Best White Noise Machine For Babies

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best white noise machines for babies
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In this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of the best white machine for a baby to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, I’ll discuss the essential parameters that you need to consider for a smart buy.

Lastly, I’ll be answering questions related to the white noise machine asked by my clientele and readers of this blog.

Does it sound good?

If you’re a parent like me, then you’ll agree that making your baby sleep isn’t less than climbing Mount Everest.

Trust me, I’m neither kidding nor blabbering at all, it is my pain that has spilled out.

Like most toddlers, my baby also sleeps after trying all the random stuff I can, and you know what, all my efforts go in vain when she wakes in just a couple of minutes.

Since I’m a working woman, it becomes difficult for me to wake up the whole night, and then go to the office the next day.

I had my own share of frustration, irritation, etc.

Now, my kids have grown up, so I can sleep without any disturbance.

If I had to recall, it was nothing but the WHITE NOISE MACHINE that was a sigh of relief in those days.

Thanks to my colleague who gave me the idea of buying a white noise machine for my toddler.

I didn’t have enough information about the white noise machine, so I thought not to waste money on it until I found it really hard to manage my toddler and office together.

As we all know, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so I was doing research on my end till the time I was convinced enough to invest in the white noise machine.

Even after I decided to buy a white noise machine for my baby, the path ahead wasn’t easy at all.

Needless to say, the market is flooded with a wide variety of white noise machines, and buying one that caters to your needs and is also in your budget is a bit confusing and time-consuming as well.

After reading quite a few white noise machine reviews and getting the nitty-gritty of products, I finally got the machine that has decent features and was budget-friendly as well.

However, you don’t have to worry about the research work, I’ve done it for you.

I’ll be walking you through some of the best white noise machines available on the market to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, all the machines that made it to our list are capable of producing white noise which is incredibly soothing and thus, will make your baby sleep in just a couple of minutes.

And, you know what, if your baby is having an uninterrupted sleep, then you can relax and have a sound sleep as well.

Next morning, you’ll be fresh and energetic.

So, buy the white noise machine now and thank me later.

Nevertheless, if you’re a first-time buyer and have no idea about white noise as well as white noise machines, then you don’t have to worry at all.

We’re going to explain each and every concept in detail so that you can have enough information about white noise machine and how it works.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Product Sound TypeSpecs
Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine Sound of rushing air
  • Customizable sounds
  • Compact & durable
  • Soothes fussy infants
  • Customized non-looping sound
  • Easy to use
Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother Sounds of the womb
  • Wrist strap for carrying baby
  • Natural calming reflex
Cloud B Frankie The Fox Sound Soother Sounds of Mothers Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf
  • Auto shut off options 23 and 45 minutes
Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Sound of moving air
  • Great for restless sleepers, babies’ rooms
  • Create a relaxed environment
myBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Sounds of heartbeat, white noise, ocean, lullaby
  • Perfect for travel, car rides,
  • clip for strollers, diaper bags, car seats, cribs
Silverflye White Noise Machine Sound of soothing nature
  • Comes with remote control (25-foot range)
  • Suitable for adults, medical offices, college dorms, and apartments
SkipHop Nightlife Soother Sound of calming nature
  • Serene stars & moon projection
  • Glowing nightlight belly with dimmer control
Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Language learning in English, French, and Spanish
  • Light effects
  • Comes with remote control (25- foot range)
  • Suitable for adults, medical offices, college dorms and apartments

What is White Noise?

White noise is the sound created by combining all the frequencies of sound that the human ear can perceive.

In layman’s terms, if you combine all the frequencies between 20 Hz and 20, 000 Hz, then the resultant sound would be nothing but WHITE NOISE.

So, whenever you run a white noise in the background, it will give a sense of relief to your brain.

Moreover, your brain will not get distracted at all because white noise would mask any sound wave whose frequency will fall between the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Just for your understanding, you can compare white noise with white light as well.

Have you ever noticed white light passing through a prism?

As you can see in the aforementioned image when white light passes through a prism it gets dispersed into colors of different frequencies.

Think of white noise in the same way.

Definitely, babies find white noise very soothing as well as calming and trust me, there is a reason for it.

Well, how many of you are aware of the fact that white noise in a lot many ways is similar to whooshing sounds in the womb?

As a mother, most of us have a misconception that our babies need quiet ambiance for a sound sleep.

But, the truth is, the world is sort of too quiet for them.

When the baby is in the mother’s womb, he is used to the whooshing sound which he isn’t getting in the outside world.

To bridge the gap, a white noise machine comes into play.

In short, for newborn babies and toddlers, loudness is normal.

