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best walk behind brush cutter
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Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of the walk behind the brush cutter to help you make an informed buying decision.

Furthermore, I’ll also answer some of the frequently asked questions by my clientele as well as readers.

Hope it helps!

Whether it is winter’s refuge or spring’s fall, our best walk-behind brush cutters are definitely a boon to clean them with almost negligible effort.

To make things simpler and more user-friendly, almost all the best walk-behind brush cutter that made to our latest edition uses the power from the engine quite efficiently, and also, makes maximum out of the responsiveness of on-the-ground control.

Well, does it sounds good?

Moreover, whether you want to clear debris from your property or you want to enhance your performance in a professional job, these walk-behind brush cutter makes it immensely quicker as well as easier.

Needless to say, the market is flooded or a better word would be “saturated” with the walk-behind brush cutter, and the probability is quite high that you may end up buying the wrong product because of a lack of information about the product and its functionality.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

To deal with the aforementioned situation, I’ve also included a buying guide that covers all the parameters that one should consider while buying a walk-behind brush cutter.

Before I dive deep into the topic, let me share with you a piece of good news, like me, if you’re also on a shoestring budget, then keep reading, I’ve something interesting for you.

Cutting a long story short, I’ve got a budget option as well that will cater to the need of individuals who are either on a shoestring budget or have a small project to execute.

On the contrary, for bigger jobs, you need to upgrade yourself to premium offerings (high-end products).

I don’t want to keep your curiosity waiting, so I’m presenting to you all the products that made it to our list of best walk-behind brush cutter reviews.

But, before that, allow me to introduce a walk behind the brush cutter in an official way.

Especially the newbies as well as the first-time buyer will get benefited from this simple yet informative introduction.

Does it make sense?

Well, walk-behind brush cutters aka “rough-cut mowers” are mostly used for clearing the overgrown land with almost negligible tree growth.

Though some of these cutters are capable of clearing small-diameter trees still most of them are used for the purposes of overgrown grasses, bushes, and shrubbery.

Even before you plan to bring one home, I would like to bring to your notice that using them is a heavy-duty job, and may not be appropriate for everyone.

I don’t want you to invest in something that you may find later a mess because of too many machines to handle.

However, if you’ve already made your decision to buy one, then allow me to share information about all the important parameters that will help you to make an informed buying decision.

What’s better than to start with a piece of good news?

All the cutters that were made to our list of “best walk behind brush cutter review” are self-propelled, so you can expect a bit of relief in your workload :).

Some of the parameters that we’ve considered for rating these cutters are ease of use and effectiveness, price, durability, etc.

I’ve talked about the parameters in detail in the buying section.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

walk behind brush cutter review

Swisher WBRC11524- Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter For the Money

After trying quite a few walks behind brush cutters, I can firmly say that Swisher WBRC11524 is the best walk behind brush cutters for the money.

But, simply giving an enticing statement will not fetch any result. No one will buy my thought or idea.

So, to make my point, I would like to throw some light on the brand Swisher.

I know most of you’ll be well aware of the brand Swisher.

However, for those who are listening to the name Swisher for the first time, l would like to talk a little about the former.

First and foremost, Swisher is a well-known and trusted brand in the outdoor lawn care equipment category.

The USP of this company is its focus on the consumer-grade market rather than the professional-grade.

You shouldn’t take it as a bad thing especially if you’re a DIY kind of person or an average consumer like a homeowner.

Well, at times, it does present some real limitations.

Before we go a step deeper, I would like to remind you that Swisher is a fairly experienced and established company.

 Though I’ve picked Swisher WBRC11524 as the best value-for-money product, still I would like to bring to your notice that it may not be the best-performing cutter on the market and is definitely not suitable for the commercial purpose. 

You may be wondering, why it made our list, right?

Be patient, I’ll bring to your notice all the reasons that forced us to term Swisher WBRC11524 as the best value-for-money walk-behind brush cutter.


This cutter is highly economical, and it is one of the few that allow you to have your job done at a fraction of the cost as compared to its close competitors and counterparts.

In short, it is one of the least expensive walks behind brush cutters on the market, yet it is one of the easiest as well as highly effective brush cutters to use.


You’ll be astonished to know that it is the smallest cutter in terms of size that made it to our list.

