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Benchtop Planer: In this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of the best benchtop planer to help you make an informed buying decision.

Furthermore, I’ll also talk about the important parameters that you must consider when buying a benchtop thickness planer.

Lastly, I’ll respond to the queries related to the best benchtop thickness planer in order to help you narrow down the options.

So, which is the best thickness planer for the money?


Well, I along with my woodworking team have tried quite a few benchtop thickness planers before coming to the conclusion that JET 708524 JPM-13CS (check the current price on Amazon) is definitely the one that you should go for if you’re not on a shoestring budget.

The three features that give JET 708524 an edge over others are a sturdy cast iron table, reduced vibration, and a 5-years warranty.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin the comprehensive review of the top 5 best benchtop thickness planers.

Best Benchtop Planer To Buy…

Benchtop Planer Model (Check the Current Price On Amazon by Clicking the below product links)ProsCons

JET 708524 (Editor’s Pick)

  • User-friendly and easy to assemble
  • Cast iron base
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Two V-belts
  • Large metal feed tables
  • Blade replacement is a tedious task

Rikon 25-010

  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Highly mobile
  • The open design saves space as well as protects the motor
  • Less vibration due to J-belt
  • Maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch
  • Some parts can break without any signal or warning


  • Portable and user-friendly
  • 15 amp motor
  • 18, 800 CPM
  • Maximum output of approximately 9,400 RPM
  • The package lacks some essential protection


  • Capable of producing 20, 000 RPM 
  • Comes with the additional support of 33 inches
  • Disposable knives
  • Makes 96 cuts in 60 seconds 
  • Snipe issue

 Shop Fox W1754S

  • 5 HP motor
  • Capable of accommodating boards up to 20-inches wide and 8-inches thick
  • Easy mobility with the help of wheels attached to the base
  • Table locks
  • Bulky and heavier

Best Benchtop Planer Review

Out of many benchtop planers, we narrowed them down to just 5 of them so as to minimize the scope of error as well as confusion.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean that other benchtop planers aren’t good.

All I want to say is that these 5 benchtop planers that we’re gonna discuss in a while were made to our product review list because of the parameters that I and my team have set as evaluation criteria.

Be patient, we’re NOT gonna hide anything from you, my loyal readers, we’ll also have an in-depth discussion on those parameters in the buying guide section.

Did I make my point clear to you?

Are we on the same page?


JET 708524 JPM-13CS | Best Benchtop Planer For The Money

Well, to be honest, there is a reason why I’m boasting so much about JET 70854.

Trust me, it is one of the best benchtop planers available on the market if NOT THE BEST.

best woodshop planer and woodmaster planer

Not only it comes with a table made of cast iron, but also, fully adjustable rubber-coated infeed as well as outfeed rollers.

The machine is uniquely designed in a way so as to not only reduce vibration but also, feed smoothly.

In short, the user experience is superlative, and I can’t affirm that right away.

The planer comes with a powerful 1-1/2-horsepower motor which is enclosed and fan-cooled to prevent heating problems as well as damage that may be caused by dust and debris.

Since the motor is located at the base of the machine so you can expect the entire setup to be highly stable, and chances are almost negligible that the machine will topple by any means.

Furthermore, the 708524 comprises the three-knife cutter head, and two-speed gearbox to give superlative experience in terms of planning and molding.

For the optimum performance of the cutter head, adequate power is provided with the help of two matched V-belts so you don’t have to worry about either the precision or the speed.

Keeping in mind the problem faced by the newbies, the manufacturer has made the operation smooth and hassle-free.

In fact, you don’t have to remove the planning knives to install cutters under 2 inches in width.

The USP of this benchtop planer is a 13-inch-wide and 6-1/8-inch-thick planing and molding capability.

Trust me, the JET 708524 gives a superlative finish to your project with the help of high-quality steel knives.

The cutter head has an RPM of 4,500 and is capable of cutting 13,500 per minute which is definitely something to brag about, isn’t it?

On top of it, this 258 pounds benchtop planer has a 5-year limited warranty.

 You would be astonished to know that JET 708524 comes with one of the best feed rates available on the market for both planning (20 FPM) as well as molding (10 FPM) so you can successfully handle any of the complex woodworking projects with much ease. 

