11 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Smart Home

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tips for smart home beginners

As a smart home consultant, I’ve come across quite a few people on a regular basis who wants to make their homes smart. Well, nothing is wrong with it. However, a piece of sound knowledge about smart homes can help them to avoid lots of mistakes. Avoiding the mistake is directly proportional to saving money. In this post, I’ll discuss … Read More

How Much Does A Smart Home Cost? [Accurate Calculation]

Buyers Guide

how much does a smart home cost

In this post, I’ll be discussing the various aspects of the smart home from scratch. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced smart home enthusiast, this post will definitely add some value.  In the end, “you will get a rough estimate of how much does a smart home cost?”. As a smart home consultant, I can say you that this is … Read More

Smart Home Automation Tips That Actually Works

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smart home automation tips

It was my longtime wish indeed to put all the information in one place. During my career as a Smart Home Consultant, I’ve faced unexpected and bizarre situations that helped me to grow professionally. Today I’ll be sharing my professional learning in the form of Smart Home Automation Tips. I hope you’ll not only cherish these 31 smart home tips … Read More