However, it still features a 24″ deck which is an industry-standard if we talk about consumer-grade brush cutters.

Well, now I’m gonna try to grab your attention by throwing some light on the idiosyncratic features that this Swisher cutter possesses.

Can anyone guess?

Do you know that this Swisher brush cutter beats all its competitors when it comes to the height range of the deck?

So, in layman’s term, what does that mean?

Well, this Swisher brush cutter features both the tallest maximum cutting height as well as the minimum cutting height at 4 (3/4)” and 3″ respectively.

Isn’t it something mind-boggling?

So, if you’re a newbie or a first-time buyer, then you may be inquisitive about the value that this feature brings to the table, right?

This brush cutter is quite helpful and the best part is that it provides you with the much-needed wiggle room when you’ve to deal with a pile of brush long-neglected and also, allows you to grow too tall for other brush cutters.

This walk-behind brush cutter is capable of clearing saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter which is more than enough to tackle the densest undergrowth.

If you’re a newbie, then an adjustable height handlebar will be of great help as it will ease out the operator’s control.

Another thing that really grabs my eyeballs is the pneumatic Chevron tires.

The reason is simple, even though you’re operating in the roughest of terrains, you don’t need to worry, these pneumatic chevron tires are built to manage excellent traction in all conditions.

I hope I made my point.


Compared to the heavier brush cutters, the Swisher brush cutter is much easier to maneuver around.

The astonishing thing about this Swisher cutter is, in spite of being one of the lightest brush cutters, it features larger, heavy-duty wheels that heavy brush cutters have.

At the same time, it would be wrong to say that it is terribly fast.

Nevertheless, the 11 ½ hp Briggs and Stratton engine is highly capable of generating a decent amount of cutting power.

So, does Swisher has any CONS?

Definitely, it has quite a few that I’ll be highlighting later.

However, I would like to talk about one of the CONS that I think should be brought to your notice right away.

As per my experience, I feel the control levers are a bit fragile, especially if you’re a newbie or one who isn’t gentle with them.


The Swisher WBRC11524 comes with front and side safety deflectors. These deflectors protect against flying debris whereas a wire shield protects electrical components.

You can set up a comfortable pace using the inbuilt four-speed transmission.

Moreover, to back out of rough spots, all you need to do is to use reverse mode.

Furthermore, I would request you to watch this self-explanatory video.

It will help you to get a clear view of the product.

Pros & Cons

Well, allow me to throw some light on the Pros and Cons of the Swisher WBRC11524.


  • Good engine power (11 1/2 HP)
  • 24″ cutting deck
  • Highest maximum cutting height
  • Shortest maximum cutting height
  • One of the lightest brush cutters on the market
  • Highly affordable


  • Not the fastest cutting walk behind brush cutter
  • Less durable as compared to some of its close competitors
Why should I buy?
  • Power through the tough stuff
  • Variable height adjustment
  • Variable speed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highly affordable

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Brush Beast 36BBM17- Best Heavy-Duty Brush Cutter

There is a high probability that many of you wouldn’t have heard about Brush Beast.

They are the least experienced company that we are gonna talk about.

The product is owned by the company GXi Outdoor Power

Before we move our discussion a step ahead, let me tell you, the company isn’t BBB accredited.

So, what does that mean?

Well, it means that if something went wrong with your Brush Beast, then you may face some difficulty in getting customer service to respond.

Moreover, the company has a spotty track record even though it claims to specialize in outdoor lawn care equipment.

Does it make sense?

I know you’re inquisitive about why I included this product in the list, right?

To my knowledge and a decade of experience that I carry, this is the most durable brush cutter that I’ve encountered in recent times. Furthermore, it is the ONLY one that I know is quite suitable for commercial-grade applications.

Trust me, it is by far the best brush cutter that I’ve reviewed in recent times.

Moreover, I’ve not seen a good substitute for this brush cutter.

To my knowledge, Brush Beast is the best professional walk-behind brush cutter.

The USP of Brush Beast is, it can transform tall grasses as well as thickets into 4 inches finished cut appearance in a single pass. It is powered by Robin Subaru 22 HP.


As mentioned earlier also, if you’re looking for a professional brush cutter that can handle commercial jobs, then the first thing that you need to look for is the power that the brush cutter possesses.

