Do Cast Iron Sinks Need Clips?

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Do Cast Iron Sinks Need Clips
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Well, not necessarily.

A cast iron sink can work fine without clips and brackets, thanks to its heavyweight.

The main purpose of a clip is to pull the sink down to the top.

You wouldn’t be needing a clip for your cast iron sink if the sink sets flat in the cut-out without bowing in the middle.

Moreover, for water-tightness, you would be needing a good quality sealant under the lip.

On top of it, most of the cast iron sinks are heavy enough so they can work fine without clips as well.

But, at the same time, stainless sinks need clips.

As per my past experience, I can affirm that American Standard Americast could be a good choice as they are uniquely designed to be secured with silicon.

So, do cast iron sinks need clips?

Cast iron sinks fall in the category of drop-in sinks.

Some of these sinks don’t require clips to hold them down.

As compared to other sinks, a cast iron sink is relatively heavier so its weight helps with the placement along with some silicone caulk.

Are sink clips necessary?

Of course, sink clips are necessary for most of the sinks but NOT ALL.

The lighter sinks are prone to falling off from the countertop which isn’t the case with a cast iron sink thanks to its weight.

If you’re using a lighter sink in your kitchen then the probability of it falling down becomes higher when it is full of dishes and other heavy utensils.

And, as a result, not only the dishes will crack but also the sink and floor will get impacted adversely.

So, to prevent a lighter kitchen sink from falling on the floor you would be needing clips and brackets to hold the sink down.

In simple words, a cast iron sink is an exception and doesn’t need clips to hold it down, thanks to its heavyweight and robust structure.

When to install kitchen sink clips?

If your kitchen sink appears to be bent or twisted out of shape, then it’s high time that you install kitchen sink clips.

Sometimes, you may have to reinstall clips as it will help in both pulling the old sink down as well as securing it.

What are different type of sink clips?

In general, there are mainly two types of sink clips depending upon their attachment location.

Type 1 is attached to the decorative RIM on the other end.

Type 2 is attached directly to the sink usually on the other side.

For your information, both types have one end on the underside of the countertop.

What type of sinks need clips?

Trust me, we’ve asked this question numerous times.

So, we decide to answer it on the blog so that a wider range of audience and end users can get benefited.

Sounds, good?

Do undermount sinks need clips?

To be honest, all the under-mount sinks need clips in order to prevent them from shifting or getting misplaced.

In order to hold an under-mount sink in the right place, you need to either use adhesive or sink clips.

If you’re planning to install an under-mount sink then it’s your responsibility to ensure that it is properly supported.

In general, kitchen sinks are used for washing dishes and utensils so if in the absence of good support your sink can fall on the ground and get damaged along with the dishes and utensils present in it.

So, it’s REALLY necessary to place clips at the bottom of the sink.

Do drop-in sinks need clips?

Similar to under-mount kitchen sinks, most of the drop-in sinks need clips for support and stability.

For locking the sink down, you would be needing other adhesives and silicone caulk.

The good thing about the drop-in sinks is that they are less expensive as well as easy to install as compared to an under-mount kitchen sink.

In layman’s terms, sink clips help in increasing the lifespan of a drop-in sink by preventing it from falling and keeping it intact in the right place.

Where do you use kitchen sink clips?

I hope now aware of the fact that sink clips are very important for lighter kitchen sinks.

So, let’s see how can we use a kitchen sink clip.

Of course, a cast iron kitchen sink is an exception and we’ve already discussed it.

These clips are used at the bottom of the sinks.

Well, you’ve to attach them to the rim of your sink at the bottom alongside glue, silicone caulk, and other special adhesives.

And, the best part is, if you’ve some prior plumbing experience then you can expedite the process on your own without needing expert guidance or plumber help.

Moreover, even though you’re a first-time buyer, you can successfully expedite the entire process on your own in case of a normal drop-in or an under-mount sink.

At least, add 10 to 12 clips around the edges of your sink as it will not only stabilize your kitchen sink but also prevent it from falling on the ground for years to come.

How do kitchen sink clips work?

If you’re an avid reader of then definitely, you would be aware of the fact that a stainless steel sink is lighter as compared to its competitors.

Sink clips play a crucial role in preventing a stainless steel kitchen sink from shifting.

These clips are used at the bottom and they work while pulling the sink down to the top.

Moreover, these clips play a crucial role in securing your kitchen sink on the countertop for a good amount of time.