Again, the noise should be under control, and it shouldn’t be so loud that it would damage the hearing ability.

Well, excess of anything is NOT good for health, right?

All the credit goes to modern technology which makes it possible to generate white noise.

If we talk in the context of your baby, then a white noise machine is a machine that produces white noise to help your baby get an environment similar to the mother’s womb, and thus, the baby sleeps fast.

As compared to grown-up kids, babies are more prone to distraction especially in the night because of their immature reflex system.

In the worst case, the baby can even get afraid when suddenly S/he hears a loud noise.

White noise almost negates the external unwanted noise by masking it, thus, helping your baby to have a noiseless sleep.

So, why white noise makes you fall asleep?

I’m attaching a self-explanatory video for your perusal.

What are the Benefits of Using White Noise as a Sleeping Aid for Babies?

To be honest, it’s not only babies, you can also use white noise for sleeping as well as improving your productivity.

I know many people who use a white noise machine in their office cabins to get rid of any external distractions.

In fact, I’m also not an exception.

However, we’ll restrict our discussion to only babies in this post.

It goes without saying that having a white noise machine as a sleeping aid for your baby has several benefits.

Let’s discuss each one of them one by one.

Blocks Noise

Yes, you heard it, RIGHT.

White noise machine blocks unwanted loud noise.

I highly recommend having a soundproof room for your baby, but it involves a good investment, and if you’re not in a position to spend money for your baby’s room soundproofing project, then the best thing that you can do to help your baby get a sound sleep is to place a white noise machine in the baby room.

Don’t worry, it will NOT cost you a fortune.

White noise machine will block the noise coming from other rooms as well as home appliance’s sound.

By masking all the external noise, the white noise machine will give your baby a perfect environment to sleep for a longer duration without any disturbance.

A Perfect Environment for Baby Sleep

If you’re a mother, then you must be well aware of the fact that almost every baby has sleep arousals that last for at least 20 minutes, after which it becomes really difficult for the baby to go into deeper sleep.

Being a mother of two, I’ve experienced this quite often.

What actually white noise machine does is, it allows your baby to navigate through these arousals, helping your baby to remain asleep for a longer period of time.

Stress Reduction

Well, you may be wondering what am I blabbering, right?

It’s fact, stress reduction is one of the benefits that come with a white noise machine.

If you’ve just given birth to a sweet baby, then the probability is high that you may be wondering, what could stress your baby, right?

Trust me, a lot of things, indeed.

New faces, a different source of noise, the excitement around the baby, and WHAT NOT.

A white noise machine will reduce your baby’s stress by blocking the simulation.

Your Baby Won’t Cry a Lot

Yes, your baby will not cry a lot, when he is exposed to a white noise machine.

White noise to a large extent is similar to whooshing sounds in the womb, and so your baby will have a sense of relief as he will find the environment similar to the one he had in his mother’s womb.

I’m not telling you to trust my words.

In fact, you can expedite a simple experiment.

All you need to do is, switch on the white noise machine whenever your baby is crying, and you’ll find that in a couple of minutes, your baby will stop weeping.

A Reduction in the SIDS Risk

I’m assuming that most of you are not aware of SIDS.

Well, SIDS can be abbreviated as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

In layman’s language, SIDS is a sudden and unexplained death of infants who are less than a year old, and the worst part about SIDS is that most of the deaths occur in their sleep.

A white noise machine can help in the case of SIDS because of white noise-reducing active sleep which is the state in which SIDS mostly occurs.

It Helps You to Achieve your Daily Dose of Sleep

It is quite obvious that if your baby is having an undisrupted sleep, then you’ll also reap the benefit of it.

Trust me, you’re fortunate if being a mother you’re able to achieve your daily dose of sleep.

Needless to say, being unable to get sleep for a longer duration of time may affect you adversely, and in the worst case, you may be exposed to diseases such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

After going through the benefits of using a white noise machine for your baby, I’m sure that you’re convinced enough to take ACTION.

Buying Guide

Since you’re in a buying mode, I would like to quickly walk you through the parameters that you must look for when buying a white noise machine for your baby.

Neglecting these parameters may lead to erroneous buying.

However, if you’re not a first-time buyer or a newbie, then you can skip this step, and go directly to the white noise machine review.

Sleep Timer

When you’re planning to buy a white noise machine for your toddler or newborn baby always look for a sleep timer.

Well, if you don’t know what a sleep timer is, then let me tell you, it’s a kind of timer that pre-sets the timer so that the countdown starts when you switch on your white noise machine.

The countdown will become zero after the time you’ve pre-set it to switch off, and as a result, your machine will switch off.

It is similar to the timer you have for races, etc

The good thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere to look for the timer.