And, also whether the brush cutter is capable of working continuously for long hours through the toughest of the piles.

Trust me, once you’ll start searching for a brush cutter with the aforementioned prerequisite, you’ll not find many options.

In fact, you can count the options available on the market at your fingertips.

The best option that I found was none other than Brush Beast.

The 653cc Subaru 2-stroke engine generates 22 hp of power which is more than enough to deal with commercial jobs.

  Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that Brush Beast uses hydrostatic transmission to translate raw power into usable cutting power.  

If needed, Brush Beast is capable of generating cutting speed up to 18750 ft/min.

On the downside, the cutter weighs 650 lbs which is without any doubt the heaviest as well as the least maneuverable brush cutter that I’ve come across.

Idiosyncratic Built

If we talk about power, then Brush Beast offers plenty of it.

Be it in general or for cutting purposes, you need not worry about the power.

It tops the list when it comes to sturdiness or durability.

You’ll not be astonished about the company’s claim of durability or endurance once you’ll get to know that the Brush Beast body is made of steel with a thickness of 7 ga.

Well, I’m not done, yet. To add to it, the cutting deck is a whopping 36″ with a maximum cutting height of 4″. It helps in clearing those overdue piles.

Why should I buy?

Capable of clearing up to an acre of vegetation in less than 30 minutes

Best brush cutter for commercial purposes

Heavy-duty construction- 7 gauge steel welded deck

Can cut 4 inches diameter tree trunks effortlessly and quickly

Moreover, if you’re the one who hates wasting time as well as energy in trying to pull start a brush cutter, then I’ve got a piece of good news for you.

The Brush Beast comes with an electric start functionality to help you save your precious time.

Still skeptical about Brush Beast functionality?

I’m attaching a self-explanatory video for your perusal.

Pros & Cons

Moving further, let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of the Brush Beast 36BBM17.

Feel free to contact me in case of any doubts or queries.


  • Possess great engine power (22 HP)
  • Great cutting deck 36″
  • Maximum cutting height of 4″
  • Made of steel with 7 ga thickness
  • Better cutting speed as compared to its counterparts


  • Very heavy brush cutter
  • Highly expensive

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Billy Goat BC2600HEBH- Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter For Small Trees

You’ll be astonished to know that this popular brush cutter isn’t made by an exclusive outdoor lawn care equipment manufacturer.

How many of you are aware that the parent company of Billy Goat is Briggs and Stratton?

Briggs and Stratton is a well-known experience company that specializes in the gas engine domain for outdoor lawn care equipment. (Check the current price on Amazon)

Billy Goat is the most expensive brush cutter made on our list.

But, unfortunately, it is not the best brush cutter as per our review.

However, you can’t deny the fact that Billy Goat is considered one of the premium outdoor lawn care manufacturers.

Without any doubt, Billy Goat is the best walk-behind brush cutter for small trees.

It comprises of electric start and uses a 13 HP Honda engine.

The control panel is user-friendly and maneuvering can be done quite easily at your fingertips.

Good Quality

Till now, I hope you would be aware of the fact that Billy Goat represents one of the oldest and most prestigious outdoor lawn care equipment manufacturers.

Needless to say, it is better than another consumer-grade brush cutter.

The USP of this brush cutter is the powerful Honda engine that is capable of pumping out 13 HP from 390 ccs of displacement.

The Honda engine version of Billy Goat is capable of handling 20-degree slopes.

The company claims to improve productivity as well as the profitability of the end customers,

Well, Deck is another area where Billy Goat outranks almost all the consumer-grade competitors.

The 26″ deck enhances speed and cut quality.

However, the thing that grabs my eyeballs is Billy Goat’s performance in wet as well as uneven conditions.

Well, the credit goes to the Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission feature which uses fully automatic Enhanced Traction Control (ETC) to offer superior traction in wet and uneven conditions.


Billy Goat comprises convenient control locations. As a result, you’ll never have to take your hand off the machine to shift gears.


The control panel is user-friendly, and the controls are clearly labeled to negate any sort of confusion.

The handles are Ergonomically-angled plow-style with padded grips to provide comfort as well as protection to the users.

Pros & Cons

The product review could never be complete without throwing some light on the Pros & Cons, right?