Well, a 14-inches maximum planing length, a 13-inches maximum planing width, and 6-1/8 inches thickness put this planer into a different league altogether.

I’m repeating it again, you don’t have to worry at all about vibrations and loud noise that may distract quite a few of you while you’re working on your woodworking project because the machine is uniquely designed to tackle them to a great extent.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry at all about the dimensions of the woods anymore because the planer gives you the option to adjust both the infeed as well as outfeed.

Do I still need to convince you to buy JET 708524?

Well, if that is the case, then it’s better if you read what users are talking about the benchtop on Amazon.

Check JET 708524 Current Price On Amazon

Rikon 25-010 | Best Thickness Planer And Jointer Combo

A very close competitor of JET 708524, indeed!

Trust me, it is almost comparable to the aforementioned benchtop planer, and you can definitely think of giving it a try.

Needless to say, if it couldn’t make up to the top spot then definitely, it would be lacking some features, right?

Rikon 25-010 Planer Jointer, 10-Inch

However, keeping aside the loopholes, let’s quickly go through the benefits that it can bring to the table.

Well, many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that this Rikon model is a planer jointer combination machine, and is capable of delivering 14,400 cuts per minute which are definitely good even for complex woodworking projects, isn’t it?

Moving further, the 2-1/2-inch diameter cutter head comprises three strong and sharp knives that can spin at 4,800 RPM.

To be honest, I personally like the adjustable stop which allows you to tilt the aluminum fence extrusion to 45 degrees.

At the same time, if you want to use the machine as a planer then you’ll have to change it to the planning mode by removing the outfeed table and easy-to-operate flip levers.

No need to worry at all, these modifications are user-friendly and wouldn’t consume a lot of your time.

In short, if you’re looking for a machine that can do the work of both planning and jointing then definitely you should give Rikon 25-010 a try.

Furthermore, if you’re like one of my clients who is a home hobbyist and prefers to make tables, furniture, clock, and WHAT NOT in his free time then definitely this benchtop planer is for you.

On top of it, the company provides you an excellent customer support service, and in spite of weighing 160 pounds, the benchtop could be easily moved from one place to another effortlessly.

Forget about vibration, as the benchtop planer not only comes with a sturdy base but also, comprises a vibration belt that reduces the vibration to a great extent.

Trust me, at this price, you’re getting a 1.5 HP induction motor which is something that will definitely grab the eyeballs of many of us.

Correct me, if I’m wrong.

Using Rikon 25-010, you can cut up to a maximum depth of 1/8 inch.

Lastly, you get a 5-year warranty for this model of Rikon.

Check Rikon 25-010 Current Price On Amazon

POWERTEC PL1252 | Best Benchtop Planer For Woodworking

As the name suggests, POWERTEC PL1252 is one of the best portable benchtop thickness planers for woodworking, and if you’re looking for a benchtop planer for your woodworking shop then POWERTEC PL1252 is worth considering.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t consume a lot of your workshop space, and this portable thickness planer is worth buying if you’re a professional woodworker or even a DIYer.

POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp 2-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer For Woodworking

Whether you’re using new and fresh woods or weathered and worn woods, the POWERTEC PL1252 would definitely help you in achieving a great smooth finish.

In spite of being small and portable, the machine supports plane boards up to 12.5” wide and 6” thick which is definitely something to brag about.

On top of it, the 15 amp motor gives the planer enough power to expedite both small as well as large woodworking projects without any hassle.

To make cutting smooth and easy, the planer comes with two blade cutting system, and the cutter head is capable of generating 18,800 cuts per minute.

The device is user-friendly and to make the experience superlative it also features side-mounted carrying handles which are very helpful when you want to move this portable benchtop planer from one place to another.

On the downside, the POWERTEC PL1252 doesn’t include a built-in dust port, and so you’ll have to buy one.

Personally, the spindle lock feature of this benchtop planer is something that has taken me by storm.

It makes changing the blade so easy for me.

Furthermore, the planer is uniquely designed and comprises of heavy-duty cast iron base which adds to its stability.

Well, the infeed table is foldable, and cutting depth scales are present on the side for the smooth execution of your project.