In fact, almost all the white noise machine that made it to our list comes with a sleep timer, interesting, isn’t it?

Well, there are white noise machines that come with an automatic sleep timer.

An automatic sleep timer will switch off the machine after the time it is programmed to do.

The flip side of the machine having an automatic timer is that you can run it for the whole night.

Remote Control Enabled

Unfortunately, not all the white noise machine comes with remote control.

I always prefer a white noise machine that comes with a remote control because it helps me switch off the machine when my baby falls asleep without going into her room.

This is just one of the benefits of remote control enabled by the white noise machine.

It goes without saying that it is not at all possible for me or anyone else to be physically present in the baby room all the time to operate the white noise machine.

So, remote control is a must as it allows you to operate the machine remotely.

The Way Machine is Powered

The way a white noise machine is powered is an important parameter because it can dictate the price of a machine.

Most of the white noise machines can be powered through a USB plug, an electric outlet, or batteries.

The battery-powered white noise machine is more portable but at the same time is expensive as well.

However, if you’re on a shoestring budget, then the best thing that you can do is to buy a rechargeable machine.

It will not only save money in the long-term but also, you’ll not have to compromise on the portability front.


White noise machines produce a wide variety of sounds.

To name a few- animal sounds, ambient nature sounds, and fuzzy static noise.

I would never advise you to settle for a white noise machine until you find the sound is best to soothe your baby.

Checking various machines for types of white noise produced will help you to get the bigger picture.

In case, you lack time, then I would suggest, you should check our best white noise product review section.


Personally, I don’t give much importance to the appearance of the white noise machine.

For me, the important thing is that the white machine should be able to help my baby sleep fast as well as without any distractions.

However, I know a few of my clients who are very particular about the decor of their baby’s room.

They like the product that is aesthetically appealing.

So, if you’re also a parent for whom the appearance of the machine matters a lot, then you should definitely check our white noise machine recommendation.

Trust me, chances are next to impossible that you’ll get disappointed.

Types of White Noise Machine

Like the previous section, types of white noise machines will give more clarity on the things that you’re looking for in a white noise machine.

Needless to say, each type has its own PROS and CONS.

A type may or may not cater to your requirements.

I’ll also not deny the fact that more than one type will suit your requirements.

Plug-in White Noise Machine

By the name itself, you can easily figure out this type of white noise machine.

The plug-in type of white noise machines are the ones that come with a plug.

All you need to do is to plug-in the machine into the electrical outlet.

Let me tell you, in case, you’re planning to buy a plug-in white noise machine, then you’ve lots of options to choose from.

On top of it, you don’t have to worry about conserving power.

Until and unless you’ve got a problem with your electrical outlet, this machine will run hassle-free.

If you want to use a white noise machine for your baby’s room, then plug-in is definitely good to go.

Portable White Noise Machine

You’ll need a portable white noise machine in case, you want to travel with your baby.

Since portable white noise machines are powered by batteries, you can use them anywhere.

In fact, you don’t have to roam here and there in search of an electrical outlet.

To my knowledge, the latest machines come with rechargeable batteries, so you can charge the machine using a USB cable.

So, you should always think before buying a white noise machine whether you’re going to use it only indoors or for travel as well.

And, accordingly, make a buying decision.

 I totally agree that a portable white noise machine will cost you a few more dollars, but at the same time, it will also save a good amount of money in the long run by preventing you from buying another white noise machine for travel purpose. 

Stuffed Animal White Noise Machine

Did you find the name scary?

As the name suggests, the machine is encased in a stuffed animal.

Oh… don’t get me wrong.

The animal is not REAL.

When it comes to searching for the best white noise machine for toddlers, this is a good option.

This machine is very popular among the parents as well because with the machine you get a toy as well.

The machines and the toys can be separated easily, so you’ll not have any problem with cleaning the toy.

Combination White Noise Machine

If you’re looking for a white noise machine for your toddler with some additional features, then consider buying a Combination White Noise Machine.

An alarm clock, a baby monitor, and a night light projector are some of the features that you can expect from a combination white noise machine.

It is highly advisable to decide on the type of machine before going shopping.

In case, you’re confused with the type of machine, then do the reverse engineering.

Consider a type and start thinking backward to check whether the machine matches your requirements or NOT.

Well, this is not the only way, there are many ways to narrow down on the choices.

It is just that I follow the aforementioned method.

Enough of the “theoretical knowledge”, now it’s time to dive deep into the practical aspects of the product.

White Noise Machine Reviews

A total of eight products were added to our list. We will be discussing each one of them in detail so that you can use the information for making the decision.

