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best lawn edging
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Best Lawn Edging: In this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of lawn edging to help you make an informed buying decision.

Moreover, I would also be throwing light on important parameters that will help you to narrow down the options.

Lastly, I’ll respond to the queries related to lawn edging reviews in order to help you clear your doubts before you make a purchase.

In short, you’ll also have the information that a newbie, first-time buyer, or experienced gardener is looking for.

Well, to start with, most of us want a place in our backyard where we can relax after coming from our office, isn’t it?

In fact, having a backyard in itself is a luxury nowadays.

Mostly, in metros, people are bound to live in apartments with little to no option of creating a calm and private space in the backyard.

However, if you’re lucky and lives on the outskirt of the city, then definitely, you can afford to have a backyard.

But, simply having a backyard will not serve the purpose, I’m saying this because of my previous experience as a gardener.

In fact, you’ll have to work very hard to convert your backyard into a heaven on earth.

Definitely, the best landscape edging will help you to achieve your dream faster.

If we talk about the best lawn edging available on the market, then definitely, it would be difficult to narrow down on a single option.

On top of it, as a first-time buyer, you may find it REALLY difficult to select the best lawn edging because the market is flooded with a wide variety of lawn edging which may lead to confusion if you’re not well-informed about the products.

However, it is next to impossible to know about all the lawn edging.

So, what’s the solution?

No need to worry.

My team has done all the hard work for you as we’ve come up with a list of some of the best lawn edging available on the market.

All you need to do is to select one of them that best suits your requirements.

Are we on the same page?

Well, I hope so.

I totally agree with you that edging adds to the visual appearance of your backyard, but at the same time, you can’t question edging’s ability to reduce lawn maintenance costs drastically.

Anyways, a lot depends on how successful are you in selecting your best lawn edging.

Trust me, a miss fit can ruin all your effort, money, and time.

So, I would request you should NOT only go through our best lawn edging section BUT also, the buying guide section to make an informed buying decision.

Having a good knowledge of various lawn edgings would definitely help you in making a smart buy.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

plastic landscape edging

Edging creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas

Best Lawn Edging Review

Landscape Edging Material Weight (Pounds)Size
Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging CoilPlastic8.95 in x 40′
Dimex EasyFlex Commercial Grade Aluminum Landscape Paver Edging KitCommercial Grade Aluminum2.648 ft.
Dalen Products E3-16B Gardeneer Edge Pound-In Garden and Landscape EdgingPlastic18’
Dimex EdgePro Plastic Heavy Duty No-Dig Edging KitRecycled plastic20.5100 Feet
Suncast FSE10LT Edging, FlagstonePoly3.29 ft. 4 in.
Coyote Landscape Products 5 Piece Steel Home Kit Raw Steel Edging with 15 Edge PinsSteel23.48 ft
Trim Free Landscape EdgingPolyethylene4.1510 Feet
EverEdge Steel Lawn EdgingGalvanized mild steel18.25″
Greenes Fence 18 in. Half Log EdgingMetal218 in
EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging 5″Galvanized mild steel17.755″

Lawn edging serves multiple purposes. They are a boon to any kind of landscape and if you’re a gardener then there is no point that you’ll not agree with my statement.

However, you need to be well-informed about different types of lawn edging even before you decide to choose one.

In case, you’re not well versed with types of lawn edging then keep reading, we’ll discuss almost all the important types later in this post.

But, before that, let me tell you, choosing the correct lawn edging will not only enhance the visual appearance of your home but also, your financial worth.

Another benefit of good lawn edging is a reduction in lawn maintenance costs, and trust me, you can do it on your own without any hassle.

All you need to do is to select the appropriate lawn edging for beds, walkaways, borders, etc.

What actually lawn edging does is that it keeps the grass in the lawn and out of garden beds, so as a gardener you need to spend less time on lawn maintenance, interesting, isn’t it?

As per my experience, the best lawn edging is the one that drastically reduces trimming needs.

However, there are numerous lawn edging options to choose from.

Moreover, depending on your preference and taste, they can be unobtrusive or decorative.

best lawn edging

Top Rated Best Lawn Edging To Buy…

Well, moving further, we’ll have an in-depth discussion on some of the best lawn edgings available on the market.