The on/off switch is present on the top of the machine along with the circuit breaker in order to make the overall experience superlative and smooth even for the newbies.

When it comes to precision, the brand has its own lots of clients’ accolades and it is widely seen in the value that POWERTEC brings to the table.

Depending on the thickness of the board, the maximum depth of cutting varies.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Well, if you’re using a board that is less than 5″ in thickness then the maximum depth of cutting would be 3/32″.

At the same time, if the thickness of the board varies between 5″ to 12-1/2″ then the maximum depth of cutting would be 1/32″  so you don’t have to worry at all about the quality and depth of cutting of your board.

Trust me, POWERTEC PL1252 would definitely match up to your expectations if they are unfeigned.

Lastly, you get a one-year limited manufacturer warranty with this model of POWERTEC.

Check POWERTEC PL1252 Current Price On Amazon

DEWALT Benchtop Planer | Best Benchtop Planer Under $500

Well, if you would’ve been in the woodworking space quite a few times then definitely, you would be well aware of the brand DEWALT, isn’t it?

DEWALT is a well-known as well as a highly trusted brand, and when it comes to benchtop planers then I can affirm that DW734 is capable of giving one of the finest finishes to your project.

To be honest, the DW734 is highly affordable compared to the ones that we’ve discussed so far.

DEWALT Benchtop Planer, Single Speed

The planer comprises a powerful 15 AMP motor that has an RPM of 20,000 which is definitely sufficient for even complex woodworking projects.

The planer is uniquely designed to give the users a superlative experience.

To add to it, the planer comes with three-knives cutter heads that are capable of handling a wide range of tough hardwoods and can provide up to 96 cuts per inch.

If we talk about the quality of these knives then you would be astonished to know that they last 30 percent more than the traditional disposal knives.

So, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming and costly knife resharpening anymore.

Though the planer doesn’t come with an embedded dust collector still it provides you an option to connect a shop vacuum or a dust collector with the help of a dust hood that comes with the planer.

As per my understanding of woodworking projects, the DW734 planer’s capability to provide extra in-feed and outfeed tables with 33-1/2 inches of material support can be of great help and rescue for some complex projects.

The good thing about these knives is that they are both disposal and reversible and even though you’re using this 12-1/2-Inch thickness planer for the first time, you wouldn’t face any difficulty in operating it.

With a 1/8-inch maximum cut depth; 6-inch depth capacity; 12-1/2-inch width capacity, the planer becomes one of the most sought-after players on the market.

Not only that, the thickness planer has a lot more to offer.

The manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service, and 90 days money-back guarantee which is one of the most enticing offers that you can expect at this price.

To be honest, the product is so enticing that I can keep writing about it for hours.

Anyways, if you found this thickness planer interesting then I would request you to have a quick look at what the users of this product say about it at Amazon.

Check DEWALT Benchtop Planer Current Price On Amazon

Shop Fox W1754S 20-Inch Planer with Spiral Cutterhead | Best Planer For Beginner

So, here comes the most awaited benchtop planer, and trust me, Shop Fox W1754S 20-Inch Planer with Spiral Cutterhead is definitely a product that you should consider having in your woodworking shop if you aren’t on a shoestring budget.

Needless to say, as compared to the aforementioned benchtop planers, Shop Fox W1754S is far more expensive, and it is definitely for a reason.

Let’s explore this benchtop thickness planer and discuss all the points that will help you to get an idea of why this planer is so expensive.

Shop Fox W1754S 20-Inch Planer with Spiral Cutterhead

Does it make sense?

First and foremost, Shop Fox W1754S comes with a highly robust built-in mobile base which is not only strong but also, allows you to transport the planer to other areas of your shop in an epigrammatic span of time.

Considering its weight of 900 pounds, you would definitely be astonished to see how quickly and easily you can move it from one place to another.

On top of it, the mobile base comes with a built-in locking feature, and the pedestal-mounted switch helps in hassle-free operation.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced professional, moving this planer wouldn’t be a tedious task for you, trust me, all you need to do is to press down on the lock lever with your foot. and you’re good to go.

The planer operates quietly and is a workhorse in the true sense.