In each product review post, I say that there is NOTHING like the “best product”.

Best is a relative term, and the product that caters to your requirements and budget may not suit mine and vice-versa.

So, before reading the product review, think about the money you’re willing to spend on a white noise machine and also about the must-have features.

Trust me, it will make your work easy.

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

The Marpac Classic is one of the first few white noise machines that was used to help people sleep faster.

This company came up with its first white noise machine in 1962, and since then the Marpac Dohm has become a household name.

It comes with a dual-speed setting and you can choose any of the two; high or low by just flipping the switch.

premium quality white noise machines for babies

In case, you’re not happy with the tone of the sound, then Marpac Dohm gives you an option to fine-tune it.

If you’ve never used a white noise machine before, then you can think of Marpac Dohm as a fan that produces the sound of rushing air without disturbing the actual air.

You can use this machine in cold conditions as well as in the winter season because it doesn’t blow it directly to your baby’s face.

As said earlier, this is not a visually appealing white noise machine.

It looks simple but performs extraordinarily well.

Of course, I want this machine to have a timer at least so that you don’t have to manually switch ON/OFF it.

In case, you’ve bought Marpac Dohm, and you’re thinking of upgrading to a sophisticated white noise machine for your baby, then you can use it for yourself.

It will not only help you to get a night of better sleep but will also enhance your productivity in your workplace.

For your favorite sound selection, all you need to do is rotate the cap and collar.

It comes in four colors: white, black, gray, and tan.

Select the one that syncs well with your home decor.

The machine is user-friendly, and even though you’re using it for the first time, the entire operation would be hassle-free.

Well, you’ll not get confused at all because it has ONLY a single switch for the selection of sound (High, Low).

Once you’ve selected the volume as per your requirement, all you need to do is, twist the machine to fine-tune the tone.

The fine-tuning tone will help you to find the sound that is your choice as well as give a pleasant experience.

All in all, a great option to try if you’re looking for a fan-based sound, and want to stay away from digital looping.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Trust me, being a Mom of two sweet babies, I can say that Baby Shusher Sleep is perfect for me, and most probably for you as well.

It is really easy to correlate with the shushing sound because as a parent at some point in time we’ve definitely used this sound to calm our babies.

Once you’ve Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother next to you, no need to worry about the shushing sound.

top 10 white noise machines for babies

In fact, you’ll not get tired at all by producing this sound for a long time.

The machine will do it on your behalf till the time your baby calms down.

Definitely, the machine delivers as per the expectation.

You don’t have to be physically present to switch ON/OFF the machine.

It comes with two timer options; 15, 30 minutes.

So, set the timer as per your baby’s behavior.

If you feel that your baby will sleep quickly then opt for 15 minutes timer else try the other option.

If your baby is crying while you’re trying to make her sleep, then exploit the built-in volume control feature.

Once you increase the volume, the baby will calm down.

The good thing about this white noise machine is that you can take it anywhere along with your baby as it is battery-powered with a battery life of 10 hours.

So, whether you’re going camping or trekking, this machine is going to take care of your baby in the best possible manner.

Personally, I feel Baby Shusher for Babies is the perfect white noise that any parent would want to have in their home.

The credit goes to the real human voice that comes out of the machine.

Trust me, even as an adult it wouldn’t be easy to distinguish between the real human voice and the sound coming from the machine.

On top of it, the machine comes with a removable wrist strap that will help you carry your baby anywhere while putting him to sleep.

The design is simple and cleanliness-friendly.

Of course, it is newbie-friendly and you’ll not have any problem operating it.

Cloud b Frankie The Fox Sound Soother

The unique thing about Cloud B Frankie sound soother is that it is a stuffed animal sound machine.

It would be wrong to say it is a white noise machine.

cheap white noise machine for babies

But, at the same time, it performs really well when it comes to soothing and calming your baby.

The machine is capable of producing 8 soothing sounds and melodies.

You don’t need to worry at all if your baby makes the stuffed animal dirty because it can be removed from the machine and washed separately.

Moreover, it comes with 2 timer options: 23 minutes and 45 minutes.

You can operate the machine without being physically present in front of it.

All you need to do is to set the timer and forget.

Rest will be taken care of by the machine.

It also comes with a velcro loop which you can attach to your baby’s crib.

The only thing that I miss in this machine is that it doesn’t produce actual white noise.

However, the rain sound that it produces can be considered close to white noise.

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine

As the name suggests, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is a perfect white noise machine for getting fast and undisrupted sleep.

Unlike the previous machine, it produces real white noise.

