-adhesive tape on the door.

The selection of the tape is very crucial because it can impact the performance.

Bonus Tip: The thicker the tape the better it will combat the noise.

Measure the door and then stick the tape accordingly.

Analyze the Outcome of the Process

Well, once you’ve installed the tape, it’s really important to analyze the outcome.

Simply knock on the door and see if anything happens.

If you find a tangible difference, then you can consider it a success.

You may find the door a bit heavier but I don’t think that it shouldn’t be a point of concern.

I can assure you that the results will be impressive if you’ve done a good job.

Needless to say, that I’ve executed end to end sound deadening car doors project quite a few time, and the results were mindboggling.

Even though you’re planning to sound deaden entire car still I would recommend you to pay special attention to sound deadening car’s door.

Replace the Panel

  • This step requires you to replace the panel and put it back in its place.
  • Well, it’s not a complicated process.
  • After completing this step, you are done with all the steps.
  • Sit and enjoy the epitome of silence.
  • I’m attaching a self-explanatory video of Car Door Sound Deadening for your perusal.

New Stereo

This is the last method in the list and can be considered as a temporary solution.

In fact, anyone who isn’t interested in going through the tedious process that is involved in the installation of the foam all over the car can try this option.

As a soundproof enthusiast, you must be aware of the fact that installing a new stereo system inside the car can help you in dampening the external noise.

The method is quite simple, all you need to do is to buy a music system that is loud enough to dampen the outside noise.

Bonus Tip: A stereo system with lots of Bass will do the trick.

However, this method can’t help you to achieve a pin drop of silence in your car. 

It can only prevent the unwanted noise from reaching your ears.

Sound Deadening Car: Bonus Tips

  • I’m gonna share with you some tips & tricks that have helped me to achieve the epitome of silence.
  • It isn’t necessary for you to follow these tips & tricks.
  • However, trying these tricks will not cause any harm rather it will add to the soundproofing.
  • Cup Holder: The design of Cup Holder can act as a megaphone for the outside noise.
    • So, soundproofing can help you to reduce a bit of external noise.
  • Back-seat Floor Mats: As discussed earlier, it is very important to soundproof the front cabin as most of the sound comes from this region only.
    • However, adding some foam beneath the back-seat floor mats will only add to the soundproofing.
    • I can assure you that this method gives you great results.
    • I’ve personally applied it to my cars, and the experience definitely exceeds my expectations.
  • Back Tires: A vehicle with a huge flat trunk is prone to the road and other outside noise.
    • The back tire is the area from where the noise can easily enter the car.
    • You may have to face an echo problem in your car if you’re not finding a way to prevent the noise from entering the car through the back tire area.
  • Simply add some sort of insulation to this area, but do this in a way that doesn’t obstruct the tire.
  • I hope the aforementioned methods will definitely help you to sound deaden car.
    • However, I’ll also walk you through the Car Undercoating Soundproofing.
  • We’ll dive deep into this method and will try to figure out whether it reduces noise or NOT. Have you ever tried undercoating for your car?
  • If yes, then how was the impact? I will be more than happy to hear about your experience in the comment section.

Car Undercoating: Can it Sound Deaden Car

A lot Many of us spend a good amount of time in our cars. 

And, almost all of us, try all the tips & tricks in order to achieve a quiet ambiance & a peaceful ride.

But, today a quiet and healthy environment is a luxury and everyone can’t afford it.

Have you heard of the term “car coating”?

I swear I hadn’t heard it until I decided to give it a shot.

Some of my clients swear that it is one of the best ways to fix unwanted noise.

Even though I’m a soundproof consultant I was hearing this term for the first time.

So, I decided to experiment with it and the rest is history.

Without wasting a second, let’s see what is it & how it works.

Maybe, it is something that can solve your problem.

What is Car Undercoating?

To understand the term “car undercoating”, first you’ll have to know the meaning of the word undercoating.

Undercoating is the preventive measure that one takes even before corrosion starts in the vehicle.

In layman’s terms, undercoating is putting physical barriers between the road debris, salt, grime, and the exposed underbody.

Car undercoating helps to prolong the life of the car.

In the context of corrosion, prevention is always better than cure because once the corrosion is visible, your car is already in deep trouble.

