Best Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits Review

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Best Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits Review
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It goes without saying that the tankless water heater valve kits are an important ingredient of a tankless heater.

So, you need to be very particular about making the correct choice else your tankless heater performance may get adversely impacted.

Today, we would be discussing the nuts and bolts of some of the best tankless water heater valve kits available on the market, right now.

Moreover, I would also be walking you through various aspects of a tankless water heater valve kit in order to help you make an informed buying decision.

Lastly, I would be responding to the queries related to the valve kit review to help you clear your doubts before you make a purchase.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

Best Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits Review

Well, before we dive deep into the discussion, please allow me to explain the process that we follow for shortlisting and reviewing any product on

First and foremost, our core team does the brainstorming and comes up with a set of evaluation parameters.

Each parameter is assigned a certain weightage depending upon its ability to influence a buyer’s decision.

During the evaluation process, a score is assigned to the products across the evaluation parameters depending upon their RELATIVE performance.

Finally, we sum up the score and shortlists the top performers for the reviewing purpose.

I hope almost all of you’ve now a clear understanding of our evaluation process.

Nonetheless, in case of any doubt or query, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form and our core team would be more than happy to assist you.

Does it make sense?

Webstone 44443WPR Isolator

To begin with, the  Webstone 44443WPR Isolator is 100 percent lead-free making it highly suitable for environment lovers as well as families with small kids and pets.

The installation process is quick, easy, and user-friendly, thanks to the 2-step connectivity option that it comes with.

In fact, in spite of being a first-time buyer, one of my clients was successful in expediting the entire installation process in less than 15 minutes, cool, isn’t it?

Both cleaning the components and flushing the heater is a hassle-free task, thanks to the hi-flow hose drain.

Just for your information, the Webstone 44443WPR Isolator can play a crucial role in reducing the leak paths.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

The isolator is quite popular among our clientele because of its ability to make the heater highly productive.

Furthermore, the Webstone 44443WPR Isolator is backed by a warranty on all its components which clearly depicts the trust and confidence of the manufacturer in its offering.

The support team is awesome and you can expect a solution to your problem in less than 48 hours, at least, I had a good response from the manufacturer in the past.

In simple words, the unit is a plug & play system for a standard cold water heater.

The valve assembly is of good quality and is meant to last longer.

However, I need to do some modifications since I’ve to install the valve on my EcoSmart tankless water heater.

The message that I actually want to convey to my readers is that you might have to modify the valve handles depending upon on tankless water heater that you’re using.

On the downside, the warranty isn’t valid if you’re expediting the installation process on your own.

The installation needs to be done by a technical or a certified professional.

Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF 3/4″ Threaded Isolation Valve Kit

To be honest, the Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF is my favorite on the list.

As compared to its competitors, the Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF has a better thermal heating ability, thanks to brass furnishing that is present on all the parts.

And, the best part is, the Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF falls under the affordable category so even though you’re on a shoestring budget, most likely, you would be able to bring this little beast home.

You don’t need any external adapter for this product as the inbuilt pressure release valve will do the trick for you.

It is compatible with most of the tankless brands that come with a 3/4″ inlet and outlet.

However, it isn’t compatible with NC132M/NC380 and NCC300 Nortiz models so make sure you’re not buying these valve kits for these two models.

Not only is it certified frustration-free but also backed by a 1-year warranty which clearly depicts the trust and confidence that the manufacturer has in its offering.

On the downside, some of our clients weren’t happy with the performance of the washer and also were very vocal about slow leaks.

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Rheem RTG20220AB Webstone Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit

I’ll confront openly that Rheem RTG20220AB is the most popular service valve kit among our clients.

To be honest, I was very keen to know the reasons behind its popularity.

Any guesses?

Well, most of our clients said that they liked this little beast because of its user-friendly installation process and the reasonable price.

Do let us know in the comment section why do you like Rheem RTG20220AB in case, you’re currently using it.

Of course, quite a few of our clients had preferred the Rheem valve kit just because they were using Rheem tankless water heaters which are definitely among the BEST.

If my observations and calculations aren’t wrong then these little beasts are quite popular in California.

In fact, it offers clean brass for California low lead codes.

Since it can combine multiple valves and connections in a single part so you can expect it to have a simplified installation process.

Moreover, the model comprises mainly brass which ensures its durability and longevity.

The improved pressure release valve makes the draining quite easy and less time-consuming.

And, the best part is, the manufacturer offers you an in-built drain so you don’t have to spend on buying it separately.

The package also includes a shut-off and a flush adapter along it.

On the downside, it’s not as compatible as the ones that we mentioned above.

Also, it’s a little pricey so if you’re on a tight budget the aforementioned options could be BETTER choice.

All in all, it’s a complete package that you’ll NEVER regret investing in.

Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits | Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer’s Guide will provide you all the necessary information related to the products.

We’ve bundled all the information in one place to help you make the BEST buying decision.

It’s a known fact that just buying any tom & dick valve kit will never serve your purpose.

Well, if you’re a first-time buyer then you might not be aware of the fact that a misfit or an improper installation can NOT only reduce the performance of your tankless water heater but also give birth to a series of technical issues.

So, what’s the solution?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the important parameters that will help you in reaping maximum benefits from your buying.

  • The compatibility of the valve kit with your tankless heater is a MUST and non negotiable parameter. As we all know different water heater models have different types of fittings so it is very important for you to be aware of the compatibility of valve kit with your heater. For the best result, you must jot down the dimensions and other credentials of your tankless heater before going for a purchase to confirm the compatibility
  • It’s always good to be SAFE than SORRY, isn’t it? So, make sure the valve kit meets state and federal standards. It’s always good to be aware of safety standards and the requirements set up by the state level
  • Look for the valve kit that comes with a universal fitting and is easy to install
  • Warranty is yet another important parameter that you can afford to ignore. The longer the warranty duration the better it is. In layman’s terms, a longer duration of warranty clearly depicts the trust and confidence that the manufacturer has in its offering
  • Look for the brands that offer a good post sell service and also has a quality support team. Refrain yourself from getting attracted towards cheap manufacturers with unrealistic claims
  • It’s good to have a valve kit that has a metal or brass structure as it will handle the water pressure for long hours with ease. Moreover, they are robust, durable, and long-lasting
  • Never compromise quality over price. We always recommends quality products and encourage our clients to spend few extra bucks if needed. However, don’t blindly opt for the costliest product because it may not be a “value for money” product. In order, to help our clients as well as readers of this blog, we’ve recommended three valve kit that are definitely worth considering
  • Always good to have a valve with pressure release option. It will allow smooth and uninterrupted flow of water without any deflection of pressure
  • Check for the models that have less connections as it will not only save you time but also some money that you might otherwise had to spend on installation
  • Right sizing is equally important so in order to achieve it you must ensure that the dimensions are standard and includes front-alinged handles. By doing so, you would be able to position the handle well and configuring the kit wouldn’t be an issue even in small & compact spaces
  • I highly emphasize on having an integrated drain valve option as it allows you to flush your tank. In simple words, it will make the maintenance process much easier for you
  • Good to have a captive nut along with a proper washer as it will keep your water heater safe and secured

Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit | Video Tutorial

Well, I’m attaching a self-explanatory video tutorial for your perusal.

Wrapping Up

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this idiosyncratic superlative piece of information.

And, in case, you liked our efforts and want to appreciate us then please do share this post with like-minded people and the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, all the three-valve kits that made to our list are of high quality and worth the investment.

Not only did they outperformed their competitors with a huge margin but also have received positive feedback and rave reviews from our clientele.

That’s all, as of now :):):)

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