Especially, if you’re a first-time buyer, then the Pros & Cons of a product may play a crucial role in influencing your decision.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.


  • Good engine power (13HP)
  • 26″ cutting deck makes the cutting process faster and easier
  • Electric start saves your time and effort
  • User-friendly features help newbies
  • Performs extraordinarily well on uneven terrain


  • Highly expensive- Not for someone who is on a shoestring budget

(Read customer reviews)

best walk behind brush cutter review

Buyer’s Guide

As mentioned earlier also, I’ll walk you through the various parameters that you should consider while buying a walk-behind brush cutter.

These parameters will be of great help in the case, you want to compare two walk-behind brush cutters.

I would request especially the newbies and first-time buyers to go through the buying guide before making a final call.


Well, most of us, consider the power of a walk-behind brush cutter as one of the important factors when buying a cutter, right?

Alas! Nothing is wrong with it.

However, the problem that newbies or first-time buyers face is, they don’t know to judge the power of a brush cutter.

If you’re also having the same query, then keep reading, I’ll help you to judge the power of a brush cutter even though you’re hearing the name of the brush cutter for the first time.

Does it make sense?

In fact, there are a couple of ways to judge the power of a brush cutter.

However, the most common way is to look at the engine of the brush cutter.

There are two main power specifications that you need to jot down when looking at the engine: the size of the engine displacement, and horsepower generated (HP).

Do you know that larger engines have a tendency to last longer as compared to their smaller counterparts whose components usually wear out quickly?

It is good to have great engine power but at the same time, it is equally important to have great cutting power.

In case, you’ve to give preference out of the two, then always look for better cutting.

Moreover, cutting power doesn’t necessarily tell you, how quickly a brush cutter can cut though it may influence the former to some extent.

The sole purpose of the cutting power of a brush cutter is to depict what kind of brush a brush cutter can cut effectively.

In short, the limit of cutting power will help you to get an idea that whether a brush cutter is meant for consumer or commercial purposes.

The best way to get an idea about the cutting speed of a brush cutter is to look at the maximum diameter of the brush that can be cut.

Do you know, brush cutters with high cutting power, are capable of cleaning thick pieces of wood including whole saplings?


Similar to cutting power, speed is an important parameter to look for.

From the speed of the brush cutter, I actually mean its actual movement speed.

Though you may consider the engine of the brush cutter to play some role still transmission has a bigger role to play.

The other speed that we need to look for is the cutting speed which is NOT the same as cutting power.

The cutting power of a brush cutter tells you about a brush cutter’s ability to cut pieces of brush that are more than an inch thicker.

On the contrary, how fast a brush cutter will clear out thinner pieces of brush is not very important because you’ll always have the light brush to clear.

Emphasizing more on the brusher’s ability to cut thicker brushes will help you to be free from the worry of the heavier brushes.

Moreover, you can judge the cutting speed by having a look at the blade speed as well as the acreage speed.

Do you know, acreage speed is the preferred form of measurement?


Especially, in the case of heavy-duty products, durability plays a major role.

Needless to say, the brush cutter should be at par with other outdoor lawn care equipment categories.

In case, you’re least aware of the parameters that you need to consider to check the durability of the brush cutter, then allow me to throw some light on it.

The size of the engine is one such parameter.

Larger engines are NOT only known for generating more power but also have large components that are known to be more durable and less likely to break.

Another thing that you need to look for is the material on which the brush cutter body is made.

In most cases, you’ll find it to be made of steel.

If the body of the brush cutter is made of steel then it’s fine, but at the same time, look for the thickness of the steel.

Needless to say, the thicker the steel gauges the more durable they will be.

Lastly, you can’t ignore the importance of tires when it comes to durability.

Since most of the brush cutters are quite heavy and require a solid framework, tires must be fairly large and sturdy.

Let’s have a look at what deck has in the store.

When it comes to checking the quality & performance of the deck, you need to follow a simple formula.

The wider a deck is the quicker and faster it can cut brush over a given area.

At the same time, the brush cutter must be capable of generating enough cutting power to handle the amount of brush the deck can admit.

Most of the newbies ignore checking the deck suspension system of the brush cutter.

With the deck suspension system, I don’t mean just raising and lowering the deck.