Trust me, there are numerous things that one needs to consider to come to a final conclusion because it is something that you don’t buy every next day.

Note: The products aren’t arranged in any specific order, and I highly recommend reading the review of each product and then deciding which one caters to your needs.

Are you ready for the ride?

Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil | Best Lawn Edging For Mowing

Since Master Mark is made of hefty-weight recycled HDPE plastics, you can expect it to be environment-friendly as well as durable.

This edging is definitely among the top few which are capable of multi-functioning.

metal landscape edging

Needless to say, Master Mark is great at preventing grass from spreading. Not only that, but it is also good at making borders around planting beds.

On top of it, you can also use it to create raised layers of mulch, rocks, or soil.

The USP of Master Mark Plastics is that they are one of the largest as well as most experienced recyclers of HDPE plastics.

If you’re hearing the name of HDPE for the first time, then let me tell you, these plastics comprise hefty weight materials that do not disintegrate easily, so you can expect it to last longer.

Just for your information, Master Mark is among the first few companies that started manufacturing recycled lawn, garden, and building supplies as early as 1966.

So, you can trust the brand value, expertise, and experience that this company carries.

Even though I’ve been in this field for decades now still I wouldn’t deny the fact that placing a landscape edging could be tricky at times, especially for newbies and inexperienced enthusiasts.

However, lawn edging makes it everyone’s cup of tea because of the flexibility that it possesses.

I can say with confidence that you can use Master Mark without any hassle for even the weirdest of curves that your lawn or backyard has.

Do I still need to convince you?

Unlike its counterparts, you can easily cut it in any shape and size of your choice.

Just a sec, I forget to mention that this lawn edging is also water-resistant.

On a personal front, I literally love the look and feel of this product.

If you’re NOT aware of how it looks, then let me tell you, this landscape edging product will give you a feeling of textured, grained wood.


  • User-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Superlative flexible
  • Highly durable since it is made out of recycled plastic
  • Eco-friendly


  • Time-consuming installation process
  • May not be structurally as durable as its counterparts

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Dimex EasyFlex Commercial Grade Aluminum Landscape Paver Edging Kit | Best Lawn Edging For Gravel

The thing that I literally love about the Dimex EasyFlex Commercial Grade Aluminum kit is that even a first-time user can easily customize and install it.

Moreover, the kit includes almost all the things that you’ll need for your brick-and-paver design to be held in place.

Because of aluminum metal, this edging is corrosion, rust, and crack resistant.

In case, you want to create an eye-catching corner in a paver, then all you need to do is to connect two pieces of aluminum edging at 90 degrees angle.

everedge lawn edging

Without any second thought or worry, you can use it for walkways, patios, etc as it provides heavy-duty support.

As mentioned earlier also, the installation process is quite easy and involves three steps.

First and foremost, you need to cut the Dimex as per your requirement with the help of tools such as a hand saw.

Once you’ve completed the cutting process, you need to place the cut parts against the paver design in such a way that tab is facing out.

In the second step, you need to work on edging to secure and this can be done by hammering the included anchoring spikes.

Lastly, you need to backfill dirt or ground covering to the top of the edging.

The reason why I vouch for Dimex EasyFlex is that you don’t need expert or professional help for its installation.

I knew when you’re new to gardening, mistakes are bound to happen.

In short, if you’re not doing any mistakes it means you’re NOT at all trying to do something different.

Without any doubt or second thought, I can say with confidence that the aluminum paver edging is of commercial grade which is definitely a plus point when it comes to performance as well as the lifespan of the product.

On top of it, the company has a lot to offer to its end customers.

The product comes in the form of a kit and each kit includes 8 6-foot segments of aluminum paver edging measuring 1.6 inches tall, and 24 10-inch steel spiral anchoring spikes to hold edging in place.

You don’t have to worry at all about the desired length because the product can be easily customized.