If you get distracted by the repetition of an electronic track on a loop, then definitely, you should try this machine.

affordable white noise machine for baby

The good thing about this machine is that it comprises a real fan which produces white noise making your baby feel calm and relaxed.

The machine is user-friendly, and you can easily control the airflow by simply twisting the outer shell of the machine.

The machine is compact and portable, so you can even place it on your office desk to prevent yourself from getting distracted because of the external loud noise.

However, if you’re living in the vicinity of an airport or railway station, then this machine alone wouldn’t be able to mask the loud noises coming from these places.

myBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go

Here comes the most awaited machine.

Even before we talk about this white noise machine, let me tell you, buy this only if your baby is grown enough to go with you on a walk or for some outdoor activities.

Definitely, the name of the machine is enticing, and so is its performance.

myBaby SoundSpa was manufactured keeping in mind the mobility problem.

The company wants to penetrate the market by targeting people who are looking for a portable white noise machine that they can carry with them without any hassle.

top-rated white noise machines for babies

The myBaby is designed in such a way that you can take it anywhere with you as it can be easily clipped to objects.

Since the machine is made of durable plastic, you don’t have to worry at all about cleaning.

Moreover, it comes with four sound options, so you can change the sound if your baby is not comfortable with any particular sound out of the four.

The adjustable volume helps you to select the sound as per your requirement.

The USP of this white noise for babies is its AFFORDABILITY.

Even though you’re on a shoestring budget, you can easily afford it.

Like other white noise machines, it also gives you a timer option.

However, unlike the previous one which comes with two timer options, here you can expect 3 timer options; 15, 30, or 45 minutes.

You can this machine with you while you’re traveling because it uses 3AAA batteries, but the battery is not included in the package, so you’ll have to buy it separately.

Silverflye White Noise Machine

So, your wait is over.

We’re introducing for the first time on our list a white noise machine that comes with a remote.

The good thing about a remote-controlled white noise machine is that you can operate it without being physically present near the machine.

These machines are of great help if your baby sleeps for a shorter duration.

white noise machine for baby

You don’t have to go to the nursery to switch OFF/ON the machine.

The machine gives you six options for soothing tracks.

Furthermore, it comes with two timer options: 45 and 60 minutes of continuous running.

So, by using a remote and timer in the correct way, you can help your baby to sleep fast without even being physically present.

On top of it, this white noise machine makes charging easy as it gives you two options: batteries and a USB micro adapter.

At first sight, the Silverflye white noise machine may look simple and not appealing, but as you start using it, you’ll fall in love with this machine.

This user-friendly product is both portable and compact.

For me, the USP of Silverflye is that it comes with a remote.

So, do I still need to convince you to buy Silverflye?

SkipHop Nightlife Soother

I would say your wait is over in case you was waiting for an aesthetically appealing white noise machine.

If I’m not wrong then this is perhaps the only machine on our list that is a unique blend of streamlined light and sound machine.

white noise machine for babies

It will work for you on behalf of the night bulb as it is a unique blend of dimmable light and warm glow.

The appearance of SkipHop is very similar to the bird “owl”.

The unique thing about this machine is that it gives you options to select from the best combination of lights and sounds.

Unlike other white noise machines, you’ll find the speakers of this particular machine to be covered with fabrics that will definitely add to the aesthetic appearance of your baby’s room.

Similar to other machines, here also you can control volume.

Moreover, you don’t have to be physically present to switch off the machine as it comes with three timer options: 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

Definitely, the product is easy to use.

To be honest, the USP of this product is the glowing nightlight belly with dimmer control.

Unfortunately, you can’t carry it with you when you’re going for a walk, etc. because it is a plug-in white noise machine.

All in all, a great white noise machine that your toddler will cherish for years to come especially the lightening effect is something that really engages the babies.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

So, here is the last product that was made to our list of “top white noise machines for babies“.

The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother will definitely grab the attention of those parents who want the decor of the nursery to be cheerful, bright, and enticing.

best white noise machine for baby

The first thing that will come to your mind is that the machine will be expensive, but the reality is far from the illusion.

Definitely, you can afford this beautiful white noise machine if you’re willing to spend a decent amount of money.

Just like the previous one, this is also a light and sound machine.

Trust me, it is one of the best light and sound machines that you can gift to your baby.

The biggest problem that I found with the SkipHop NightLife machine was that it was not portable.

Fortunately, Baby Einstein is “Einstein” in the real sense as it solves the portability problem for you.

Well, no marks for guessing.

It is NOT only battery-powered but also, comes with a remote.

So, you can control it without being physically present at the venue.

On top of it, you can carry it with you while you’re going camping, on business trips, outings, etc.

