Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit: Is It Safe?

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Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler
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The Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit has garnered huge attention in recent years, thanks to the advanced technology and idiosyncratic features that it is equipped with.

In fact, it comprises almost all the essential ingredients that you might be looking for in your favorite descaler kit.

In order to provide you the best information and feedback, we decided to approach our clients whom we’ve recommend Haymaker Descaler Kit, and ask them whether it’s worth or NOT the money.

Saying that the response was mind-boggling and above our expectations might not convince you to buy this little beast.

So, we decide to formulate a questionnaire and ask them to rate on a scale of 0 to 5 wherein later is the BEST.

Features IzzySmartHomeGuide.Com Client’s Rating
 Brand Value 4.6/5
 Value For Money 4.8/5
 Ease Of Use 4.7/5
 Would Recommend Haymaker Descaler Kit To Others? 4.9/5
 Overall Rating 4.7/5
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HERCULES 35235 Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit Review

It’s a known fact that the HERCULES 35235 has seen an exponential surge in demand in recent years.

Of course, there are numerous reasons for it.

Let’s dive deep to discuss some mindboggling features that Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit possesses.

One of the main reasons for the 35235 descaler kit’s popularity is its ability to dissolve mineral deposits.

It can quickly and easily dissolve carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, rust, and oxides that can cause a hurdle in the proper functioning of a top-rated tankless water heater.

In layman’s terms, if you’re struggling to restore the circulation and heat transfer efficiency of your propane tankless water heater then I can assure you that Haymaker Descaler Kit will do the trick for you.

The USP of haymaker tankless water heater descaler is the Citric Acid based formula is three times as effective on the scale as vinegar and has no foul odor as well.

So, if you’ve been using vinegar for descaling your commercial tankless heater, then my suggestion would be to try this superlative kit and trust me, it will give you a mindboggling outcome for sure.

And, the best part is, the kit is both solvent-free and VOC-free which is definitely the reason why the brand is so vocal about its performance.

Frankly speaking, one of the main reasons why I prefer the haymaker tankless water heater descaler over its competitor is the former’s compatibility ability.

It is compatible with most common plumbing materials including metals, rubber, steel, PVC, etc.

And, the best part is, the kit is non-corrosive and safe for septic systems as well as portable water systems.

Of course, the haymaker tankless water heater descaler is performance-driven and is perhaps one of the best in its category.

Since it’s reasonably priced so even though you’re on a shoestring budget you can easily afford it.

We suggest our clientele use a haymaker tankless water heater descaler as a part of regular maintenance procedure of their indoor or even outdoor tankless water heater as it will enhance the lifespan.

Also, it is backed by a limited warranty which clearly shows the trust and confidence that the manufacturer has in its offering.

What We Like

  • Peforms extremely well when it comes to flushing hard water
  • Reasonably priced and the kind of work that it does clearly justifies the price
  • The pump, chemicals, and most importantly, directions are perfect
  • Enhances the lifespan of a tankless water heater

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite a few of our clients weren’t satisfied with the quality of the hoses
  • Some of our clients complained that the hoses included got corroded in the solution


As promised to our clients and readers of izzysmarthomeguide.com, we would be responding to the queries related to Haymaker tankless water heater descaler.

It wouldn’t be possible for us to respond to all the queries that we’ve received from our readers but at the same time, we had picked some of the most common and frequent asked queries.

Is Haymaker descaler safe?

Well, Haymaker descalers are completely safe to use.

In fact, it’s biodegradable and non-corrosive as well.

The HAYMAKER effectively removes scale deposits from tankless water systems restoring flow as well as heating efficiency.

And, the best part is, it uses a citrc-acid-based solvent-free formula that is compatible with most metals, rubber, steel, PVC, etc.

In simple words, a Haymaker descaler is safe for both home and commercial uses.

How do I use my haymaker descaler?

How do I use my haymaker descaler?

I’m attaching a self-explanatory video for your perusal.

How do you use a haymaker?

Frankly speaking, it’s really simple and easy to use a haymaker.

All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps for descaling your tankless water heater using a Haymaker descaler kit.

  • First and foremost, you need to disconnect power to your water heater
  • Secondly, you need to close hot and cold isolation and service valves and also remove service caps
  • Now, it’s time to prepare the Haymaker solution
  • All you need to do is to pour contents of 1 quart Hercules Haymaker Tankless Water Descaler into 1 gallon of water
  • Connect one end of hose to pump and other end to cold service valve
  • Place pump in bucket
  • Connect a second hose to hot service valve and place the other end in the bucket
  • Plug the pump and operate it with NOT less than 5 pints of liquid
  • You need to circulate solution through heater for 30 to 45 minutes with the help of the pump
  • Once done, unplug the pump
  • Close cold service valve and then replace service cap
  • Disconnect the hose from the pump and remove pump from the bucket
  • Discard the solution
  • Flush water heater for 3 to 5 minutes or until water flows water-clear by opening the cold isolation valve and allowing water to exit through the hot service valve into the drain or bucket, empty as needed during the process
  • After complete flush, drain water should be near pH 6-8
  • You need to close the hot service valve post the aforementioned step
  • Remove the hose from the service valve and replace the service cap
  • Open the hot isolation valve
  • Connect power to water heater and return appliance to service

Wrapping Up | Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being with us till the end.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I along with my core team have put loads and loads of effort into coming up with this idiosyncratic superlative piece of information.

And, in case, you liked our effort and want to appreciate us then please do share this information with like-minded people and the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Cutting long-story-short, Haymaker Tankless Water Heater Descaler is definitely one of the best in its category and is worth the price.

Moreover, it is 100 percent safe to use.

That’s all, as of now :):)

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