Rinnai Error Code 25: Quick Solution

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Rinnai Error Code 25
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In this post, I’ll walk you through various aspects of Rinnai Error Code 25 so that you can troubleshoot in a hassle-free manner.

Moreover, I’ll also be responding to the queries related to Error Code 25 in order to help my readers in the best possible way that I could.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin…

Rinnai Error Code 25

Your Rinnai water heater will display an error code 25 when there is a blockage in the condensate pipe.

For your Rinnai heater to work properly, a fully functional condensate pipe is a must as the purpose of the pipe is to cool down the heated water vapor so that it can return back to the liquid state, and as a result, you can get a constant source of hot water in your home.

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Unfortunately, the condensate pipe can easily get blocked and in the worst-case scenario, can even stop working if it is affected by cold temperatures.

In short, if you’re a resident of a cold climatic zone then the probability of a Rinnai Error Code 25 to occur is more.

Rinnai Water Heaters That Display Error Code 25

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  2. Rinnai Infinity 26
  3. Rinnai Infinity 26i
  4. Rinnai Infinity 20
  5. Rinnai Infinity 16
  6. Rinnai Infinity Enviro 32
  7. Rinnai Infinity Enviro 26
  8. Rinnai B16
  9. Rinnai B20
  10. Rinnai B26

Rinnai Error Code 25 Troubleshooting

  1. Turn off your hot water system
  2. Locate your system’s condensate line
  3. Inspect the line and remove any blockages
  4. Check the condensate trap
  5. Turn on your hot water system and see if the error code has gone

Nonetheless, if an error code exists even after expediting the aforementioned steps then you should consider contacting a qualified technician.

Don’t do the mistake of taking apart your hot water system as it will NOT only void the warranty but also can create extreme safety hazards for you and your property.

Moreover, if you have a condensation tube going to a pump that is also used for other purposes such as furnace or ac then you need to disconnect the tube so that water can come out.

In most cases, it doesn’t drain through the tube because of air in the line or even a pressure issue.

Furthermore, you need to have a vent in the condensate line.

If you’re running a line from the condensate trap to a pump then it must include a wye or tee in the line for proper draining.

On the other hand, if things were fine before and suddenly the error starts displaying on your heater then there is a high probability that the sensor in the condensate trap could be the issue.

In fact, the unit is internally trapped on the condensate side so you need to cut your drain line below the unit and provide an air gap or you can provide the air gap at the condensate pump as well.

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In case of any doubt or query, it’s always advisable to contact a qualified technician in order to prevent any last-minute debacle.

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