Since it is made of steel so you can expect it to last longer.

I highly appreciate the built-in magnetic switch along with the thermal protection that the planer comes with.

If your priority is safety and quietness then definitely you’re gonna appreciate the manufacturer for this creation.

Moreover, with the help of extension wings, you can increase the size of the table for better output.

The sturdy base has wheels attached to it for easy mobility.

To make the entire process hassle-free, the machine is uniquely designed in such a way that four columns work together to support the table and the boards.

The USP of this benchtop thickness planer is the 5 HP motor which is powerful enough to expedite any type of woodworking project.

The planer is capable of accommodating a board with a thickness of up to 8 inches and a width of up to 20 inches.

Lastly, the planer comes with a 1-year warranty.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check Shop Fox W1754S Current Price On Amazon

Buying Guide

Well, as promised to my readers, here I come with the buying guide on a benchtop thickness planer.

I highly recommend you spend quality time on this section as it will cover all the essential components that are required for making an informed buying decision.

Especially, if you’re a first-time buyer, you would get the maximum benefit out of this section.

Snipe and Cut Quality

I highly recommend that you should give top priority to snipe and cut quality as these parameters are very important from the woodworking project point of view.

When buying a benchtop thickness planer always look for sharp and durable knives that are capable of producing the turned boards that need a minimum of sanding.

In short, the final product should’ve barely noticeable scallops so that you can save your time and money on sanding.

To be honest, a snipe freeboard is difficult to get even though you’re using high-end models.

However, depending upon the severity of the snipe, you should choose your favorite benchtop thickness planer.

For example, some models produce boards that have snipes that could be easily removed with the help of light sanding.

On the other hand, there are models that produce snipe to such an extent that you don’t have an option but to cut off the stuff.

How Important is Self Indexing Knives For a Benchtop Thickness Planer?

Well, self-indexing knives are very important from the time-saving point of view.

Always look for a planer that comes with an automatic cutter headlock as it will prevent the header from rotating while you’re removing knives or bolts.

Gauges and Stops

Always look for the planer that comes with the gauges capable of indicating the amount of wood that would be removed with each pass.

The advantage of such gauges is that they will not only prevent deeper snipe but also, avoid taking too large a bite.

On the other hand, an adjustable preset depth stop would be a great thing to have in your benchtop thickness planer as it will prevent you from planning a board thinner than a target thickness.

Dust Collection

If your planer comes with a dust collector then nothing could be better than that.

However, if that isn’t the case then look for a benchtop thickness planer that comes with a dust hood as it will help you to connect the hose.

Which is the quietest dust collector available on the market?

If you’ve operated a benchtop thickness planer then definitely, you would be aware of the fact that a planer generated lots of chips and to clean them you need either a vacuum or a dust collector.

Personally, I prefer those planer that comes with built-in fans capable of sucking chips away from the cutter head in order to blow them out of the dust port for the best possible dust collection.


It goes without saying that your planer should have an adequate amount of power so that it can perform 18 “-deep cuts in 12”-wide hard maple and oak.

I would request you to NOT settle down for anything less than that.

Needless to say, power is an important buying parameter so never compromise on power.

Always go for a benchtop planer that comes with a powerful motor even though it cost you some extra bucks.

Benchtop Thickness Planer Noise

Well, it is quite obvious that machines such as woodworking planers are noisy enough to disturb your concentration.

So, it is always advisable that go for the one that produces less noise.

Especially, if your woodworking site is small, you should opt for a less noisy benchtop thickness planer.

Portable Benchtop Thickness Planer

As we have reviewed 5 different types of benchtop thickness planers, we’ve seen that some planers are more portable as compared to the others in spite of being bulkier.

So, I would highly recommend you to settle for the one that is highly portable so that you can easily move it to different places in your woodworking shop.

Moreover, if your job site is very spacious then the portable planer would do the trick for you.


People like us are price sensitive and so we always look for products that fall in the category of “value for money”.

However, if you’re NOT on a shoestring budget then never compromise on the quality and features of the benchtop planer.

In short, prefer features over price as it will pay you in the long run.

Table Size and Cutting Area

Well, both the size of the table and cutting areas are important when it comes to buying a value-for-money benchtop thickness planer.

