Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Sinks That You Must Know…

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Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Sinks
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Frankly speaking, if you’re planning to buy an acrylic sink then it’s really important that you’re well-versed with its pros and cons.

Acrylic is nothing but tough polycarbonate that is present in paint, windows, and even wall corner guards.

The thing that I really like about polycarbonate is that it can be molded into all sorts of home furnishings.

In recent years, there has been a sudden surge in the demand for acrylic sinks, and trust me, there are numerous reasons for it.

What Are Pros And Cons Of An Acrylic Sink?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the important pros and cons of an acrylic sink that puts it in a different league altogether.



Polycarbonate is highly flexible and can be molded into any shape of your choice.

The thing that I really like about acrylic sinks is that they are available in a wider variety of stock shapes.

Moreover, minor scratches can be easily handled with the help of some good quality car-buffing compounds, thanks to the polycarbonate ability to maintain uniform color throughout.

The surface of the acrylic sink is soft and stain-resistant, and most importantly, capable enough to muffle noise.

In order to provide you with the best possible user experience, the acrylic sinks are reinforced with fiberglass and resin.

As compared to an enamel sink, acrylic sinks are better at dealing with noises and scratches.

Acrylic sinks are lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.

Unlike enamel, steel, or composite sinks, acrylic counterparts are easier to install and even replacement can be done in a hassle-free manner.


Though acrylic sinks are robustly-constructed, durable, and long-lasting still are far behind enamel or stainless steel sinks in terms of lifespan.

Unfortunately, soft polycarbonate doesn’t stand up to petroleum-based materials so it is highly advisable that you don’t clean your paintbrushes in it after varnishing the kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, if you’re NOT handling your acrylic sink properly then it may lead to scratching and gouges.

Please refrain from using steel wool and other abrasive materials as they might cause scratches on your acrylic sink.

Even though the acrylic sink is a durable form of plastic still it’s plastic so the chances of it getting burnt can’t be negated.

Also, it leaves ugly marks that unfortunately penetrate through the surface and defy removal.

Plastic-on-metal joints are subject to vibration — such as those with garbage disposals — and may periodically work loose, leading to leaks.

Is Acrylic Good For Sink?

It goes without saying, acrylic sinks are among some of the most affordable kitchen sink available on the market.

These sinks are equipped with loads and loads of benefits, that is, easy installation, low price, and a shiny appearance.

If handled properly then acrylic sinks will never disappoint you with their service.

Both cleaning & maintaining these sinks is easy and less time-consuming.

Let’s have a quick look at some important characteristics that put the acrylic sink in a different league altogether.

  • The garbage drainage system is absolutely hassle-free
  • In general, acrylic sinks possess a shiny look that will definitely brighten up your kitchen
  • Of course, acrylic sinks are resistant to stains and to some extent to scratches as well
  • You can easily clean acrylic sinks with non-abrasive cleaners
  • Since acrylic sinks are lightweight so you can easily install them in the form of under-mount sinks
  • What I really like about acrylic sinks is their ability to withstand temperature as high as 365° F
  • Not only does it comes with an authetic solid surface but also available in a wide range of colors and styles
  • Installing of acrylic sinks can definitely help you in getting relief from noisy dishwashing
  • Last but not least, some acrylic sinks are built in with the surface that has germ-fighting properties

How Long Do Acrylic Sinks Last?

An acrylic sink can last for not years but decades if it is handled properly.

Always make sure that you’re investing in a good quality acrylic sink as you’re gonna take its service for years.

For a longer lifespan of an acrylic sink, it is really important that you are cleaning & maintaining it properly.

Is Acrylic Good For Bathroom Sinks?

Of course, acrylic is a good material for your bathroom sinks as it is a durable plastic that can take different shapes and sizes.

In layman’s terms, acrylic is a versatile material that is available in tons of shapes and colors to choose from.

Moreover, an acrylic sink can be a great option for your bathroom as it is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 365° F.

The acrylic sinks possess a shiny look that is meant to brighten your bathroom for sure.

Do Acrylic Sinks Stain Easily?

Trust me, acrylic sinks don’t stain easily and is therefore a less expensive and feasible alternative to stainless steel, porcelain, or even granite kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Moreover, cleaning an acrylic sink is also relatively easier because of its non-porous characteristic.

If your acrylic sink gets scratched, you can easily repair it in a hassle-free manner, interesting, isn’t it?

Can You Use Bleach On An Acrylic Sink?

Definitely, you can use bleach on an acrylic sink in order to get rid of tough stains.

All you need to do is to fill your basins up with warm water and add a cup of bleach to it.

Allow the bleach water solution to sit in the acrylic sink for at least 5 minutes.

Afterwards, use a soft sponge dipped in the solution to scrub away any tough stains that might be visible.

Are Acrylic Sinks Heavy?

In general, acrylic sinks are lightweight, compact, and easily transportable as compared to cast iron or other sinks.

What Is Acrylic Sink Made Of?

Well, acrylic sinks are made of acrylic backed with fiberglass and resin.

In order to provide the desired shape to the sink, acrylic undergoes heat-moulding process.

Of course, you can treat acrylic sinks as an affordable alternative to enamel or steel sinks.

Do You Repair A Crack In An Acrylic Sink?

First thing first, if you’re cleaning and maintaining your acrylic sink properly on a day-to-day basis then chances of it getting scratched, chipped, or even cracked is less.

However, if you get a crack in your acrylic sink then you can easily repair it with the help of acrylic repair kits available on the market with ease.

Almost all the acrylic repair kits work on the same principle and are fairly ease to operate.

Can Acrylic Sinks Be Refinished?

Yes, acrylic sinks can be refinished with ease in an epigrammatic span of time.

One of the most popular and best ways to refinish an acrylic sink is by applying paint on its surface.

Sink will enhance your acrylic sink apperance and will make it appear new again.

How Do You Fix Cracks In Acrylic?

I’m attaching a self-explanatory video for your perusal.

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