All you need to do is simply measure out the amount of product needed for your design and cut accordingly with the help of a sharp tool such as a hand saw.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust, and cracking
  • User-friendly installation process


  • Lacks connector to attach the ends together
  • Short lawn edging
  • Less flexible

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Dalen Products E3-16B Gardeneer Edge Pound-In Garden and Landscape Edging | Best Lawn Edging For Sandy Soil

Dalen Product E3-16B is definitely one of the best landscape edgings when it comes to finishing off any sort of landscape bed project.

All the credit goes to the “shark tooth” cutting design that is capable of penetrating any type of soil.

On top of it, the product is quite popular among newbies as well as experienced gardeners’ because of the product’s lifespan, durability, as well as easy to install features.

landscape edging borders

The kit comprises 16 interlocking pieces which can cover an area of up to 18 ft.

The only thing that I don’t like about this product is its availability in only one color.

If you don’t like the black color like me then chances are high that this product may not entice you.

I highly recommend Edge Pound-In Garden and Landscape Edging for annual garden application.

Moreover, you can go ahead and install this edging in wet conditions without any hesitation as the deep ground anchors will keep it in place in any sort of weather condition.


I’m not done, yet.

You don’t have to waste a lot of time digging the trenches.

All you need to do is simply hammer it into place.

I can assure you that if you’re using Pound-in edging then the bed of your lawn will look complete and unique.

Pound-in edging comprises separate segments and each segment can be folded to create a corner.

Most of the newbies wouldn’t be aware of the advantage of Pound-in edging over the ones that sit on the ground.


As we all know that grasses spread through underground roots.

So, installing Pound-in edging would help you in blocking those grassroots more effectively since this edging extends a couple of inches underground.

This edging is known to mold appropriately as per the curves in your garden bed.

Once you’ve installed it successfully, you can expect it to keep the specks of dirt and mulch separate from the grass.


  • Strong and robust construction
  • Durable
  • Easy and less time-consuming installation process
  • Can cover up to 18 ft with the help of 16 interlocking pieces
  • No need to dig trenches, all you need to do is simply hammer it
  • Eco-friendly and made of recycled material
  • Because of the presence of deep anchors, you can use this Pound-in edging even in the extremely wet conditions


  • May not be visually very appealing
  • It may sound a bit expensive if you’re on a shoestring budget
  • Tips at the bottom are short

(Read customer reviews on Amazon)

Dimex EdgePro Plastic Heavy Duty No-Dig Edging Kit | Best Lawn Edging For Flower Beds

The Dimex EdgePro comes as a commercial kit and includes a recycled plastic coil and 8″ rustproof nylon spikes connectors.

If you’re looking for a No-Dig landscape edging that has a professional look then definitely you can consider Dimex EdgePro for your garden, lawn, flower bed, etc.

best plastic lawn edging

Moreover, this kit comprises all the materials that one needs to create clean paths.

Needless to say, this kit can be easily installed without any professional help.

Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the newbies, the manufacturer has included all the necessary things in the kit to help you save your time and effort.

Each kit comprises a 100-foot black edging coil made of recycled plastic, 40 8-inch rustproof nylon spiral spikes, and 5 connectors to securely link multiple pieces of edging.

The recycled plastics are flexible and you can easily mold them into aggressive curves.

Spiral spikes play a crucial role when in keeping the landscape borders in place safe and secured, so you don’t have to worry at all about windy weather or wet conditions.

All you need to do is to hammer spikes into the tabs and trim edging into beautiful lengths to achieve your dream landscape design.

The edge of the Dimex EdgePro is sufficient to hold the stones on the walk side as well as mulch on the flower garden side, but at the same time, if your requirement is a lot of curving of the edging then you’ll definitely need extra Dimex spiral nylon nails.

In short, the Dimex EdgePro does an excellent job with curves as compared to straight lines.


  • Water-resistant
  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Comes with an option to customize the length as per your requirement
  • Flexible
  • Made of recycled plastic


  • Not the longest one
  • Plastic material makes it structurally less durable
  • Not the best-looking edging

(Check the price on Amazon)

Suncast Flagstone Border Edging | Best Lawn Edging For Slopes

Suncast Flagstone Border Edging is a well-known product and targets people who are interested in creating an elegant, organized, and outdoor environment.