In general, you would be needing 10 to 12 such clips for securing your kitchen sink.

These little beasts are placed around the edge of your kitchen sink.

You’ll also find the lighter sinks being attached to the cabinets with brackets which is definitely a larger type of sink clip.

Make sure to use brackets with caulk, glue, and sealant in order to optimize the profit.

How do you install kitchen sink clips?

Irrespective of the type of kitchen sink, you can install sink clips on your own with the help of some common and everyday tools mostly present in your toolbox.

By following the below-mentioned steps you would be able to expedite the installation process on your own in a hassle-free manner.

We’ve been recommending the same steps to our clientele, and the responses that we’ve received so far are mind-boggling and promising.

Let’s have a quick look at these steps and I would request you to follow these steps in the same sequence as we’ve mentioned in order to reap maximum benefits out of it.

  • First thing first, you need to ensure that the quality of your sink clips is good
  • In case, you’re planning to install a new stainless sink then make sure to cut the right opening in the countertop
  • Moving further, you’ll have to turn your kitchen sink upside down
  • Once done, you need to attach the kitchen sink clips to the rim of your sink
  • Before moving to the next step, you need to ensure that the spacing between the clips is uniform and up to the mark
  • Place the sink in place on the coutertop after you’re done with attaching the clips
  • Make sure to swing the clamps underneath the countertop material when you put the sink in place

Needless to say, the installation is quick, easy, and newbie-friendly.

However, you need to make sure that the clips are tightened evenly to prevent any last-minute misadventure.

Of course, you can save a good lumpsum by expediting the installation process on your own.

In case, you’ve got a scarcity of time then you can outsource the installation process to a plumber.

Are sink clips universal?

Of course, sink clips are universal and there isn’t any doubt in it.

Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that sink clips are widely used across the globe to keep the lighter sinks intact in place and prevent them from falling down.

The things that I really adore about these little beasts are their affordability and easy installation.

In simple words, these universal clips enhance the lifespan of your kitchen sink by preventing it from falling down on the floor and getting damaged.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your dishes and utensils as after the installation of sink clips you can be assured that they are in safe and secured hands, that’s the beauty of these clips.

Do I still need to tell you why sink clips are universal?

Best Undermount Sink Clips That Are Surprisingly Affordable As Well

So, here I come with some of the best under-mount sink clips that are worth buying.

We’ve been recommending these sink clips to our clients and the response that we’ve received so far are positive and satisfactory.

All the under-mount sinks that we’re gonna discuss in a while are available on Amazon.

‎EZ Sink Clips

EZ Sink Clips are made of metal and weigh approximately 0.10 pounds.

The manufacturer provides you with a money-saving pack that comprises 10 kitchen sink clips and also comes with a lifetime warranty which clearly depicts the confidence and trust of the manufacturer in its offering.

These durable little beasts are perfect for providing stability and security to an under-mount kitchen sink.

And, the best part is, the installation process is quick, easy, and less time-consuming.

Moreover, it doesn’t involve any sort of drilling or screwing into countertop or cabinets and thus drastically minimizes the chance of damaging, cracking, or even splitting.

I really like the fact that EZ SINK CLIPS are fully adjustable even after installation in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Do I still need to convince you?

If the product interests you then click this link and buy it from Amazon.

Artisan Adhesive Sink Clips

The Artisan Adhesive Sink Clips are definitely among the best sink clips that I’ve known so far.

In simple words, they come with almost everything that you might be looking for in your favorite sink clip.

Not only are they easy to install but also robustly constructed to last longer.

In fact, Artisan Adhesive Sink Clips are capable of withstanding weight up to 1000 lbs.

Moreover, anti-corrosion coating is right in place to protect these clips from corrosion and rusting.

Since these sink clips are made from high-quality steel so you can expect them to be durable and free from bending and other similar problems.

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‎Blue Horizon Sink Clips

The Blue Horizon Sink Clips are unique in their own sense as they are designed to support small to large sinks in any shape and size.

Like the aforementioned sink clips, these little beasts are also easy to install.

We recommend Blue Horizon Sink Clips for under-mount porcelain and stainless steel sinks of any shape and size.

These clips comprise zinc-plated stainless steel and allow the sink adjustment even post its installation.

For bonding, I would request you to use epoxy resin, liquid nail, or 100% silicone in order to reap maximum benefits.

However, the aforementioned adhesives aren’t included in the package and so you’ll have to buy them separately.

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