While your baby is in the crib he will be fully occupied, thanks to real-life imagery with motions and light effects that this machine plays.

Since the machine comes with universal crib attachment, as a parent you don’t have to worry about fitment anymore.

If you don’t want to place the machine in the crib, then you can definitely hook it to a suitable position on the crib’s railing.

I would like to bring to your notice the unique features that this machine comes with.

It is called the “drift off” feature.

The feature is very important as it prevents your baby from waking up because of the sudden stopping of the machine.

So, what it does?

After 10 minutes, the Sea Motion stops and the volume decreases.

Furthermore, after another 10 minutes, the light turns off and the volume decreases further.

Finally, at 25 minutes, the machine turns off and goes into standby mode, thus helping your baby to achieve an undisrupted sleep, isn’t it amazing?

Personally, I’m a big admirer of this machine, and I always vouch for it when it comes to finding the top white noise machine for your babies.

White Noise Machine Alternatives

Before I dive deep into the other options that you may want to try, I would like to make a point that none of the methods that we’re gonna discuss now will suffice the white noise machine when it comes to your baby sleeping.

However, if you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford a white noise machine, then definitely, you should try these alternatives.

Well, the good thing is that there is a long list of things that you can use to help your baby get a sound and undisrupted sleep.

Do you know that using old things lying in your home, you can produce white noise?

Trust me, you can, I’m not blabbering at all.

For example, if you’ve got an old radio in working condition, then all you need to do is dial it until it is between the stations, and the sound that you’ll hear is static white noise.

Congratulations, using your old radio, you produced static white noise.

Wait, the radio isn’t the only device that will help you produce white noise.

For natural white noise, you can also take the help of a white noise fan.

It produces white noise by moving air blocks.

However, if you’re planning to use a white noise fan in the nursery, then you need to be a bit careful.

Place the fan in such a way that it faces away from the baby’s crib.

Meanwhile, also ensure that the baby isn’t feeling uncomfortable with the fan.

The flow of air shouldn’t be high as well and you shouldn’t be blowing cold air on the crib.

Make sure that you don’t use a white noise machine in winter.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an unconventional method, then nothing would suffice a humidifier.

Using a humidifier in the nursery room may do the trick for you.

Now, let’s have a look at the cheapest alternative to a white noise machine.

If you’ve got a washing machine, then all you need to do is to shift it next to the nursery room.

When you feel that your baby is feeling sleepy, simply turn on the washing machine for an empty cycle.

On top of it, if you’re a DIY kind of person, then what could be a better option than making your own sound machine?

Trust me, there are lots of benefits to making your own sound machine.

The best thing that you can achieve by making your own sound machine is that you can decide on the type of sound to go for, depending on what works best for your baby.

At the same time, you can customize the appearance of the machine to suit your home decor.

Hope it helps.

White Noise Machine vs. Fan

Sometimes I wonder how unique is our brain.

Isn’t it interesting to know that we can have a better sleep with the help of some constant sound coming from our background?

Have you ever felt sleepy when hearing your favorite song or watching a web series?

Let’s have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of using a White Noise Machine or Fan for sleeping.

Benefits of Using a White Noise Machine for Sleep

As human beings, we love the comparison, and there is nothing wrong with it.

It goes without saying that a white noise machine serves the purpose when it comes to sleeping or enhancing productivity by improving concentration.

You can change the tone and sound

The beauty of a white noise machine is that you can change the sound as per your baby’s preference.

In fact, you don’t have to stick with a single boring noise.

There are two types of white noise machines: Analog and digital.

The process of generating white noise in an analog machine is quite different as compared to digital counterparts.

Generally, an analog machine comprises a fan that generates noise within the device.

The analog machine has a plastic cover with holes around the top and the sides.

You can change the pitch of the sound by simply twisting the plastic cover.

Definitely, they are the authentic source of white noise and even though you’re a first-time user you can easily operate the machine.

On the other hand, digital white noise machines are becoming popular because of their ability to provide the user with a wide range of white noise to choose from.

Most of the digital white noise machines come with the noise produced by the analog counterparts.

On top of it, they also give you the option of sounds such as running water, rainfall, waves crashing on the beach, etc.

Aesthetically appealing

Aesthetically appealing products may grab the attention of those who love to have decorative and beautiful products in their home.

If you’re biased towards good-looking products, then white noise machines especially digital ones would be your preference.

The digital machines look sleek, modern, and enticing as compared to the table fan.

As compared to the table fans, these machines are compact and portable and take up less space as well.

For example, you can’t carry a table fan to the hotel room when you’re on a business trip, but at the same time, due to the small size, you can easily carry a digital white noise machine wherever you go.