The installation process is easy as well as less time-consuming, and anyone can expedite it without any professional help.

best lawn border edging

Don’t worry, you don’t need to get involved in the time-consuming process such as digging as certain sections of edging simply slide together and you can use things like a mallet to tap them.

Keeping in mind the compressibility that changes in weather and extreme conditions bring, these edgings are made waterproof and have a sturdy construction as well.

All these things add to its durability and you can expect it to last longer.

It goes without saying that Suncast Flagstone is among the edgings that add to the visual appearance and is also aesthetically appealing.

Enough of bragging about this product, now let’s get back to the most important thing- how efficient is it?

It really works well against weeds, grasses, and stray hoses, and successfully keeps them away from gardening beds.

Suncast Flagstone is versatile in nature and can serve multiple purposes.

Where you want to take care of the trees or the flower beds, you don’t have to worry at all.

These edging can easily create curves around your trees or even a 90-degree corner.

Unlike its close competitors which are mostly available in sets, you can buy Suncast Flagstone as an individual unit or in sets whichever suits your requirement.

Again, I’m repeating it, they have some of the best designs available on the market, and you can expect a highly decorative border once you’re done with the installation process.

Even certain models include galvanized steel to provide you with the best experience.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry at all about the styles and colors as this edging comes in a wide range of colors to sync well with your garden background.

Definitely, the styles are quite enticing and you would love to take it home.


  • Digging free and less-time-consuming installation process
  • Comprises of adequate thickness needed for lawn edging
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • Multi-purpose


  • It doesn’t have spikes that could go into the ground
  • Only the front side is textured and the back is not plain but has ribs

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Coyote Landscape Products 5 Piece Steel Home Kit Raw Steel Edging | Best Lawn Edging For Clay Soil

So, here I’m with the steel edging that is the preferred choice of DIY kind of individuals.

The USP of Coyote Landscape is the 8 feet long steel edging which is made in such a way that the entire installation process becomes a cakewalk even for the newbies.

professional landscape edging

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to delineate landscape and flower beds, gardens, and walkways from your lawn areas, then I highly recommend you consider Coyote Landscape products.

Unlike its competitors which come with a straight edging, this steel edging has rolled top which adds to the safety factor.

Moreover, the product is eco-friendly as it is made from steel which is the world’s most recycled material.

Personally, I vouch for RawEdge because it provides the appropriate condition for a natural Platino to flourish.

On top of it, the product is known to complement many product designs so as to make your work easy in case, you want to inculcate new designs.

Needless to say, RawEdge Home Kits gives you the feasibility to create clean straight runs or be more innovative.

Each kit comes with 5 ea. 8’ pieces of edging and 15 uncoated edge pins.


  • Help you to make curves as it is highly flexible
  • An additional layer of protection because of rolled top
  • Provides favorable circumstances for a natural Patino to grow


  • You can’t customize it to any length because of short pieces
  • A newbie may find the installation process a bit confusing because there isn’t any instruction available on how to install the edging

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Trim Free Landscape Edging | Best Lawn Edging For Rock

Trim Free Landscape Edging is a great product for those who are willing to pay a lump sum amount upfront and reap the benefit for a longer time.

As the name suggests, this edging is one of the few which is trim-free.

best landscape edging for mowing

However, I personally vouch for trim-free landscape edging because of its idiosyncratic design which is capable of enhancing the visual appearance of any lawn, garden, backyard, etc.

You’ll be amazed to know that trim-free landscaping edging creates surfaces that remain free from any damage even if the lawnmower wheels travel over them.

This product is 10 feet tall and has the appearance of an upscale modern brick.

It goes without saying that the installation process is less time-consuming as well as newbie-friendly.

All you need to do is to tap in the spikes or mallet to anchor edging using a tool such as a hammer.

I highly recommend Trim Free Landscape Edging if you’re looking for something that can block the weed growth at the garden edge effectively.

Unlike other edgings which are made mostly of flimsy plastic, these products are made of premium polyethylene plastic that is impact tested for durability.

Moreover, you’ll by no means see these edging getting fade sooner because they use a resin that comprises of highest industry UV-stabilizer package.