Furthermore, if you mostly work on basic woodworking projects then any affordable model that can support boards up to 15 inches thick and wide can do the trick for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional woodworker and work mostly on complex projects then I would suggest, you should go for a model that can work with boards that are more than 20 inches long.

Similarly, you can’t compromise on the cutting areas, they are equally important, isn’t it?

Well, go for a wood planer with a spiral design if your priority is a finished board with a smoother surface.

On the other hand, if your priority is speed over smoothness, then I would highly recommend you should go for the planer that comes with a helical head.

Best Wood Planer: Hand Planer Vs. Bench Planer

It goes without saying that both the hand planer and the bench planer have their own importance and are suitable for different sets of work.

To be honest, which one should you buy depends to a large extent on the type of job you want them to expedite.

Furthermore, the main difference between the two is that the bench planers are the best prep tools and the hand planers are the superior maintenance tools.

Let’s dig a bit more into the topic.

A bench planer is used to prepare a board of the desired dimensions that would be used for something else.

On the other hand, a hand planer can do the trick for you if you want to slim down the boards and window frames that are swollen and need a little of the edges for free movement.

Pros and Cons of a Benchtop Planer

Pros Cons
  • Parallel surfaces
  • Ideal for rougher wood types
  • Best for enhancing the thickness
  • Duplicates board defects
  • You need to make multiple passes

Jointer Vs. Planer: Which One Should I Choose?

Well, I often get this question from my clients who are just starting out in the woodworking space, and you know what, my answer is quite simple; you need both of them for the success of a woodworking project as both serve different purposes.

A jointer is a tool that is used to get a straight edge and face that are also typically square to each other.

On the other hand, a planer is used for thickness and making the face opposite the joint parallel to it.

In layman’s language, a jointer makes one side flat and straight. Not only that, but it is also capable of making an adjacent face flat, straight, and at the right angle to the first.

Whereas, a planer makes the other side flat, straight, and parallel to the opposite side.

If I’ve to explain in one sentence, then to get boards 4 square conveniently, you need both tools.

Benchtop Thickness Planer: How a planer works?

Well, a benchtop model comes with knives as well as a cutting surface located on the base of the tool.

For adjusting depth in a benchtop thickness planer, you’ll have to use a knob that is present on the top of the machine.

Now, you’ll have to put the board flat on the table before turning on the power.

Once the machine is ON, all you need to do is to push the board through the tool and the knives.


As promised to my readers, in this section, I would be responding to the queries related to benchtop thickness planers in order to help you in making an informed buying decision.

Is a thickness planer worth it?

To be honest, if you want to get into woodworking then definitely you should buy a thickness planer as it will help you to take control of your stock thickness in the best possible way like never before.

For better results, I would recommend you pair the planer with the jointer as every board you use can be arrow-straight, flat, and of any desired thickness.

What is the difference between a surface planer and a thickness planer?

Well, a thickness planer is a woodworking machine that is mainly used to trim boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length and flat on both surfaces.

On the other hand, a surface planer comprises of cutter head that is set into the bed surface.

Both of them have their own advantages.

For example, a surface planer has the advantage of producing the first flat surface in a single pass.

On the other hand, a thickness planer has the advantage of producing a board with a consistent thickness.

It’s A Wrap

Well, first of all, I would like to thank all my readers for reading the benchtop thickness planer review until the end.

To be honest, I along with my team have tried to the best of our capabilities to inculcate all the necessary information required for making an informed buying decision.

I’m sure that both the newbies as well as professionals will appreciate our effort.

To cut a long story short, all the benchtop thickness planers that we reviewed in this post are worth buying.

Trust me, all the aforementioned benchtop thickness planers are made to our list because they are of high quality, affordable, and worth every penny spent.

Anyways, which is your best benchtop thickness planer?

Well, if you want to know my favorite benchtop planer then it is none other than JET 708524 JPM-13CS. (Check the current price on Amazon)

Not only do I personally use it but also, recommend it wholeheartedly.

What is the budget that you’re willing to spend on a benchtop thickness planer?

Lastly, please share this piece of information with the ones who are in need of it.

After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

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