How does car undercoating sound deadening work

You may not be aware that undercoating is one of the best ways of rustproofing the car.

Well, you must be wondering what it has to do with the soundproofing, right?

Undercoating not only prevents the car from rusting but also dampens the road as well as engine noise.

Again, I know you are inquisitive about how it happens.

Undercoating is ONLY applied to those surfaces that are naked and exposed to the road such as underbody.

Even wheel wells are also undercoated for the optimum outcome.

Undercoating a car prevents the debris from making contact with the metal.

As a result, noise dampens.

Important steps to follow before undercoating

Unless and until you’re a DIY sort of person, I would recommend you should perform the entire undercoating process in a car workshop.

If needed, get help from professionals.

Nevertheless, if you’ve decided to do it yourself, then you need to follow the step-by-step process that I’m gonna discuss now.

In simple terms, there are two phases to go through:

  • Cleaning
  • Preparation

As the name suggests, cleaning means that you’ve to remove all the specks of dirt & rust.

Even a small amount of dust can impact the entire process adversely.

So, how can we clean the dirt?

Start with scrubbing the underside & the wheel rims.

You can use soap, detergent & water to do so.

For cleaning the rust, It is advisable to use rust remover for optimum results.

Once you clean it, allow the water to settle down or you can use a towel to dry it.

Remember, to put the handbrake up, to prevent any kind of obnoxious event.

Elevate the car with the help of jack-stands & proceed with the next step-undercoating.

How to Sound Deaden Car and Undercoat it

Once you’re done with the cleaning, the next thing that you need to do is undercoat it.

To avoid missing spots, I would advise you to do it slowly.

Allow it to settle.

It will take a day or two and the settlement time may vary depending on the climate as well.

 It goes with saying that the market is flooded with the undercoating spray and you need to be well-informed about the product in advance to make a smart decision. 

Well, if you’re a newbie, then keep reading, I’ll help you with the recommendation.

The quantity of spray that will be used for the undercoating purpose depends upon the size of the car and the exposed area.

Before we make some recommendations, allow me to walk you through the Pros and Cons of using undercoating.

It protects the car against the rust
Reduces road noise as well as engine noise
Enhances the car’s lifespan

Undercoating doesn’t perform well in the case of used car
The impact of undercoating will be minimal if your car is already full of rust

Recommendation: Undercoating Spray

The spray that I’m gonna recommend has been tested on certain parameters such as quality, price, and also the options to use it on different kinds of vehicles.

There are many good undercoating sprays available on the market. 

 However, I’m gonna recommend the sprays that also contribute to the sound-deadening car. 
  • The first product that was made to the list is 3M spray (Check the current price on Amazon). A unique blend of quality &’ price. You can use it on a variety of vehicles such as RVs, trucks & vans. It is very important to apply this spray in a good quantity to see a tangible result. The good news is that it can deal very well with the unwanted noise coming from the road as well as the engine.
  • CRC spray (Check the current price on Amazon) is another product that grabs my eyeballs. The USP of this product is the low VOC formula that helps the spray to dry off fast. It is one of the best undercoating sprays that works great against the noise. For optimum results, I would recommend you should apply it on doors, panels, and decks.
  • The last recommendation from my side would be PlastiKote spray.  (Check the Current Price on Amazon)
    • The bandwidth of protection it covers is huge. Dust, corrosion, moisture, cold, etc.  The good news is that it reduces the external noise significantly. You need to be patient while it dries.

I’ll not deny the fact that there are other undercoating sprays available on the market.

 However, as a soundproof consultant, I can assure you that the aforementioned sprays are among the best when it comes to reaping the benefits of both sound deadening and undercoating. 

It’s A Wrap

I’ve tried to the best of my capabilities to help you with the required information to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, I can assure you that by following the aforementioned steps, you can easily achieve the epitome of silence for your car.

Moreover, I follow exactly the same sets of steps that I’ve mentioned in this post to sound deaden cars or other vehicles of my clients.

 Surprisingly, I’ve completed more than 47 projects related to sound-deadening cars using the aforementioned steps. 

From my experience, I can say that the selection of sound-deadening material is key to success.

I hope you have definitely enjoyed the entire process of the sound-deadening car including the sound-deadening car doors.

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