  • Several sizes and color options
  • BPA-free and FDA approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-duty and capable of resisting UV rays
  • Newbie-friendly installation procedure
  • Blocks weeds as well as grasses effectively
  • Durable because it is made of premium polyethylene plastic
  • Capable of adjusting up to 90 degrees in either direction
  • For installation, no digging is required


  • Lighter as compared to its closest competitors
  • Lacks a sufficient number of spikes

(See what customers have to say)

EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging Black | Best Lawn Edging For Bermuda Grass

EverEdge Steel Lawn edging uses a 5″ galvanized steel which has an additional layer of protection in the form of a powder coat.

Needless to say, a powder coat mitigates the risk of rusting or corroding to a great extent resulting in a high degree of durability.

best landscape edging for uneven ground

On top of it, the EverEdge Steel Lawn is highly flexible, so you can easily use it for your garden, flower beds, etc.

Since it is highly flexible so you can easily make high-quality and interesting edges.

Each pack contains 5 pieces 39” long which makes it suitable for larger estates.

I’ve got a piece of good news for people who love visually appealing products.

Well, this product is available in 3 powder-coated colors, so you can select the one that syncs well with your garden.

Moreover, you’ll find the spikes to be molded which helps this product to be installed quickly without any hassle.

Since it is 1.6 mm thick, you can expect EverEdge to perform really well in arduous situations.

Lastly, the company claims that the product will not deteriorate or rust for the next 15 years.


  • Spikes at the bottom make the entire installation procedure easy
  • Flexible enough to serve the purpose
  • High performance and low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Highly resistant to rusting and corrosion because it is made of galvanized steel


  • Comes in a single length so customization of length is compromised
  • Less water-resistant as compared to its closest competitor

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Greenes Fence 18 in. Half Log Edging | Best Lawn Edging For Yard

I highly recommend Greenes Fence 18 Half Log if you’re looking for an edging that could suffice your need of protecting the soil and mulch in flower beds.

The thing that will grab your attention is the easy installation process.

best plastic landscape edging

In fact, even the first-time buyer can install the edging without any hassle.

Moreover, to make the installation hassle-free, the Greenes Fence comes with flexible plastic backing as well as attached metal stakes.

Within a couple of minutes, you can install this edging irrespective of the shapes and sizes such as curves, circles, and lines.

In case, you’re a firm admirer of beauty and aesthetically visual appearance, then definitely this edging is for you.

Whether it’s the walkways or plants bed, the cedar satin finish gives the edging a natural look which increases the visual appearance of multiple folds.

Well, the product is highly flexible and you can compare its flexibility with other high-end edgings as well.

On top of it, this wooden lawn edging comes in a variety of heights and lengths.

As a result, you can arrange these edging according to your needs.

Nonetheless, if you prefer wooden landscaping like me, then definitely, this is a great product that you can take home.

A half-log design with a height of 5 and 7 inches is definitely gonna make your work easy.

All in all, a wooden landscape edging that you can consider for flower beds.


  • Newbies-friendly installation process
  • Comes in a variety of lengths
  • Visually appealing
  • Flexible
  • Easy to reconfigure


  • May have stability problems
  • Comparatively less water-resistant

(Check current price on Amazon)

EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging 5″ Brown | Best Lawn Edging For Uneven Ground

So, we’ve come up with the last product, and this edging is known to be highly durable.

Well, if you’re the one looking for an edging that could last for years, then definitely, you can think of considering EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging.

metal landscape edging

In fact, over a period of time, a thin layer of rust is formed over the plain galvanized steel and acts as a protective layer.

To add to it, this lawn edging has some serious advantages over its competitors.

You can create edging and lines of your choice without any hassle even though you’re using it for the first time.

This 1.6mm thick edging comes in five different colors.

Each pack consists of 5 x 39” lengths – 16.25ft in total.

Needless to say, the high quality that this edging possess comes at a price.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you may find it slightly expensive.

But, at the same time, I can say with confidence that in the long run, the product will suffice for the extra price.

So, what are you waiting for?


  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and longer lifespan


  • Water-resistant maybe not as good as some other edgings
  • Comes in a single length
  • Expensive

(See what customers have to say)

What is Lawn Edging?

what is lawn edging

Trust me, gardening isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To be a successful gardener you need to look at every minute detail.