Some of the product that we discussed are battery-operated and also comes with a remote, so you don’t have to be physically present near the machine to operate it.

A good option for the winter season

Definitely, you would prefer a digital white noise machine in the winter season or cold conditions as compared to a table fan.

Especially, for your baby, a fan in a cold climatic condition wouldn’t be a great option, indeed.

Moreover, the air from the fan will make your room unnecessarily colder, and if you’re using a fan merely to get rid of unwanted noise, then it’s time for you to switch to a white noise machine.

I’ll not say to buy a conventional analog white noise machine because it will have the same problem that you had with your table fan.

But, it doesn’t mean that buying a fan would be a disaster.

In fact, the fan comes with its own advantage, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

Before narrowing it down to anyone, I would suggest, that you should compare both of them relative to your budget and requirement, and then only make the final buying decision.

Benefits of Using a Fan for Sleep

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that a fan comes with idiosyncratic benefits that you’ll not find in a white noise machine.

Trust me, competition is tough, and it wouldn’t be easy to find a winner of the two.

Fans have a cooling effect

The fan comes with a natural cooling effect.

It not only helps you to heave a sigh of relief from the hot and humid climate but also, encourages air circulation in your home.

The good thing is that you can replace your air conditioner with a fan if the temperature doesn’t soar too often at the place where you live.

However, if you’re looking for a fan to help your baby get a night of sound sleep, then check for its stability, and also, keep in mind that the flow of air from the fan isn’t directly coming to your baby’s face.

A better source of white noise

You can say it is a better source of white noise or more authentic white noise, both are the same.

It goes without saying that the noise coming from your fan would sound more natural to you as compared to the digital white noise machine.

However, an analog white noise machine would give a fan tough competition, indeed.

Most of the digital white noise machines have pre-recorded sounds that play in the loop.

So, it is quite possible that you may not be as comfortable with these pre-recorded sounds as you would be with the natural sound coming from your fan.

And, the same may hold true for your baby as well.

On the other hand, if you’re used to pre-recording sound, then you’ll not face any problems.

Better ventilation

Fan to some extent will keep the temperature under control so that you can have a sound sleep.

On top of it, a fan could be of great help if you’re living in a room with less or no ventilation.

In the absence of proper ventilation, breathing properly could be a tough task and at times, you may feel suffocation.

Needless to say, things could be worse for your baby.

In such scenarios, using a fan could be a better option.

It will not only help in the proper circulation of air but also will take care of the humidity.

Definitely, a fan would be a better choice if you feel suffocated while staying in a room.

White Noise Machine vs. App

I’ve been asked quite often by my clients whether to buy a white noise machine or an app.

Today I’m going to evaluate both these products on certain parameters such as price, sound options, weight & size, headphone accessibility, power source, and timer.

Comparison of the aforementioned parameters will give you better clarity on the Pros and Cons of these products, and more importantly which of these two syncs well with your requirements as well as budget.

Does it sound good?


In the context of price, a white noise machine will cost you far more as compared to the App.

Most of the apps related to white noise will cost you somewhere around 3 dollars or so.

On the other hand, a white noise machine may cost you between $12 and $200.


The size and weight of a white noise machine can vary depending on the model you choose.

On the other hand, an app doesn’t need any extra space, you can carry it wherever you go.

Sound Option

It goes without saying that both the products come with a good number of sound options.

But, if we compare, a white noise app would have far more options as compared to the machine.

For example, the Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine comes with 6 sound options such as white noise, rain, brook, ocean, thunder, and summer night.

On the other hand, the White Noise App version comes with 40 sounds such as Air Conditioner, Airplane Travel, Amazon Jungle, Beach Waves Crashing, Blue Noise, etc.


As discussed in the white noise machine review section, most of the machines don’t come with an alarm.

In fact, they have a timer with 15 to 30-minute increments.

On the other hand, an app such as White Noise Baby apps includes timers that offer minute increments for up to 59 minutes.

Moreover, some white noise app does have an alarm feature.

I highly recommend checking the features section before downloading any app.

Headphone Accessibility

Some of the white noise machines do have headphone jacks for their listeners.

However, this machine falls under the expensive category.

On the other hand, if you download the white noise app to a device that has headphone accessibility, then definitely you can hear the sound using headphone accessibility.

Power Source

Different white noise machines come with different power sources.

Some machines have a single power source while others have multiple power sources.

The common power sources used by white noise machines are AC, batteries, or USB.

On the other hand, the power source of a white noise machine depends upon the device on which it is installed.

When to Stop Using White Noise Machine for Baby?

Well, again this is an important question, and trust me, every mother has it in their mind.