In fact, you need to make sure that the system doesn’t scalp the ground while you’re busy mulching the brush.


The range is a relative term, and its selection totally depends on your requirement and the final outcome that you’re looking for.

Do you know, not all types of brushes are best mulched with the same cutting action?

So, most of the manufacturers, offer some ability to adjust the cutting action of your brush cutter in order to give you a superlative cutting experience.

You can use both functional adjustments as well as positional adjustments for the optimum result.

The performance of the brush cutter, by and large, depends on your capability to physically adjust the position of the deck.

Physical adjustment of brush cutters is very important as these brush cutters are mostly used on uneven terrains as well as are used to mulch odd brushes which are rarely homogeneous.

In short, the aforementioned event will require different heights, so you need to be good at the physical adjustment of the position of the deck.

Due to the brush piles leverage, you need to attack piles from the top and not the bottom when mulching large piles of brush.

Some of the other range parameters that are related to the brush cutter speed are cutting speed and movement speed.

Without any second thought, cutting speed is more important out of the two.

Do you know, that brushes of different hardness and densities are best cut at a different speed?

Still, confused?

Let’s understand it with an example.

Harder materials must be cut at a different speed as compared to softer materials.

Nonetheless, at top speed, most brush cutters are capable of cutting any type of material.

But, that is NOT the correct way to operate a brush cutter.

It may shorten the product’s lifespan drastically.

In certain scenarios, you may need to keep track of how fast a brush cutter moves.

Feel free to ask your doubt or query related to walking behind the brush cutter in the comment section.

Ease of Use

Lastly, I’m gonna talk about the ease of use parameter.

Though this is an important parameter for all sorts of brush cutters still its relevance increases multiple folds when it comes to dealing with a consumer-grade brush cutter.

The reason is quite simple, professional landscapers rarely use bells and whistles provided by the manufacturer.

At the same time, there is a certain ease-of-use feature that REALLY makes the difference.

For example, one such ease-of-use feature is an advanced start option.

It reduces the reliance on the pull start.

From the advanced start option, I mean turn-key or an electric start.

You’ll be astonished to know that even a spring-loaded pull start is an inferior option as compared to the aforementioned advance start options.

Another feature that is grabbing the end customer’s eyeball is the reduction in engine noise.

In recent years, manufacturers have started giving importance to the dampening of engine noise.

End users aren’t used to the loud engine noise of the brush cutters and may opt for the ones that produce less noise.

But, the same doesn’t hold true when it comes to professionals because they work with the brush cutter and are used to its engine noise.

Expansion of adjustment and their controls and quicker access to the maintenance point are some of the ease of use features that one needs to consider while making a buying decision.

At times, expansion of adjustment can be an important factor that can influence the buying decision in the context of the consumer market because first-time buyers and newbies don’t have the necessary skills honed by professionals in this field.

Professionals mostly look for features that can reduce the maintenance cost or frequency and are even ready to pay extra bucks for it.

The last feature in the ease of use section is the ergonomic handle that is either padded or features some sort of anti-slip coating.


Well, I’ll be answering some of the frequently asked questions from my readers as well as clientele.

In case, you also have any queries or doubts related to the topic, then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

What are some of the best walk-behind string trimmers?

To be brutally honest, there are quite a few good walk-behind string trimmers available on the market.

You can select one as per your preference as well as your budget.

However, I’m listing here my top three recommendations:

  • Husqvarna HU675HWT 163cc Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch High Wheel Trimmer
  • Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer
  • Cub Cadet 22-Inch 159cc Gas Walk Behind String Trimmer

What are some of the best tools to clear brush?

Well, we’ve walked you through some of the best walk-behind brush cutters available on the market.

However, you may also consider the ones that I’m gonna list below:

  • Pole Saw
  • Weed Whip
  • Pruning Shears
  • Hatchet
  • Machete

It’s A Wrap

According to my knowledge and past experience, what I can say is, the best walk-behind brush cutter is the one that can help you to finish your job for the minimum amount of effort and money.

From an individual perspective, I find Swisher to be the best fit as a solid performance at the least cost.

However, there are certain jobs that Swisher isn’t capable of handling.

So, in that case, I would recommend you try Brush Beast.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a value money brush cutter then nothing could suffice Bully Goat.

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