Failing to do so, can completely ruin your effort.

Edging can be defined as the process of creating crisp lines between beds and the neighboring areas in a way that has a high visible index between the lawn and the adjoining garden.

On the other hand, landscape edging can be defined as the process of making a border around the flower bed, shrub bed, a single tree or even a transition from a patio to the surrounding garden.

I’ve seen people with the mindset that they are done once the process of mowing, weeding, and raking is completed, but the reality is quite different.

After you’ve completed the aforementioned methods, you’ve come halfway.

Of course, edging is something that you can’t ignore.

Even after you’ve cropped your lawn, the edging needs special attention else it will give a feel of sloppiness as well as work being done half-heartedly.

I highly recommend NOT to ignore the grasses along your flowerbeds, walkways, or driveways even though they are quite small.

For an aesthetically appealing garden, everything needs to be taken care of in a well-planned way otherwise the result will not be as per your expectation.

It definitely good to clean large grasses but ignoring the smaller counterpart would take away all the credit from you.

So, instead, be careful.

Even though you’re an expert in handling garden mowers, let me tell you very clearly, the mower wouldn’t do much in this case.

I’ve tried mowers of different brands, and then, I came to the conclusion that you need something better that could deal with delicate areas of your garden in a far better way.

Well, from the delicate area, I mean light poles, sharp edges, and areas in the vicinity of trees.

In case, you’re doing it for the first time, then my advice would be to take the help of a professional lawn edger.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a deficit of time, and you’re willing to spend money on landscape edging, then hiring an expert would be a great option, indeed.

Trust me, lawn edging isn’t as hard as people imagine it to be.

Anyone can do it with little to no guidance ONLY IF he is willing to learn and follow the footsteps of expertise.

The benefits of lawn edging are not only related to beautification but also, to the overall worth of your property.

Types of Edging

Before you take a final call on the type of edging you want to use, I highly recommend that you should have a piece of proper knowledge about types of edging because it will help you in minimizing the coefficient of confusion as well as narrowing down on the options available.

Landscape edging borders plays a crucial role in defining borders between spaces.

The landscape edging is highly efficient in creating a barrier between your flower bed areas as well as other areas of the landscape.

While selecting a particular type of landscape edging, it is highly important that the product sync well with the surrounding landscape as well as complements each other.

Natural Lawn Edging

As the name suggests, natural lawn edging is a kind of edging that gives you a feel of the natural look and can sync well with almost all types of landscape.

Moving further, we’ll also throw light on some creative lawn and garden edging ideas that you can use as it is to make your lawn a beautiful haven on planet Earth.

For natural edging, you don’t need any specific set of materials.

All you need to do is to use materials that are natural and available in abundance.

For example, you can consider using plants, mulch, rocks, and wood.

Plant Edging

Plant edging is one of the common methods used for lawn edging.

The cost involved in the process is almost next to negligible.

Ornamental grasses, ground covers, flowers, and little shrubs are some of the options to consider.

In fact, you can even grow grass in your backyard, so the opportunity is massive, and you need to do is to exploit it in an effective way.

Rock Edging

I’m assuming that you’re well aware of the fact that rocks are used extensively in creating walls for flower beds.

Irrespective of the type of landscape, rock edging holds a position that can’t be challenged or degraded.

Because of its unique and simple look, it is quite popular among various types of landscapes.

Rock edging is definitely a popular form of edging that is used for lining the outside edge of pools or garden ponds because of its capability to have a nice polished look.

Wood Edging

Wood edging is highly known for its types of styles and looks.

Whether you’re interested in a natural look or a decorative one, wood edging will serve the purpose.

Landscaping timber and railroad ties are the two popular offerings under the lawn edging category.

However, as per my experience, I would never suggest that you should use treated wood as it can NOT ONLY impact the plant adversely but also, the insects that are highly beneficial for your garden.

At the same time, I’ll not deny the fact that most people prefer to use treated wood because they don’t deteriorate over time.

On the other hand, untreated woods need to be replaced from time to time.

In short, treated woods help you to save a good amount of money.

Nonetheless, I never recommend treated wood because it may cost you a lot in the long run.