It goes without saying that many of my clients have asked me this question time and again.

To be honest, answering this question is a bit of confusion for me as well.

In fact, there are quite a few parameters that one needs to consider before making the decision to NOT use white noise machines anymore for their kids.

As we all know excess of anything is not good for the health, so it is highly advisable that you should never expose your baby to white noise for a longer duration on a daily basis.

Your baby may have to suffer from hearing problems ONLY IF you’re not careful about the volume.

It goes without saying that exposure to white noise at high volume can cause a hearing problem NOT only for your baby but for you as well.

The other problem that the baby may have to face is the addiction to white noise.

This happens only if you’re getting too dependent on a white noise machine for your baby’s sleep.

Definitely, continuous exposure to white noise for a longer duration may lead to its addiction.

And, the same rule holds true for you as well.

Well, the problem only starts arising when your baby gets used to the white noise machine.

What I mean is that if someone switches off the machine, your baby immediately awakes.

As per my knowledge, using a white noise machine at a lower volume wouldn’t cause any harm as such to your baby.

But, at the same time, once your baby is around 1.5 years old, try to reduce your baby’s dependency on the white noise machine.

What I’m preaching to you, the same thing I’ve done for my baby as well.

All you need to do is to slowly reduce the use of a white noise machine by switching it off when your baby is asleep.

You don’t need to be physically present in the nursery to switch off the white noise machine.

Either you can set a timer or you can switch off the machine using a remote.

However, it is really important for you to know that all the white noise machines don’t come with a remote.

It will not take more than a couple of months for your baby to get accustomed to the normal environment.

Definitely, in the starting, your baby may feel uncomfortable sleeping in the absence of a white noise machine for a longer duration, but slowly and gradually, this problem will fade away.

All in all, a white noise machine wouldn’t be a problem for your baby until and unless the baby is highly dependent on it for a peaceful sleep.

The potential risk associated with a white noise machine

There is nothing perfect in this world.

Everything comes with the baggage of Pros and Cons.

And, the white noise machine isn’t an exception at all.

The biggest problem that I see a white noise machine can cause to your baby is the hearing problem.

But, it will only happen if you use a white noise machine at a very high volume to help your baby asleep.

As a parent, if you’re using a white noise machine on a mild or low volume, then your baby shouldn’t have a hearing problem at all.

Moreover, if you’re exposing your baby to white noise continuously for a longer duration, then the baby may have delayed speech development.

However, every baby is different, and the environment in which they grow is different.

If you’re living in the vicinity of an airport or railway station, then I would highly recommend you, soundproof your baby’s room.

Because of airplane landing and flying 24 * 7, a white noise machine is neither desirable nor sufficient to help your baby fall asleep fast.

In any circumstances, never cross the recommended white noise level (50 decibels) else your baby may have a hearing problem.

Another thing that most of the parents brush aside is the distance between the white noise machine and the baby.

Remember, the minimum distance between the machine and your baby should be 7 feet.

If your baby’s room is smaller place the machine in the next room, but never compromise on the distance.

Over-Dependence on the Machine

Whether it’s your life or something else it’s never good to rely on one thing, right?

In today’s world, it’s good to have multiple sources of income.

Well, I’m not at all deviating from the topic rather I’m just trying to make my point that by having multiple options you reduce your risks.

It goes without saying that some of my clients solely rely on the white noise machine to help their baby achieve a sound sleep.

If you’re also having a similar intention, then let me tell you, it may not be good for your baby in the long run.

It may not sound to you as a problem until your baby has to sleep away from home where the white noise machine isn’t available.

In the absence of a white noise machine, it would be really difficult for you to help your baby achieve a sound sleep.

So, try to avoid over-dependency on a white noise machine.

However, the good news is, that you can easily wean off the white noise machine when it comes to your baby sleeping.

All you need to do is, set a regular pattern and a proper routine for your baby to sleep once the baby becomes a year old.

The problem will ONLY arise if you do not take any action to wean off the white noise machine.

Well, in this section, I’ll be taking some frequently asked questions from my clientele as well as readers.

In case, you’ve any doubts or queries on the topic, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

It’s A Wrap

I hope you would have enjoyed every bit of this idiosyncratic piece of information.

So, which is your favorite baby white noise machine?

What is the budget that you’re willing to spend on a white noise machine?

When it comes to buying a white noise machine for my baby, I always give preference to the ones that are portable and come with a remote.

However, your preference may vary and it’s totally fine.

Time and again, I’ve said that there is nothing like the best white noise machine for a baby, it totally depends on one’s requirements and budget which white noise machine will be best for them.

Lastly, share this piece of information with the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring!

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