The untreated woods are environment-friendly.

On top of it, the untreated woods enrich the soil as well.

Nevertheless, it is equally important for me to highlight the drawbacks so as to help you make an informed buying decision.

Unfortunately, the untreated woods are hard to adjust to the curves that you’ve on your edging.

You’ll need to put extra effort to adjust to the wood as per the curves, but once you’ve been successful in doing so, you’ll find the untreated wood to create a natural appearance that will beautify your garden multifold.

Mulch Edging

Mulch edging is generally achieved by scrapping the grasses from the outer edge of areas like walkways.

For a better appearance, it is recommended that the grasses are scrapped homogeneously.

Once you’re sure that the scrapping of grass is as per your expectation, all you need to do is to fill the spots with mulch.

Mulch edging comes with lots of flexibility and can serve the purpose even though the existing area alters in shape or size in the future.

Landscape Timbers

If you would’ve done any sort of research related to landscape edging, then definitely, you will agree that landscape timbers are quite popular.

They are easy to install and even the first-time buyer can expedite the installation process without any professional help.

Landscape timbers are known to create natural frames around the flower beds.

They come in different shapes and sizes such as square-edged, oval, etc.

Most of them, have two wide flat sides as well as two narrow rounded sides.

You can even find some having rounded sides but the overall dimension is square in appearance.

Lastly, a few have square bottom edges and a rounded top.

Spade-Cut Edging

It goes without saying that spade-cut edging is definitely the most used edging.

However, it requires a shallow trench dug around the boundary of the bed, so you can expect the installation process to be time-consuming.

If you want to beautify your garden then definitely you can think of using spade-cut edging as it adds to the elegance when done RIGHT.

You’ll be astonished to know that they don’t need any other materials and can perform really well on both sloped as well as level sites irrespective of the landscape present in the vicinity.

Simulated Lawn Edging

Well, simulated lawn edging is the ones that include materials such as metal, plastic, brick, etc.

Here, it is important for you to understand that the aforementioned materials need to be pre-formed.

You can pick from a variety of options such as dull, bright, textured, smooth, etc.

Even you can select blend or contrast colors from the surrounding landscape.

Masonry Edging

Masonry edging is known for its styles and definitely, you can create different patterns with them.

If you’re looking for a kind of edging that is formal as well as sophisticated then definitely, you should try brick and concrete lawn edging.

Unlike other edgings, Masonry edging doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

All you need to do is to follow the “set and forget” method wherein you don’t have to worry at all about the edging after the installation process has been completed.

Needless to say, all the credit goes to the nature of the material as they are extremely resilient.

The only problem that I see with this type of edging is their height.

Make sure they are low enough else they may damage your lawnmower.

If you’ve more curves in your backyard then prefer brick edging and for straight lawns concrete is perfect.

Plastic Edging

Plastic edgings such as vinyl are highly affordable as well as widely chosen.

You can even use them as fences.

In terms of look and appearance, you can compare it with a stimulated lawn that gives a formal look.

It gives a clean and tidy appearance, so you can use it to beautify your yards as well.

The only thing that I don’t like about plastic edgings is their inability to perform in cold conditions.

In case, you expose them to cold conditions for a longer duration, they will have cracks.

Of course, durability is a point of concern with these plastic edgings.

Steel Edging

It goes without saying that steel edgings are highly durable as well as have a longer lifespan.

Needless to say, metal lawn edging uses materials such as aluminum and steel which are both adaptable to curves as well as solid for straight lines.

On the downside, a lack of care and maintenance can rust them quickly and fastly.

Creative Lawn Garden Edging Ideas

Well, I’ll be sharing some really cool and creative lawn garden edging ideas with the help of pictures so that you can have a better understanding of different types of edging.

Timber Garden Edging Ideas

timber garden edging ideas
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Stone Garden Edging Ideas

stone garden edging ideas
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Wooden Garden Edging Ideas

Wooden Garden Edging Ideas
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Garden Edging Ideas for Flower Beds

Creative Garden Edging Ideas

creative garden edging ideas
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How to install plastic landscape edging as a beginner?

Well, I’m assuming that you’re a beginner and so, I’ll be explaining step by step procedure of installing plastic landscape edging from scratch.

Moreover, I would suggest you should refrain from skipping any of these steps for optimum results.

As we all know, plastic landscape edging is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to bifurcate the landscape beds from your lawn.

The divider gives an idiosyncratic look to your backyard and even though you’re a beginner you can install it over a course of an afternoon.

I’ve divided the entire installation process into five steps. In case of any doubt or query feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Area Selection

It is very important for you to know approximately the area that you’re willing to cover with the plastic edging in order to prevent yourself from buying extra edging.

Plastic edging can definitely serve multiple purposes.

For example, you can use it around ponds, landscaped beds, trees, and so on.

First and foremost, you need to determine the amount of plastic edging you need for your project.

Use spray paint to mark the desired area, and then measure the marked area to make an estimation of the amount of plastic edging that you’ll need.

While purchasing plastic edging never compromise with the quality and make sure that it is at least 5 inches wide.

Refrain from flimsy plastic as it will get damaged in a couple of months.

Trench Digging

Using a trench-digging tool, dig a trench as per your requirement.

It is a very important step where most of the newbies do the mistake.

The depth of the digging should be enough to prevent the grass from creeping.

My suggestion would be to dig at least 6 inches if NOT more into the ground.

Install Plastic Landscape Edging

Once you’re done with the digging, unravel the plastic edging and cut it as per your requirement.

Now, you need to push it down into the trench until 1/4 inch is visible above the ground.

Fill the empty space next to the edging in the trench with the soil in such a way that the soil settles tight and holds the edging firmly in place.

Use Stakes for Curved Edging

All you need to do is to drive landscaping stakes through the plastic and into the lawn horizontally in such a way that it holds the edging firmly in place for curves around the landscaping beds.

This step is directly related to the performance, so you need to be very careful while executing it.

Water the Edging

Once you’re done with the installation process, you need to look for loose soil, gaps, cracks, and holes.

Then, fill them with the soil.

Failing to do so can make the plastic edging loose in the long run.

Now, using a garden hose water the soil on both sides of the plastic edging to help them settle faster as well as in a better way.

If you’ve bought some extra edging then store it carefully because plastic edging gives you an option to use it later on.

The good thing about plastic edging is that it has interlocking pieces and you can change the damaged portions with the new ones without uninstalling the entire length.


In this section, I’ll be answering the questions asked by my clientele as well as readers of this blog.

In case, you also have any doubts or queries related to the topic, then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

What is the purpose of edging a lawn?

If you’re looking for a way to beautify your lawn as well as maintain it hassle-free, then definitely, edging is the solution.

On top of it, edging also adds value to your property and gives a clean line for mowing and trimming.

What can I use for garden edging?

Well, there are lots of materials that you can use for garden edging.

  • Brick
  • Sea Shell
  • Stone
  • Log Edging
  • Cinder Blocks
  • Bottle Edging
  • Bowling Ball, etc

How much does it cost to install landscape edging?

It is not easy to say the exact cost of installation because the cost depends upon lots of parameters.

However, I’m sharing with you some data which will help you to get a rough idea of the cost involved in landscape edging. (source)

Landscape Edging CostBasic BetterBest
Landscape Edging – Material Prices$60.00 – $60.50$62.50 – $63.00$63.50 – $65.00
Landscape Edging – Installation Cost$55.00 – $57.50$60.00 – $62.50$67.50 – $70.00
Landscape Edging – Total$115.00 – $118.00$122.50 – $125.50$131.00 – $135.00
Landscape Edging – Total Average Cost per square foot$2.33$2.48$2.66

It’s A Wrap

I hope that you would’ve thoroughly enjoyed every piece of information mentioned in this post.

So, which is your favorite lawn edging?

How much money are you willing to spend on your lawn edging project?

Trust me, all the edgings that were made to our list are good as well as capable of performing extremely well.

However, the selection of a product depends upon one’s requirements as well as budget.

I’ve tried to the best of my capabilities to cover all the important aspects of the best lawn edging to help you make an informed buying decision.

I’m sure that after reading this gigantic post you can guide others as well in making a smart buying decision.

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